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Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

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As a management-based real-time strategy game, Empire: Rising Civilization combines crucial decision making and resource management to succeed. Now that we’ve tackled the Military Aspect of the game, it’s time to learn how to manage your kingdom’s economy. This will help to help strengthen your kingdom not only for present use but also as an investment for future endeavors such as war. Be careful; a prosperous kingdom is a kingdom with a target on its back for raids.

Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

The economy plays a massive role in everything you do in the game. Even if you have the biggest and strongest army in the realm, it can easily crumble if your economic structure can’t support the upkeep of your militia. New players tend to overlook the importance of resource production and go straight to upgrading buildings they think are “more important.” While it is true that you have a ridiculous amount of resources handed to you at the start of the game, it won’t last long as you evolve your kingdom.

Taking a Look at Each Resource

The game has four primary resources, only three of which are available at the start of the game. These resources are Gold, Timber, Food, and Ore, which is available only after you unlock artifacts. To know why you need to upgrade your economy, let’s take a look at how each of these resources affects the game. Each resource has a specific purpose to be invested in. Here’s a more in-depth look at each of the resources made available in Empire: Rising Civilizations:

  1. Gold

Gold is a resource used to upgrade buildings or hire artisans in the game. Hiring skilled workers will require some compensation, such as builders and tenants. You can also buy resources in the marketplace using Gold, so keep some as a reserve so that when you run dry on resources, you can buy some for emergencies. Gold is generally produced in the Gold Field, but can also be earned through rewards from quests, missions, or combat.

Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

  1. Timber

Timber or Wood is necessary for building or upgrading. Each building in your kingdom costs a specific amount of Timber to be upgraded, increasing in amount as the building level increases. You’ll need Timber to upgrade your resource buildings, so prioritize having this resource by upgrading your Sawmill to its max level. When your buildings get destroyed, you can repair them using Timber as well.

Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

  1. Food

Food is used to train soldiers or assign your troops to battle. Campaigns use up energy, but fighting against enemy kingdoms and Rebels will require a certain amount of food to send them off. Not having enough food will mean that you can’t order your troops to attack. Upkeep also exists, which is the counter at which your Troops, Citizens, and Heroes [Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War] consume the food in your kingdom; this count is deducted from your Mill’s hourly food production.

Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

  1. Ore

Ore is used to upgrade your artifacts and is only available after you unlock your Treasury. Artifacts increase your troop’s power level by directly influencing the ATK, DEF, and Command stats of your hero. There are no resource buildings to collect ore, but you can get them through rewards.

Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

Bonus Resource: Gems

Gems are the premium currency in the game and are used to buy useful items like Extra Builders or reduce a building’s upgrade duration. You can get gems by completing tasks, missions, or by watching ads. You are given an abundant amount of Gems at the beginning of the game, so spend them wisely.

Upgrade All Your Resource Buildings

Your resource buildings are your kingdom’s lifeline. They should always be the same level as your Town Center and should be maxed out as soon as your Town Center completes its upgrade. Collect resources every time they fill up so that in the future, you won’t be left high and dry. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your resources get depleted, despite having been given boatloads at the beginning of the game.

Upgrade Your Warehouse

A rich kingdom is a likely target for raiders and plunderers. The warehouse prevents a certain amount of your resources from being looted by enemy attacks; this way, you can bounce back from a difficult loss. Max out your warehouse if you think your military strength isn’t up to par when it comes to the task of defending your kingdom’s goods. Don’t overestimate your Military Capabilities either, though, especially if you haven’t read on the Military Guide to learn how to strengthen your forces.

Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

Don’t Open Your Resource Crates

Quests, missions, campaigns, and events reward you with resource crates that you can open to attain a certain amount of resources. While it might be tempting to open these crates once you get them, it’s best that you save them for when you’re in an emergency. A good example is after your kingdom is attacked, and you need to replenish your troops immediately. Or when you need to upgrade a vital building as soon as possible but are low on a particular resource.

Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

Make Full Use of Production Bonuses

You can get scrolls in the game that increase a resource’s production up to a certain percentage. This is great if you are running low on resources, but don’t have an urgent need to collect the said resources immediately. However, to fully utilize this feature, you’ll need to actively log into the game and collect your production every few hours. Otherwise, you’d be leaving your resource production to its maximum capacity and not get much value out of it.

Economic Advancement in Empire: Rising Civilization

Research Domestic Affairs

The College is a place where you can research various upgrades from Military to Economic. In the Domestic Affairs Tab, you can choose to upgrade your resource production depending on the level of your Lord and College. Try to upgrade all your resource production tabs to increase your total production by 5% each time you research it. This is a huge and essential boost for your kingdom that is easy to achieve if you’re patient enough. It’ll be most helpful for your kingdom’s economy in the long run.

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