A few days ago, we shared our picks for the best pets in Dragon Trail: Hunter World in the form of a handy tier list. However, in our tier lists, we barely give any clarification, and limit ourselves to simply listing the units that we think are the best, which is very restrictive when it comes to helping you make your own setups. This limitation is why we also create guides like this one, in which we dive deeper into our personal picks, so that our readers can get a better idea on what makes a unit good, and what makes another one bad.

It’s important to know the difference between a good and a bad pet in Dragon Trail, since these creatures can make your experience in this game infinitely more enjoyable, by making it easier to tackle the tougher content. However, since the game is quite new, the meta is prone to changing at any given moment. Luckily, if you know what to look for when it comes to building good teams, then you’ll be able to easily craft your own team compositions, even as the meta changes and evolves.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

With that being said, here’s our overview and detailed explanation of the best pets in Dragon Trail: Hunter World.

S Tier

When it comes to sheer power, utility, or self-sufficiency, you really can’t get any better than the pets in this tier. These are the pets that can single-handedly carry you to victory, and in Dragon Trail, it’s mostly because of their skills, which are some of the best in their respective categories. If you’re looking for the best pets in Dragon Trail, keep an eye out for any of these:

  • Little Flower Fairy (SSR, Healer)

This pet feels somewhat like cheating, not because it’s strong by itself, but because its skills make it very hard for you to die in combat, since they have multiple ways of keeping your HP up at all times. Little Flower Fairy has a strong percentage-based heal that restores health equal to the sum of a percentage of the pet’s HP and the player’s HP, making it a very useful skill. This heal can be used manually, though it also triggers automatically if your HP ever drops below 80%. And as if that wasn’t enough already, with every third basic attack, this pet restores the player’s HP equal to 2% of the pet’s max health.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

Suffice to say, it’s very hard to die when you have this pet by your side.

  • Purplefeather Eagle (SSR, DPS)

Boasting one of the strongest burst damage potentials in the game, the Purplefeather Eagle (which actually looks more like an owl) is the definition of “glass cannon”. This pet boasts a curse debuff that deals massive damage after a few seconds. The reason for this is that this curse deals damage equalling to a percentage of the HP that the target lost during its effect. In this sense, whenever the debuff is active, all the damage that both the player and the pet do to the enemy is added up, and up to 24% of it is dealt to the enemy as additional damage after 5 seconds. 

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

Suffice to say that there are very few enemies that can survive such an attack, much less continue fighting for long.

  • Pearl (SSR, DPS)

There’s not much to say about Pearl other than the fact that this pet is great for PvP, considering that it can stun all enemies in a large area, on command. Crowd control effects are integral parts of any player’s strategy when it comes to engaging in PvP content, and Pearl delivers this aspect in droves.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

However, this pet is admittedly not very good in PvE, compared to others. In fact, the only reason it’s in this tier is for players looking for a good PvP pet, since this one is easily one of the best out there.

  • Saber-Toothed Tiger (SSR, DPS)

A standard and straightforward, yet very powerful DPS pet whose only defining trait is doing as much as damage as possible. There’s really not much else to say about the Saber-Toothed Tiger, except that he’s one of the strongest there is in terms of damage output.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense pet that deals a ton of damage, and don’t really care about optimizations or nuances, or simply don’t want to think about it too much, then this one is ideal for you.

A Tier

Though not as strong as the ones in the tier above, the pets in this category can be very capable in the right hands. The tradeoff is that they require a bit more know-how and more considerations when it comes to your setup, as well as for using them effectively in combat. Nevertheless, in the right hands, these ones can be just as effective as the pets in the S Tier.

  • Fennec Fox (SSR, DPS)

This one is an example of a pet that isn’t the best by itself, but that can wreak havoc in the hands of competent players. This is because Fennec Fox’s skill doesn’t do much damage, but it leaves enemies with a debuff that amplifies the damage they receive by up to 28% for 4 seconds. This skill makes it perfect for devastating setups, especially when paired with classes that can deal high burst damage.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

  • Icy Bear (SSR, Tank)

This pet would be in the S Tier if it wasn’t for the fact that his main skill is mostly defensive, which goes against the current meta of doing as much damage as possible. However, Icy Bear is arguably the best tanking pet out there, since his skill can render the player invincible for a few seconds.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

This pet is great for both PvP and PvE, though players will need to make up for the lack of damage, since Icy Bear doesn’t do much of that on its own.

