Dragon Nest M is one very well put together mobile version of the game by Shanda Games. You’ll find many of the same features and some different ones when you compare it to the PC version. From the start the most noticed feature is the sheer size of each version. The PC version has a large download while the mobile version isn’t so large.

All things considered, this can be a very fun game for anyone. The problem is in the various questions associated with the game. Mostly it’s “How to do this? How to do that? And how to gain properly in DNM”? The idea here is to provide you with as much info as possible. Not just for beginners but for advanced/veteran players too. Yes, even they manage to get lost here and there.


The Logins and the Start

Once you have the game installed, updated, and running, you’ll be presented with a login screen. Since this is the mobile version, simply click the Google login method. You can switch accounts later if you want to. You will have to re-login if you decide to play in another server for whichever reason. You don’t have to re-login if you switch characters. Again, when the main login screen is showing, click the Google login and select your account. If this is your first time playing, simply select a character type, make a name for it in the bottom right of the game screen and click the Game Start button.

Dragon Nest M has many servers you can play in. This is helpful compared to other games. There are country specific servers and the general SEA servers. Which server you play in helps determine how available items will be in the Bazaar. In the case of a newer server, the items list won’t be so plentiful compared to a server that’s been there for a while.



If this is your first time playing Dragon Nest M or if you’ve made a new character, you’ll have a set of tutorials to go through. You can’t skip the beginning tutorials. If you’re logged in with a character you’ve already been playing, you’ll be seeing something similar to the main screen as showing below.



When you first login with a character, you’ll notice there will be a lot of red dots all over the screen. These are to tell you that something needs to be done or collected. This also depends on your character’s level and what you’ve done with it to that point.



At a certain level, when you login, you’ll get various rewards you can collect. Just mind what you’re doing when it comes to the Retrieve Reward section.



That first one is free. The rest cost Dragon Coins (DC). Only get those IF you have plenty of DC to spare. And yes, think before buying those!!

Here’s a quick description for each of the parts of the main screen:

Top Left

Your character’s info, server info, your resources, and various settings are found here. For the server info, the more bars showing next to “PING”, the better your gameplay will be. The time is showing there as well. That’s the server time and you should compare it to your current time to make sure you’re not late for the various events. Click your avatar picture to get to character info and the game settings.

Left Middle

Your quest list and team info is found here. Don’t forget to leave your team when you’re done with the particular round(s).

Top Right

The various rewards, events, and shops are here.

Right Middle

The Arenas, Guild system, and Daily Tasks are here. The Daily Tasks and Daily Quests are 2 different things.

Bottom Middle

Your Mail Inbox and the Chat System are here. Do yourself a favor and mind your manners in the chat. You might find out the hard way that you’re chatting with your guild leader or worse, a GM!!

Bottom Right

That’s the main menu part 1 showing in the screen shot below.



The main menu part 2 will show when you click the “X” button. They’ll swap back and forth as you click the “X” button.

Everything on the main screen will show up when you unlock it via leveling.



This is one of the more tricky parts to the game. Anyone would easily think to “level up like crazy”. Surprise!! That’s a very bad idea. Yes, there are methods to “level up like crazy”. One example is the Inheritance System. If you see that, ALWAYS decline it. The only exception is when you’re boosting your own characters. It’s when you level too fast, you run directly into the Battle Power (BP) problem. This means your Battle Power can’t match the PvE content BP requirements.



Take the above assassin character for example. It’s level 39 with a BP of 84,000+. This is what happens when you level too fast. Now compare it to the level 39 sorceress in the screen shot below. Check again the second screen shot above describing the main menu part 2. Only 1 level of difference and there’s around 25,000 BP difference. But compared to the first screen shot, there’s also a 1 level difference and around 6,000 BP difference even though it’s the same character.



While they’re all at level 39 they all have access to the same content (including item crafts/loots). But the sorceress has near double the BP of the assassin. The idea, which is found in many games, is to level quickly to unlock skills and content as quickly as possible. But when you do that in DNM, your resources can’t keep up and you never gave yourself the time to build up your character (the hunting). Even though the academic in the first 2 screen shots does have a higher BP, it’s still too low for some PvE content.

The 3 ways to fix the BP problem are to spend real money, take the time in the lower level content to catch up, or have someone at a proper BP to help you out daily. Of course, spending real money is always done by choice. You’ll encounter MANY free players in DNM!! Unfortunately, you’ll run into some “freeloaders” too!! They leveled too fast so they also can’t keep up. You end up dragging them, or their character’s corpse, through various parts of the game!! So the main recommendation is to take your time. It’s only YOU rushing YOU to level.


Leveling Part 2

No, you should not rush your leveling. However, there’s another catch to it. Most content requires a certain level to unlock it. This includes Nests, Main Dungeon maps, and Abyss mode maps. So how do you level when you need to? The trick to it is to make SURE you can handle being in the upper level content first.

Daily Quests

You should start with the Daily Quests.



The gold gains are really nothing to write home about!! But the EXP gains are a bit different and sizable. Each Rate of the Daily Quests offers the same amount of EXP gain. The really helpful part to look for is the Holy Medals showing in the bottom left corner area. You should aim to get 2 Holy medals in the rewards but if the Refresh Quest button only offers 1, that’s still ok. Just make sure you complete these quests. The best bet is to try to get an A Rated quest list.

You only get 3 refreshes per day. So check the quests before you decide to start submitting things. Once you click the Submit button, that Daily Quest list will be there until you complete it. When you’re checking the quests, BE SURE to check the food requirement(s) (if any). You can ask for help IF you’re unable to buy the food requirement(s). In the above screen shot, there’s a need for Kimchi. But this particular character can’t make Kimchi. Only a sorceress can cook those dishes. You can either click the Ask for Help button (up to 3 times per Daily Quest set) or buy the dishes from the Saint Shop. Your last resort is to check the Bazaar in the Cuisine section to see if it’s there. That will cost you Dragon Coins.

You CAN gain the EXP and the Green Agates if you’re only able to complete at least 3 of the quests in the list. Your better bet is to always try to complete all 6 quests. In the above screen shot, if all 6 quests are completed, that’s a total of 46,000 EXP gained. The amount of EXP gains will depend on your current level. The higher your level, the more EXP you’ll gain.

Bounty Quests

The Bounty Quests offer a wide variety of tasks. This also includes the level 2 foods and even stealing plants from your friends Home!!



Each quest has a rank from C to A. Each quest has a set of rewards depending on the rank. Unlike the Daily Quests, the Bounty Quests have a 1 week time limit. Yes, there’s a good chance you can complete the Bounty Quests in a single day. It depends on what the quests really are. You could be looking at a 40,000+ EXP gain + any EXP gained from the box in the upper right corner + any EXP gained from doing the quests. For example, in the above screen shot, the second quest is to take on the standard Nests 6 times. You get up to 4 chances at standard Nests each day. Yes, the Nests do offer EXP gains when you complete them. Choose your quests carefully and make sure you can complete them within the week. IF you have any doubts as to whether you can complete a quest, you can select it and click the Refresh button. You have 3 free refreshes. After that, you have to pay for refreshes.

The Daily Tasks

Not to be mixed up with the Daily Quests, the Daily Tasks are as the name implies.



When you check in there, you’ll find different types of content you can participate in and gain some EXP. This also includes the Daily Quests and Bounty Quests.



The part to keep an eye on is the Daily Activities as showing above. Some of those activities will give more points than others. Some even require you to buy things. As long as you participate to get at least 120 points, you’ll gain 10,000 EXP in total from the boxes at the top of the screen.

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