Ready to start your adventure in Dragon Trail: Hunter World? The game has prepared countless challenges to test a player’s understanding of the mechanics involved in being an MMORPG player. For now, players are expected to learn the game bit by bit since the early stages are reserved for players to enjoy the game at a reasonable pace, but if you’re not the type of player who likes to take things slow, this beginners’ guide will be a good step towards getting to the top spot of the server.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Now is the perfect time to get serious in Dragon Trail: Hunter World since the game has only recently been released globally. The number of players making their way to the top rankings is increasing every day, with some of those players still struggling to understand the fundamentals of the game even though they’ve already found so much success. There’s still a chance to overtake them as long as you know what you need to do in the game, which we’ll show in this guide.

Character Creation

Character creation is the first step in your adventure, but if you’re playing during the game’s initial release, you may notice there’s something wrong with the UI. For players who are playing during the first few weeks of the release, they’ll see that the character creation UI is sometimes bugged, not showing the available classes in the game. You should know that there are six different classes to choose from, which you can select on the upper-left side bar of the screen.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Once you choose your class, you’ll be able to customize how they look, but you may have a hard time finding the right buttons to do so. You end the character creation by choosing your character’s name. This is the most challenging part of the game, and players should take time to consider what class they’re going to play because it’ll be relevant as they progress through the different kinds of content. If you’re not satisfied with your character, you can always create a new one to replace it or level up simultaneously.


Gearing is a fundamental part of any RPG. This refers to the player equipping their character with the best equipment and accessories to improve the power and capabilities of that unit. In any MMORPG, gearing becomes the lifetime goal because players need a high gear value to defeat increasingly difficult content. In Dragon Trail: Hunter World, the player will continuously try to improve their gear to place higher in the server rankings as the best-geared hero.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Gear in Dragon Trail: Hunter World can be acquired through several means, but the most common ways are defeating high-level bosses and crafting them using items you acquire. There are other ways to earn gear, but most do not give the optimized power leveled gear that can help players out. Take note that gearing is a task that takes a long time, so you should expect that you’ll be doing this for weeks, if not months at end.

Questing & Exploration

Questing is another core part of any RPG. In this game, questing comes in the form of main quests and side quests. Main quests are the most essential part of the game because they unlock additional content and usually give the players a sense of direction on what they need to do. Side quests are minor tasks that provide excellent rewards and are usually reset daily. Both quests are important and should be a priority for all players to finish when trying to maximize the rewards they get.


BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Exploration is a minor task that players can do in Dragon Trail: Hunter World. This involves walking through the different maps, exploring stuff, and doing side quests that give really good rewards. The game has some minigames like treasure maps where players can get cool things by collecting map pieces and completing side quests. Exploration is a very underrating thing that players don’t care about because they have an auto-play system that isn’t programmed to give players a sense of immersion.

Pets & Mounts

Pets play a huge part in Dragon Trail: Hunter World. Unlike other MMORPGs where pets are either cosmetic or have a small contribution in terms of damage, pets in this game deal a good portion of your total damage. The game emphasizes the importance of pets since players can summon stronger pets using the gacha system. Pets are classified under rarity ranks, with SSR pets being the highest rarity and naturally the strongest type of pets you can acquire.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Mounts, on the other hand, play a more cosmetic role. These items do not exactly give game-breaking effects but are still relevant because they provide a relevant amount of stats. As a newbie, you’ll most likely be given the horse and the chicken, but as you proceed in the game, you’ll get more chances to get epic mounts that will make exploring the map even more fun. There are other types of cosmetic items in Dragon Trail: Hunter World, but we’ll talk more about that in the future.

Dungeons & Bosses

The final parts that we want to talk about are dungeons and bosses. Any good RPG isn’t complete without the addition of a challenging boss fight or a dungeon that tests the players’ skills and abilities. In mobile MMORPGs, dungeon runs are usually auto-play and auto-combat, which is applied in this game. Players can team up with other players to challenge dungeons in the game.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Bosses are a great way to test your skills. Players can challenge bosses for chances to get epic loot. These bosses have a respawn timer and have a limited number of attempts daily per player. You should take note that these are the primary source of items in the game, so you shouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of players camping the boss and the cooldown period is refreshed often. However, as long as you leave your character in the area, you’ll get the chance to kill the boss too.