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Relive the Glory In a New Adventure

Crossing the distant ladder,
To seek the only brilliant paradise…
Waiting for you to come.

It’s time to go back to the days of the Holy paradise. Play Dragon Nest M on PC and Mac to relive this classic game in an updated format and story. The classic RPG action-adventure title has returned for mobile devices all across the globe in the hot Dragon Nest M video game. Travel the land in search of power and glory as you do battle with terrible creatures and deadly foes in PvE and PvP battles that will have you praying for survival. Choose from six different warrior classes as you explore dungeons and slaughter dragons with your friends and guildmates. This is your story. Make it Great with Dragon Nest M and the BlueStacks app.

Search and Destroy For a Crowd

Gather your friends and guildmates for the ultimate dungeon-exploring adventure when you stream Dragon Nest M for free. All over the world, players are searching for videos and streams of their favorite titles. You can give your followers and subs great videos to share that they will enjoy by streaming Dragon Nest M to online networks like Facebook Live, Twitch, and Twitter with the ease of one-click controls. Soon, you will be watching your follower lists grow as your fans share your live videos and streams far and wide, thanks to the free BlueStacks 4 player.