Even though knowing how to punch, kick, defend, and evade in UFC Mobile 2 will be very important for your success in the octagon, these aren’t the only things you need to keep in mind when looking to optimize your teams. Specifically, while your performance during fights will be the defining factor of your success, a lot of your actual power and skills come from your preparation and training outside of the octagon.

UFC Mobile 2 General Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Team

We’ve already gone over some of the basics of fighting in this game, which you can find in our combat tips and tricks guide for UFC Mobile 2. This time around, however, we’re going to go over a few basics of how to manage your team in order to get the most out of your fighters, as well as to optimize your progress in the game.

Training is Important

When we say “training”, we’re not talking about actually practicing your moves in the ring—which is also crucial to your success—but about using training items to upgrade your fighters so that they can be in their best shape for taking on stronger opponents.

In UFC Mobile 2, there are a couple of ways to improve your fighters: By leveling them up, and by increasing their rank. The first is very self-explanatory: You take the training items you earn from daily rewards, as well as from completing challenges and use them on a character to give them XP, which in turn increases their level, permanently boosting their stats. However, a character’s level is always capped by their current rank, which brings us to the next part of training…

UFC Mobile 2 General Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Team

Your character’s rank is significantly more important than their level, particularly since this parameter defines their maximum level, as well as gives them access to new skills that can dramatically improve their performance. To upgrade their rank, however, you need special items, which you can only obtain from the Training Events that you unlock after completing the first chapter of the main campaign.

UFC Mobile 2 General Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Team

If you’re just starting out, we recommend, at the very least, that you keep your characters upgraded to the maximum level for their current ranks, as this will give them a good boost in power. Moreover, when possible, always try to increase their rank as this will allow them to achieve their full potential.

Study Your Fighters’ Moves and Fighting Styles

For the easier fights, it might be enough to just mash your way to victory. However, while spamming punches haphazardly can get you through most of the beginning, you’ll likely take more damage than you should. This damage stays with your fighters after the fights and will make it much harder to beat subsequent bouts in the same fight card. In this sense, it’s better to actually strike a good balance between offense and defense, rather than going all out with your attacks.

To this end, it’s important to know about each character’s movesets, in order to get a better grasp of how they perform in combat. You can always check any fighter’s attacks from their details menu, by clicking on the “i” icon on the upper left, just beside where it says “Fighter Kit”. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see all the combos for the current character. 

UFC Mobile 2 General Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Team

Of course, it’ll take you a bit of actual practice in the octagon to learn how each move performs, particularly when it comes to their speed and recovery animations. But once you’re more familiarized with them, you can start getting a good idea on how each fighter performs, based solely on their movesets. For example, both Alexa Grasso and Brad Tavares are Strikers that use Power Straights and Capoeira Kicks in their combos. In this sense, if you’re familiar with one of them, you’ll automatically be familiar with the other, as well as with other fighters that use the same techniques.

Your Fighter Synergies Can Make or Break a Team

Aside from characters’ movesets, however, their synergies are also quite important to consider when building teams. 

A character’s synergies are much more straightforward than other elements, particularly since you can learn their effects simply by reading them, as opposed to having to jump into the ring to learn their moves. These synergies consist of passive bonuses that activate whenever a character is paired on the same team with other specific fighters. These bonuses are often quite significant, giving sharp increases to certain stats, or dramatically improving an aspect of their fighting styles.

UFC Mobile 2 General Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Team

Though not all characters have synergies, you can always check if they do from the details menu, by clicking on the “i” beside the “Synergy” text. 

Claim Your Freebies From the Store

Both training and ranking up require valuable materials that can be difficult to come by. Luckily, you can always get a few freebies from the store on a daily basis, simply by visiting the corresponding menus and claiming them with a few clicks. However, these prizes don’t redeem themselves, and you’ll lose the ones you don’t claim.

UFC Mobile 2 General Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Team

To ensure you’re getting all the free items you possibly can, we recommend setting an alarm or a reminder to swing by the in-game store once a day.

Complete All the Fights In Your Fight Cards For Extra Rewards

This might go without saying, but the more fights you complete, the better the rewards. This is why you should always strive to complete all the fights in any given fighting card. It might take you a bit longer, but the rewards will definitely make it worth your time. Besides, if what you want is to kick butt and have fun in the octagon, then more fights are always better!

UFC Mobile 2 General Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Team

Feel free to leave your own tips and tricks for optimizing your fighters in UFC Mobile 2 in the comments below.