  • Baby Totem Monkey (SSR, DPS)

An awesome alternative for PvE, especially when dealing with multiple enemies at the same time, which is basically most of what you’ll be doing throughout the story and other PvE missions. The Baby Totem Monkey pet offers fantastic AoE skills, mainly because he not only does good damage in an area with his main skill, but the said damage is multiplied by 0.25 for every enemy hit, making it much stronger as the number of enemies increases.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

  • Fire Wyvern (SSR, DPS)

This pet is similar to the Fennec Fox, since it does little damage, but provides a unique buff that can help increase the damage you do to the enemy. However, the Fire Wyvern is a bit weaker on the outset, though his residual buff is stronger. Moreover, instead of amplifying the damage that the enemy takes, this pet actually increases the player’s attack directly, by up to 36%, for 4 seconds after using the skill.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

In practice, both Fire Wyvern and Fennec Fox are similar, though they are nuanced in different ways, and their usefulness will vary according to the player’s class and play style.

B Tier

These are your average everyday pets that aren’t good nor bad. However, you cut it, you could do much worse than these, but you’d be better off replacing them with better pets as soon as you get the chance.

  • Stubborn Rock (SSR, Tank)

A more defensive pet suitable for players who value a good defense as the best offense. Stubborn Rock can deploy a powerful barrier that blocks an amount of damage equal to the sum of a percentage of both the pet’s and the player’s HP values. Moreover, while the effect is in place, half of the damage received by the player will be reflected back onto the enemy.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

Stubborn Rock is a bit difficult to use, but it can be a godsend in PvP.

  • Sapphire Dragon (SSR, DPS)

This pet is similar to Pearl up in the S Tier, but his stun effect isn’t guaranteed to land on every occasion, which makes him into a more unreliable partner. However, Sapphire Dragon makes up for this shortcoming by dealing increased damage with its main skill. As such, this pet shouldn’t be completely ruled out, and can even be useful if you don’t have anything else to swap it with.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

  • Little Garlic (SR, DPS)

This is the pet given to you at the start of the game, and while it’s not the best, it can deal very decent damage with its skill, albeit without offering much of anything else.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

Though it’s definitely not as strong as other pure DPS pets like the ones we’ve mentioned on this list so far, Little Garlic is worth upgrading if you want a solid offensive choice for a starter companion.

  • Three-Tailed (SR, DPS)

Another pet that can deal damage while applying a buff that increases the player’s damage for a few seconds. However, on this occasion, the buff is weaker, while the pet’s damage output is higher.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

The problem with this type of pet is that it relies considerably on the player’s actual skill in order to get the most out of the damage increase buff. By trading in the potency of this buff for a stronger damage output when using the skill, this pet basically invalidates its purpose, making it inferior to its counterparts that we’ve mentioned on this list so far.

C Tier

Last but not least, these pets aren’t anything spectacular, and can even be considered the weakest ones in the entire game. As such, this tier exists mostly to illustrate the types of pets that you’d be better off avoiding at all costs.

  • Red Beetle (R, Tank)

A weak pet that applies an even weaker defensive buff with its skill. This pet makes it so that, every time the player evades an attack, they gain an 8% defense boost for 16 seconds. However, we’ve established that increasing defenses goes against the game’s meta, which basically invalidates the utility of this pet. And even then, the defense boost isn’t even that great.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

  • Greenlux Beetle (SR, DPS)

Though arguably better than its red counterpart, the Greenlux Beetle is nevertheless quite ineffectual still. Its main skill deals minimal damage in an area, while decreasing the hit rate of affected enemies by 28%. This effect slightly increases your survivability, but that’s all it can do. Furthermore, it does nothing to actually increase the rate at which you can farm or defeat mobs.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

  • Cactus Ball (SR, Tank)

Though he can deal decent damage in AoE with his skill, Cactus Ball suffers from the same drawbacks as the others in this category, in that he also decreases the damage taken by the player for a very short duration. This buff doesn’t help at all when it comes to farming, and is therefore mostly useless in the long run.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

  • Gibbon (SR, DPS)

This pet might be the worst offender of the bunch, considering that his skill not only is very weak, but it also doesn’t benefit the player at all. This flaming monkey’s skill only gives him a small chance of dealing 1.5 damage with every basic attack. That’s it. That’s all this pet has to offer.

The Best (And Worst) Dragon Trail: Hunter World Pets (Updated September 2022)

We hope that with this longer explanation of why we chose the pets in our Dragon Trail: Hunter World tier list, you can get a better idea of what to look for, and what to avoid, when it comes to choosing the best pets for your play style.