My First Dino: Taming a Dinosaur in Durango Wild Lands

My First Dino: Taming a Dinosaur in...

When we thought Durango Wild Lands  couldn’t get any better as a survival game, we just discovered that it has dinosaur taming! Amazing, right? This awesome system is all about beating up dinosaurs senseless, and then taming them to become your faithful companions. It’s somewhat similar to the one found in the popular Pokémon games where you first have to weaken the creature before being able to capture it using a Pokéball. However, in this case it’s a ferocious, dangerous, gigantic dinosaur instead of a cute furry animal.

The taming system in Durango is one more reason as to why this game is so great . It adds depth far beyond the progression of your own character and creates a much more meaningful interaction with the world in which the game takes place. In this sense, it’s not so much about you killing everything on sight with no regard for the world, but actually taking the time to fraternize with nature and enjoy the bounties that it provides. Besides, if anything else, you’ll look amazing arriving at your friends’ campsites atop your trusty dinosaur steed.

In this article, we’ll show you the basics of dinosaur taming, and will also demonstrate how to actually go about getting your first Dinosaur companion.

It’s all about the survival skill

In a previous article, we talked about the skills in this game and whether or not they’re useful to grind. There’s one skill in particular that, while elusive to level up, is paramount when it comes to surviving in the islands. The aptly-named “survival” skill contains all the knowledge that your character needs to stay alive and safe in Durango. Investing points in this tree teach your character to move undetected through the wilderness, as well as toughens him up, increasing his maximum stamina and energy. Furthermore, it allows him or her to survive on islands of higher levels.

However, an important part of the survival skill is “animal taming.” Investing points here will allow you to capture different creatures and take them back home to your tamed island. Once there, you can begin the taming process that, hopefully, will result in a new dino friend to accompany you on your travels. Nevertheless, before you can even attempt capturing a dinosaur, you must first learn the corresponding skill in the tree, which first unlocks upon reaching level 15. This first skill “Capturing Quadrupedal Dinos I” allows you to capture, you guessed it, 4-legged low-level dinosaurs. These include the Zebraceratops, Protoceratops, and the Light Pink Protoceratops.

Capturing your first dinosaur

Upon first reaching level 15, you will receive a call from Professor Lamar explaining that you should attempt to capture a dino friend to facilitate moving across the land. Upon learning your first capture skill, he directs you to a place where several quadrupedal dinosaurs, the Zebraceratops, wander. These dinos are level 13 and, while definitely challenging if you’re not overleveled, they are no match for you in straight combat.

However, before you go and pick a fight with one of these beasts, make sure to have the best possible gear and equipment. You can check if you’re prepared by taking a look at your crafting menu and checking whether or not you can upgrade a piece or two. Furthermore, if you’ve been investing in the “melee” skill, make sure to only use the best possible weapon for the tree you’re sinking points into. Therefore, if you’re investing points into “one-handed action” make sure to equip a good club or knife; you’ll need it for the upcoming fight.

The spot where you want to search is a short way from the campsite in the first untamed island that you’ll explore. There are herds of Zebraceratops wandering about, ripe for the taking. Click on any of these creatures and then begin your attack.

These creatures put up a good fight, and they have lots of health regen as well, so make sure you weave in your special skills in between your regular attacks to hurt them more than they can heal themselves. At around 50% HP, you’ll notice several messages popping up indicating that the creature is losing strength. At this moment, you’ll want to start using your “shoulder tackle” skill, which has a high chance of stunning your foe. Once they’re finally stunned, you can click on the net icon to start the capture process. It’s possible that you’ll fail the first few times, but you’ll get it before long.

Taming your dino

However, capturing it is just the beginning as you have to tame your dino before it becomes your faithful companion. Once you’ve captured the beast, you’ll notice that it’s in your inventory, taking up a large chunk of your space. If this is your first attempt, Professor Lamar will also provide you with a “Makeshift Taming Pen,” which you can place on your domain. This structure allows you to place your captured dinos within and start the taming process.

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Taming is simple, and mostly based on luck. After placing the structure and accessing its menu, you can put any dinos that are currently in your inventory inside. Afterward, the taming process will begin. We’ve only tamed the Zebraceratops, so far, which took only 30 minutes. However, we suspect that other dinosaurs might take longer to fully tame. Furthermore, while there is an option to feed the dinosaur during the process, our Zebraceratops didn’t take any food whatsoever to finish taming. Regularly, what the feeding option does is speed up the taming at a rate of 1 minute per piece of food.

Unfortunately, every taming process has a set success rate and, if it fails, the creature escapes from the pen, leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts. But don’t despair, failure is a normal occurrence when it comes to taming, which makes the successful attempts shine even brighter!

Once the taming process completes, you can put your dino in your inventory, and then use it as if it were any other item to form a bond with the creature. Once the bond is formed, you can summon it anywhere. Your new dino will help you out in combat, let you ride it, and even help with carrying your stuff. Your first Zebraceratops, while not very fast, is a welcome addition to your team. It deals light damage to the enemy, and more than doubles your inventory space, which is always awesome.

And that’s all there is to taming dinosaurs in this game. Keep in mind that every dino is different and comes with a variety of stats and parameters. Furthermore, the taming requirements will also vary per species. Nevertheless, by investing in the survival skill and practicing your taming, you’ll be a master of a herd of dinos before long.

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