There are 3 main resources in Dragon Nest M, Gold, Dragon Coins, and Diamonds. The Diamonds are only gained by using real money. As always, using real money is a personal choice. That only leaves us with gold and DC. Seems like a pretty easy idea but it’s not as easy as some might think. Do note that it can get very costly to upgrade your items especially if you keep failing the upgrades. Here are some good methods to gain gold and Dragon Coins.



At level 32 you’ll have access to the Home. This is where you do your planting, fishing, and hold a Banquet. The cooking is included but that can be done anywhere you’re standing.


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There are too many players that don’t know how to use this part of the game. Maybe they think it’s too boring? The truth is that it’s very important. It’s important not only to your character, your guild members, but to your DC gains too. It’s important to the point where the recommendation is to unlock the plot to plant on with 500 DC. There’s another one to unlock for 1,000 DC but you do that only if you have a lot of extra DC. The other plots will unlock via leveling.

Base all of your planting on what you want to cook.


Dragon Nest M Resources Guide


Each character has several specific dishes that only they can cook. As showing above, the academic can cook a Hamburg but other character types can’t. When you’re cooking, make sure you read the descriptions first. Do note that some dishes can only be made just so many times per day.

When you plant something, you’ll notice there’s a small extra task to do to take care of your plants.


Dragon Nest M Resources Guide


This is the cultivating part of planting. You must correctly identify the cultivating need and perform it by clicking the associated button. How do you determine which one is needed? Look at the ground where you just planted. Use Pest Removal if you see little bugs moving around on the ground near your plant. Use Fertilization if you see a little gas cloud above your plant. Use Watering if the ground around your plant has cracks in it.

As showing in the above screen shot, your in-game friends can help reduce the time it takes to harvest your plants. IF you or your friends use the wrong cultivating method on a plant, it will increase the time it takes before you can harvest your plants.

In order to cook the various dishes, you’ll need fish.


Dragon Nest M Resources Guide


Yes, fishing is the “long and boring” part of the Home section. Thankfully it’ll also give you time to either go do something else or chat with others in the game. The trick here is to get all 50 pieces of bait you can buy for the day and use them all for 1 full round of fishing. It’ll cost you 50,000 gold for the bait in total. Set it and forget it for a while and hope for the best!! When you catch a fish, you gain EXP for your fishing level. With the full bait count for the day, you’ll gain at least 25 fish. You gain 5 points for each B grade fish, 20 points for each A grade fish, and 40 points for each S grade fish. DO NOT attempt to perform rituals hoping for all S grade fish!! You will need the B grade fish for many of the dishes.

So how does the Home setup help gain resources for you? The dishes you cook AND the plants you harvest are required for both Daily Quests and Bounty Quests. In some cases, the Bounty Quests require you to fish, plant, harvest, or some combination of these. You won’t gain the main resources from Bounty Quests. You will gain them from Daily Quests. You will gain Dragon Coins from selling what you’ve cooked in the Bazaar. You’ll gain Guild Points for donating plants and dishes to your guild members. You’ll also gain pretty nicely if you manage to have a Banquet. Also note that certain dishes can provide stat boosts to your character for at least a day. It’s just that some of those boosts are specific to certain game content.


Events and Rewards

There are many events and rewards you can collect throughout the game. Yes, even just by signing in each day.


Dragon Nest M Resources Guide


That’s all you had to do was click the Sign-in button and you’re already gaining. Don’t forget to collect from the Precious Pack section in the top right corner. Another free daily gold bonus is in the Gold Chest section. In there, if you have some DC to spare, you can test your luck to try to gain more gold. Other rewards are gained from completing various achievements. These include leveling and defeating specific content of the game in specific ways.

For events, there are some pretty easy ones to join in and some that are not so easy.


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The horse racing event is pretty fun even if you end up in last place!! Of course, you should always try to be within the top 3 or in first place for the better prizes. But even if you end up in last place and/or didn’t even finish the race, you still gain prizes for participating. Horse Racing is done on a schedule which is showing in the Daily Tasks section.


Riddle Party

Another event you’d want to join as much as possible is the Riddle Party.


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Of course, being in first place or in the top 3 is great. You’ll get an extra reward in your Inbox for being in the top 3. But even just participating can gain you a good sized amount of gold. The Reward Obtained showing in the above screen shot is how much you gained during the event. You get extra rewards if you’re in the top 3.

There are several factors to determine the top 3. In this case, you can see BobbySinger in the #1 spot on the left at the end of the event. There are 10 questions in total. You can see the final results of the event in the top middle of the screen. In the lower middle of the screen, you’ll see who answered the question, at the time, correctly and the fastest. The fastest correct answer gets the extra gold multiplier bonus, if any, and extra points.

Naturally, having no wrong answers and being first to answer are the 2 main factors which decide who will be in the top 3. The speed part is entirely on you. The no wrong answers part has a sneaky trick to it!! IF you happen to know the answer to the question, it’s a matter of your speed to click the right answer. IF you don’t know the answer, you simply wait until the fastest correct answer shows up and then rely on your speed to click that same button!!

Then again, you can always believe that BobbySinger is really THAT smart and THAT fast (Thanks for the vote). But don’t worry too much about always having the right answers. Even with 1 or 2 wrong answers, you can still manage to get into the #1 spot. IF you’re either too slow or keep answering incorrectly without realizing that the correct answer will show, you’re sunk. But the upside is that you’ll still gain 6,000 gold for each correct answer. It’s never a waste of time. If you manage to get all 10 answers correct, no matter your speed or final ranking, there’s at least 60,000 gold in it for you.


The Guild Events

Being in a guild is a pretty good idea. Being in a good guild can get a bit tricky.


Dragon Nest M Resources Guide


You can participate in the various events held by the guild you’re in. Some are showing on the right side of the above screen shot. The rest are showing in the Happy Camp section in the bottom right of the above screen shot. The basics should automatically tell you to participate in the Guild Events as much as possible. There are good Dragon Coin and Guild Coin gains to be made in these. It also helps guild leaders not want to kick you out for lack of participation.


The Dark Temple

This can be some seriously high gold gains depending on how high up the ladder you’ve gotten and your luck with the bonus multiplier. The fun part is that you don’t have to rely as much on your Battle Power as you might think.


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As showing above, that character is on level 36 of the Dark Temple. You can see the completion reward either on the right of the screen or during your battles for each level. Every fifth level is a boss. That’s where your BP really comes into play. But if you defeat a boss, there’s an extra reward showing in the bottom left corner.


Dragon Nest M Resources Guide


If you get to a level in the Dark Temple that you can’t defeat, it’s time for the Reset and Sweep buttons. You can only use these buttons once per day. First, click the Reset button. Then click the Sweep button. To speed things up, use 20 Dragon Coins to acquire the rewards instantly as showing in the above screen shot. Make note of the Free Refresh button. This gives you a chance to increase your rewards.

We hope these tips help you gain lots of Gold and DC which further helps your progress with the game. Do let us know how these tips worked out for you in the comments section below.

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