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Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

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The heart of every great kingdom lies in the strength of its military. In Empire: Rising Civilization, you’ll have to focus on building an efficient army to compete against the biggest names in the realm. The protective bubble won’t shield you for very long, so it’s best that you develop your army’s strength as soon as you can. Don’t know how to do it? BlueStacks has got you covered with this in-depth guide on how to upgrade your military strength in battle.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

Similarly to other real-time strategy games, building an army can take some time and a little bit of knowledge of how you want to make it work. Empire: Rising Civilization also adds a few more elements to the military game by introducing features like the Heroes and Beauties, which play a massive role in your military’s strength. By combining these elements, it can be a bit difficult for players to understand how they should approach their military’s development.

Troop Quality vs. Troop Quantity

The number of troops you have in your army indeed plays a significant factor in how your kingdom will perform offensively and defensively. But the number of soldiers you have could be easily swept clean by smaller opposing armies with higher quality soldiers. Spam training cheap units is only viable if you don’t have any other choice. Despite having lower training costs and durations, it’s not worth having weak soldiers in your army if only to put up the facade of looking strong.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

To upgrade your Troop Quality, you’ll need to upgrade your academy to certain levels and research troop quality advancements found on the Military Page. What makes the process even more convenient: Upon completing your Troop Tier Advancement, all previous troops of the lower tier are automatically upgraded into the next tier units. Keep in mind that the higher tier units will cost more, take longer to train, and require more upkeep, so make sure to upgrade your food production.

Troop Sustainability

Maintenance of your army will require a lot of resources, especially food. If you haven’t read the Beginner’s Guide yet, make sure to click on this link to know which buildings you should be prioritizing to help maintain your massive forces. Going into war will undoubtedly take a toll on your army’s number, and training more troops will use up quite a few resources. That in mind, make sure your production is maximized by upgrading resource gathering buildings and using power-ups when needed.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

Upgrading Your Heroes

Heroes make up for a considerable percentage of your army. The stronger your hero is, the better your army will perform because of them. Aside from recruiting better heroes, you’ll also need to level them up, give them the right items, and increase their aptitude. Doing this is all so that their hero rating increases along with the overall battle rating. However, it’s best to reserve explaining those things in-depth in a later guide to help you understand what it truly means to upgrade your hero’s efficiency.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

All you need to know right now about heroes is that they should serve a purpose in your army. Remember that the game has a rock-paper-scissors advantage wheel with Cavalry>Infantry>Archers. Heroes have these classifications as well, so make sure to have a wide range of heroes in your kingdom that are all prepared to go to war. Don’t just stick to upgrading one strong hero and leaving the others to collect dust until you actually need them in the future.

Spend Some Quality Time with the Beauties!

Beauties directly affect the strength of your army through the combat heroes. Having better affection with them gives you better bonuses and increases the aptitude that your hero can get. It’s easy to raise your Beauty’s affection, but of course, it’ll take some time because of its daily limitations. Besides, they probably appreciate the company instead of being stuck inside the palace the entire day, doing nothing but stay inside their rooms.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

The Art of Scouting

Scouting is an essential part of pre-battle preparation. Knowing the extent of your opponent’s military power can save you from attacking recklessly or help you better prepare for an impending attack from a rival kingdom. Once an enemy kingdom scouts you, try to send a scout in return to know if you need to prepare for an impending attack. Otherwise, it’ll at least send them the message that you’re not someone to be trifled with.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

Knowing When and Who to Attack

After scouting, you’ll still need to determine when and who to attack. Some of the more prominent players in the realm are bound to have powerful allies that’ll help them in their times of need. Don’t start a fight with just anyone, unless you want to pay for it with your life. Aim to attack players who have an army capacity of at least 2/3rds of your own, since they’ll have a defender’s bonus. Try to time your attacks to when the player would likely be asleep or is sending their troops somewhere else, as well.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

Surround Yourself with Reliable Allies

The concept of an alliance in Empire: Rising Civilization might not be as concrete as it is with other games, but it’s still something you should look towards establishing. Communicating with active players around you can lead to a rewarding partnership both on the offensive and defensive fronts. If you think someone in your area is too strong to fight against, the best way to prevent them from beating you down is by befriending them and maintaining a peaceful relationship.

Empire: Rising Civilization – Preparing for War

Empire: Rising Civilization will test your decision-making on an entirely new level. You’ll need to learn how to manage every critical detail about your army to make sure that you can survive the bloodthirsty environment that the game is set in. Remember that even if you lose one or two fights, it isn’t the end of the game for you. Rebuild your army and come back stronger than ever before. Find strong allies like BlueStacks to help you conquer the real with ease!

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