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Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

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The number of troops you have in Empire: Rising Civilization means nothing without a strong and wise leader at the helm of the army to inspire the men to go into battle. Heroes play a central part in the Military Department and give combat bonuses depending on their aptitude and items they have equipped. They also play a crucial role in completing campaigns and expeditions. The quality of your kingdom’s heroes will determine whether you have a strong domain or a weak army.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

Heroes act similarly to your regular troops in the sense that they are categorized as either Infantry, Cavalry, or Archers. This means that you’ll need to have a wide variety of heroes available in your kingdom and not just rack up heroes that have the highest levels. Maintaining your heroes isn’t something that’s easily accomplished without having to invest a bit of time and effort. Learn how to fully utilize your heroes’ potential by following this Heroes Guide.

How to Get New Heroes

Your goal is to get as many heroes as you can. The higher your hero’s rarity is, the better it performs in battle. You’ll also need these heroes to have a wide variety when it comes to their combat categories. This is to make sure that you have heroes that are always strong against opposing armies and give you the advantage in battle. There are a few ways to get new heroes, and here are some of the ways you can recruit them:

  1. The Shop

It’s no surprise that games often include cash shops where you can buy items that’ll help you perform better in the game, and Empire: Rising Civilization is no exception. The game even gives you the option to recruit strong heroes from event shops or regular shops using real-world currency. The deals are worth the buy if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind spending money on a game. However, if you’re a free-to-play player, there are always other ways you can get heroes without spending.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

  1. Campaign Completion

Campaign Completion is the easiest way you can get heroes early on in the game without spending money. All you need to do is complete Campaign chapters and earn new heroes as a reward. Most of these heroes have lower quality than those you can get from other means, but they get the job done. As you progress through the story, the campaign will get more and more difficult, so you’ll need to level up your heroes.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

  1. Military Academy

The Military Academy is where you can manage and browse the heroes you have available. Once your Lord reaches level 88, you’ll unlock a feature called the Tavern Recruitment, where you’ll get the chance to get rare heroes. It’ll be a while until you reach level 88, so don’t expect to get this perk within the first week of playing the game. Once you do reach this point, you’ll have all the heroes that you’ll possibly want and more without throwing too much money at the game.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

Level Up Your Heroes

The higher your heroes’ level is, the better they will perform in battle. There are several ways you can level up your hero easily and give them a ton of experience points that’ll propel their levels quickly. The first method is to use them in the Campaign or in overworld fights against enemy kingdoms or rebels. The second method is to feed them experience scrolls that will be rewarded to you by completing tasks or missions.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

Equip High-Quality Armor and Weapons

King Arthur has Excalibur. Your heroes should have equipment that would be worthy of their names as well! Crafting items isn’t as easy as you’d think they’d be since it takes a long duration to complete them and some rare materials too. Again, the Campaign and Overworld Enemies will be the places to find some of these things. Don’t leave your heroes without armor; even a common armor set is better than not having any armor word at all.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

Advance Your Hero to the Next Stage

If you’re quite fond of a certain hero and don’t want to replace them, there’s a way to make them as good as high-quality heroes too. You’ll need Valor Tallies, which you can get through the recruitment or chests. Keep in mind though, that Valor Tallies are acquired at random, and you can’t choose between which heroes receive this. Be patient because your favorite hero will eventually reach higher quality. Time is always by your side when playing this game.

Increasing Your Heroes Aptitude

Aptitude is your hero’s potential, which is randomly acquired by rerolling the Aptitude test found in your Hero’s Information. The quality of a hero’s aptitude is rated from a ranking system, with F being the lowest and S being the highest. Try to get the highest aptitude possible and avoid settling for aptitudes that are below the A-rating. You are given a maximum of 12 tries, with each used attempt being refreshed after a specific duration.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

Raise the Best Heroes in the Realm

Heroes in Empire: Rising Civilizations come in the form of historical generals and figures that are prominent for their achievements in war. It’s time to bring honor to the names of these giants by developing their potential and using them to lead great armies that are ready to take over this new world. Even King Arthur himself knows how fearsome these individuals can be when given the right resources and the right leader to steer them into war.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Upgrading Your Heroes!

Preparing for war is inevitable in this world, where kings and queens can only communicate through the tips of their swords. The only question left to ask is: are you ready for what comes next? Take your gameplay of Empire: Rising Civilizations to the next level with the help of BlueStacks PC and play your favorite android games on the PC platform today! What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to be a great hero yourself!

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