UFC Mobile 2 is a fantastic fighting game that lets you scout and recruit your favorite UFC fighters, and jump into the octagon to participate in bone-crunching, adrenaline-inducing bouts until only one person is left standing. In this game, players can learn a variety of different fighting styles and put their skills to the test in high-stakes matches to progress through the main campaign. And when you’re not kicking butt, you’ll be hanging back in your gym, training your fighters and increasing their stats so that they’re ready to engage against even tougher and more imposing opponents.

UFC Mobile 2 Tips and Tricks to Win Matches and Easily KO Opponents

Regardless of the fighter you choose, however, you’ll still need to learn a few basics and fundamentals if you want to win matches in UFC Mobile 2, which is why we wanted to write this short guide. Keep reading if you want to learn a few tips and tricks on how to easily win all your fights in this game.

Play on BlueStacks to Get the Best Controls

When it comes to fighting games, you’re only really as good as your controls allow. In other words, if your controls are unintuitive, clunky, and unresponsive, there’s a good chance that you’re going to get your butt kicked in the octagon. And while the standard touchscreen controls in UFC Mobile 2 are serviceable, at best, the scheme makes you swipe on the screen constantly, which leaves a lot to be desired, especially when looking to launch quick combos.

For this reason, if you’re serious about fighting and winning in this game, we definitely recommend playing UFC Mobile 2 on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player will give you the best keyboard controls through which you can easily attack, dodge, parry, and counter, by pressing physical buttons as opposed to fumbling and swiping at your touchscreen. Heck, BlueStacks even lets you configure your gamepad for this game, which is arguably the best way to play fighting games.

UFC Mobile 2 Tips and Tricks to Win Matches and Easily KO Opponents

Check out our PC setup guide for UFC Mobile 2 to learn how to install this game on your computer.

Dodging and Parrying are Almost as Important as Attacking

Now, while it might be compelling to simply mash the attack button until your enemy is beat down to a pulp, this is seldom enough to actually win battles, considering that attacking haphazardly is a surefire way to get blocked, parried, and completely demolished. 

The smart fighter rarely relies solely on attacking, but rather diversifies their kit with blocks, parries, and counter attacks to exploit the enemy’s weaknesses and land crushing blows with deadly precision. In this manner, your defense is as important as your offense; if not because it helps to avoid taking damage, because it lets you identify openings to breach your enemy’s guard.

UFC Mobile 2 Tips and Tricks to Win Matches and Easily KO Opponents

Of the two, dodging is the easiest. If you’re playing UFC Mobile 2 on PC with BlueStacks, you simply need to press “A” to do a quick backstep from your opponent, creating ample distance between you two, and allowing you to rethink your next move. Parrying, however, is riskier but with a higher payoff, considering that you basically get a free hit on the enemy if you manage to pull it off. To execute a parry, you need to execute a light attack or a block AS SOON as the enemy launches their own attack. If done correctly, your fighter will deflect the attack and give you the chance to counter by repeatedly pressing the attack button.

Striking a balance between attacking, as well as dodging and defending, is one of the basics of winning matches in this game.

Pause Between Combos

However, even when you do find an opening to exploit, it’s better to measure your attacks instead of mashing buttons, as this can lead to getting countered and knocked out.

Combos in UFC Mobile 2 come in a series of three attacks, which can be either light, medium, or heavy blows. After the third strike in a combo, your fighter does a short recovery animation before returning to neutral and allowing you to attack, dodge, or block again. And while it may be compelling to simply continue mashing to keep your opponent pressured, you should always pause after the third attack of every combo, just see what your opponent is going to do, as well as to give you a chance to confuse him with a mixup.

UFC Mobile 2 Tips and Tricks to Win Matches and Easily KO Opponents

After all, it’s much easier to block, dodge, or counter an opponent that’s just throwing punches left and right, while it’s much more difficult to read an enemy that takes their time to plan their attacks, and who combines attack and defense to create a cohesive strategy. In this sense, by avoiding spamming your attacks, and taking your time between combos to devise new strategies on the fly, you’re more likely to confuse your opponent and catch them off guard.

Break Turtlers With Heavy Attacks

Even with a balanced strategy, you’ll eventually run into opponents that are overly passive, who constantly hang back blocking, and rarely make a move until you mess up. It can be very aggravating to fight against these enemies, mostly due to the fact that defeating them can take much longer than usual.

UFC Mobile 2 Tips and Tricks to Win Matches and Easily KO Opponents

Keep in mind, however, that if you’re against an opponent that is blocking all the time, you can easily shred their defenses with heavy attacks, breaking their shields in the process and leaving them wide open for punishment. But be careful; heavy attacks are much slower and can leave you vulnerable to counter attacks if you miss one. Always try to measure your punches so that you’re never exposed.

UFC Mobile 2 Tips and Tricks to Win Matches and Easily KO Opponents

Mix Up Your Attack With Your Signature Moves

One last tip for keeping your enemies always guessing is to add your signature moves to the mix when deciding how to attack.

Your signature moves are powerful attacks that you can launch once your stamina gauge is full. These attacks not only often do lots of damage, but also activate passive bonuses that can give you an edge for a few moments, or for the entire match in some cases. Most importantly, however, these signature moves can be chained with any regular attack, in order to mix up your combos and catch the enemy off guard. 

UFC Mobile 2 Tips and Tricks to Win Matches and Easily KO Opponents

Try experimenting with different attacks in a combo, while also adding your signature moves whenever possible. At the very least, you’ll keep your foe pressured, which makes them more likely to make mistakes. However, similar to your heavy attacks, take care not to miss your signature moves as these will leave you exposed for a few moments.