Competitiveness is a natural part of any game that features PvP modes. Dragon Brawlers pits players in 3v3, 2v2, or Battle Royale settings that can get heated real quick, as there’s already action-packed brawling merely seconds into the match. Despite Dragon Brawlers simplifying the MOBA structure, the competitive nature of this game stays the same. Players that want to take this game more seriously but that have difficulties taking the win might want to pick up a few tips and tricks to improve their situation.

Tips and Tricks To Win More in Dragon Brawlers

Players don’t always win all of their games, but when they start losing too much, it can be quite frustrating. Having a win rate above 50% is ideal for serious gamers since it proves that they are more capable of handling themselves in competitive matches. Losing can make a player feel bad about playing the game; sometimes, it gets to the point that they might even think about quitting altogether. Start claiming more matches by learning some advanced tactics that pro-players use in their games.

  • Familiarize Yourself With Dragons & Heroes

The most common thing that players do is finding a dragon or hero they really like and sticking with it forever. While it’s understandable that having a main unit is an important part of the game, players should try playing their other dragons too; this is not just so that they can be flexible about using different dragons, but also to learn the weaknesses that each of them has when you face them. 

Tips and Tricks To Win More in Dragon Brawlers

If you’re seriously playing competitively, you might also want to consider figuring out the strongest units for every map. Each dragon has its strengths and weaknesses, but some dragons are just designed in a way that they’re innately stronger than the rest of the units. Look for these units so that you’ll be invincible when you queue into matches, no matter who you’re playing against.

  • Know Your Role

Tank, Melee, Ranged, and Support – these are the primary roles that players will have, depending on the dragon and hero they’re using. Tanks usually have really high defensive stats, so they should always try to be on the frontline trying to absorb damage for their team or to secure objectives. Melee heroes are short-ranged fighters that deal a lot of damage but don’t have the highest health pool. They’re usually accompanied by a tank and try to avoid taking hits that are too big.

Tips and Tricks To Win More in Dragon Brawlers

Ranged units deal a lot of damage from a long distance but instantly die when enemies manage to get to them. Ranged units want to play from behind walls or hazards and throw out damaging abilities, and constantly hide in bushes. Support units don’t deal a ton of damage, nor do they have high defensive abilities, but can still benefit the team by providing buffs or healing abilities to help them survive.

  • Using Hazards

Hazards include water nodes, walls, and brushes that hinder movement or vision. Learn how to use these hazards to your advantage when attacking or running away. As mentioned, many units want to attack from behind hazards to offer them some cover and prevent taking damage. In addition, these hazards can be helpful when you’re trying to recover health or trying to lose enemies who want to kill you.

Tips and Tricks To Win More in Dragon Brawlers

Hazards can also be managed using Dragon and Hero abilities. Using some Dragon and Hero abilities on hazards will destroy them permanently. Playing as a defender, you want to get rid of brushes and walls to prevent surprise attacks from the enemy team. Just make sure that you don’t destroy hazards on your side of the map so that you’ll have the advantage when running away. 

  • Strategic Retreats

Running away is an effective strategy for winning the game. Just because you’re low on HP, it doesn’t always mean that you should be accepting your fate and allowing your character to die. Once you fall below 25% HP, you should already be moving back and running away while your teammates cover your retreat. Enemies that try to pursue you will have the disadvantage of trying to move while attacking, making them vulnerable for your teammates.

Tips and Tricks To Win More in Dragon Brawlers

Use hazards to improve your chances of retreating or using character abilities. Never try to fight enemies if you don’t have full HP. NEVER try to pursue enemies into the enemy base even if they’re just one attack away from dying. Running away gives you the advantage since it’ll activate your HP recovery; pursuers will be tagged as being “in-combat,” so they won’t have the same advantage. Once you recover enough HP, turn around and wreak havoc.

  • Queue Up With Friends

Queueing up by yourself means that you won’t know which units your teammates will use, so this makes it difficult to create a structured team composition. Try to play with premade teams so that you can talk about what roles you’ll be playing as a team, making it easier to secure objectives and win overall.

Tips and Tricks To Win More in Dragon Brawlers

Play with friends you added in the game or with other players on your guild. The guild offers an invitation system that other members can accept. This will allow you to gain a few guild points as well whenever you complete a match with them. This is why you should join a very active guild instead of one with a lot of inactive players.

  • Upgrade Your Units

The most important factor in winning in Dragon Brawlers is having a strong dragon and hero. Even if you don’t have a UR or SSR unit, it’s important to rush towards upgrading your dragon to Level 10. You can do this by focusing your resources on one or two dragons, depending on which ones you’ve decided to use as your mains.

Tips and Tricks To Win More in Dragon Brawlers

There are different methods to upgrade your dragon, but most of them can be found by opening Dragon Eggs. You can also upgrade your battle pass or profile honor to gain Illustration Cards to upgrade some of your units. Regardless of which method you choose to do it, make sure to do it as soon as possible so that you won’t get left behind in the competition, getting floored easily by casual players who aren’t even trying that hard.