The Different Survivors in Durango Wild Lands

The Different Survivors in Durango Wild Lands

Remember when we said Durango Wild Lands was the definitive game for those who were looking for the ultimate experience in survival-crafting? Well, as it turns out, this game also has a ton of RPG elements, which only add to the long list of reasons why you should definitely give it a try—if you haven’t already. These elements come in the form of attributes and stats, which differ from the conditions and parameters we mentioned in our beginner’s guide. The said stats are related to your character’s proficiencies at certain tasks, and which may increase with repeated practice.

At the beginning of your journey in this game, you will be able to choose from a roster of available classes, all of which feature their own skills. Aside from having different starting stats, each character has its own backstory, which you can read by clicking on them (did we mention how awesome the writing in this game is? ) Even the different genders in every class have their own backstories: Regardless of your choice of class or gender, you’re choosing to play a completely different and unique character, which is always amazing. The roleplay possibilities in this game are strong, which we’re sure some of our fans will appreciate.

However, from a gameplay perspective, classes are not only different in aesthetics, but in their proficiencies at certain tasks. Depending on your choice, you may have an easier time surviving in the beginning. On the other hand, you could trade convenience in the start for increased proficiency at certain activities down the line. In this guide, we’ll talk about the different classes in Durango Wild Lands so that you can decide with which to start your journey.

Job Seeker

“Developed an overly defensive attitude due to frequent bouts of overthinking while unemployed”

Who’s not defensive nowadays? With all the opinions and happenings floating around in social media and the world, in general, it’s difficult not to get defensive about many things! The Job Seeker is all about this and has developed a strong outer shell to protect himself from all the negativity of the world. However, as it turns out, their defensive attitude manifests also as a protection against enemy attacks.

Job Seekers start the game with 20 levels in defense, which definitely makes them a tough nut to crack in combat. They can take a beating in hunts and come out on top through sheer endurance. The defense attribute is linked to maneuvers like rolling, parrying, and countering. It can also improve the character’s natural recovery, and resistance to damage, and allows them to assume a defensive stance in battle that improves their chance to parry attacks.


“Driven to read a lot and perform field experiments by a personal interest in the collection of biological specimens.”

The ever-curious students on the train are fascinated with nature and all that it has to offer mankind. They put their knowledge to the test in the island by carefully gathering and categorizing all sorts of resources, which are then used for different purposes.

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Students start with 20 levels in gathering, a skill that is essential if you want to dedicate yourself entirely to collecting resources. As you increase your proficiency in this skill, you will learn how to gather more resources from certain elements in the wilderness. Those who don’t dedicate some time to gathering will rely on others for procuring the rarest materials, since they won’t even be able to properly identify the resources.


“Familiar with tailoring uniforms and other clothes, a side effect of their company’s hard cuts on the garment budget”.

The humble attendant, always speaking softly to the passengers through the warmest of smiles, is the cornerstone of customer service in the train. They dedicate themselves to ensuring that no need goes unattended, and they always do it with the best of intentions. To this end, they have even learned how to sew uniforms to support the company they work for.

Attendants begin their journey with 20 levels in tailoring, a skill that revolves exclusively around crafting defensive gear, including outfits, bags, accessories, jewelry, and other tailoring-related paraphernalia. It’s always important to have a good tailor around since, through their hard work, people will never want for protective clothing or modifications.


“By no means a professional blacksmith, but has experience making handcrafted tools”

Engineers are known, if not for their smarts, for their craftiness when coming up with solutions to everyday problems. Their ingenuity and knowledge of materials and their physical properties help them to come up with new ideas for tools to assist in the effort to colonize Durango.

Engineers start with 20 levels in the weapon/tool skill, which increases considerably the number of items they can craft from the beginning. This class will likely have a bit of a head start in relation to the others since they have access to better tools from the start.


“Has been growing and harvesting all manner of things from a young age”

Farmers share the same love for nature that the students have. However, while the latter is interested in nature for academic purposes, the former learned to appreciate nature and all its bounties through all the years working the land.

As their title implies, farmers start with 20 levels in farming. Those proficient in this skill have a knowledge of the land and how to best work it to produce plenty of crops. However, their expertise is not limited to produce as farmers can also sow trees and flowers, and can also create tilled fields for others to work.

Office Worker

“Knows a lot about facilities and gear due to abundant experience managing projects abroad”

Paperwork, cubicles, bureaucracy; all of these are part of the office worker’s day-to-day. However, all their strife has led them to develop a vast knowledge of logistics as well as made them skilled in project management, both being skills that are highly useful for those looking to  construct a new world in an uncharted land.

The office worker starts with 20 levels in construction. They are proficient in building everything, from the most basic tents to workstations, and traps to all manner of signs; there are no projects that these pros won’t take.


“Gained both incredible reflexes and sleepless nights as a result of real-life combat experience”

Years campaigning and fighting for their causes have turned these brave men and women into battle-hardened and combat-proficient machines of war. These fighters exchange nights of peaceful sleep and rest for a lifetime of vigilance. However, their efforts will pay off once they land in Durango and bravely square off against the fiercest of beasts.

Soldiers begin their journeys with 20 levels in melee combat and are proficient in the use of many types of weapons. They are also acquainted with many types of moves and maneuvers to incapacitate or outright their foes. Their superior agility and reflexes allow them to assume an attack stance that increases their accuracy in combat.

Each character comes with their own set of attributes and parameters, which makes them proficient at different tasks from the start. While none of them have inherent advantages over the others, some classes are better suited to different play styles.

What class did you start your adventure with in Durango?

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