In gacha RPG titles like Empires & Puzzles, your choice of heroes that you place in your squads is usually one of the most important aspects of your progression. After all, assembling powerful teams that can defeat the toughest challenges in the game is basically one of the main goals, especially since recruiting the best characters can often take a long time. However, when it comes to the meta of any given game, Empires & Puzzles included, there may be many different heroes that are viable and powerful. 

Empires & Puzzles - Who to Choose Between King Arthur and Ariel

In the case of Empires & Puzzles, one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the best heroes in the game is who’s better between King Arthur and Ariel. After all, both of these heroes are among the most highly ranked units in the game. Luckily, if you’re ever in a situation where you need to choose between the two of them, the answer is quite simple to find, considering that each of them can fulfill very different roles within any given formation.

With that being said, we’re going to briefly explain what each of these two heroes has to offer, as well as who to choose when it comes to building a meta team.

King Arthur – The Best Tank for Titans

The most important part of choosing the best teams in Empires & Puzzles is keeping in mind what you’re going to use the said team for. And while there are some formations that are quite versatile and decent at most game modes, there are others that are more specialized and focused on one or two of these. In the case of King Arthur, this unit excels at the Titans mode, as a defensive hero that can aid greatly in increasing the survivability of your team. 

Empires & Puzzles - Who to Choose Between King Arthur and Ariel

Arthur excels in this regard by being one of the strongest tanks in the game, easily being able to weather most of the enemy’s attacks. He can absorb a lot of punishment, especially against special skills, thanks to his own special skill. Additionally, he can deal decent damage, making him into a great frontline fighter.

Ariel – Excellent Healing and All-Around Versatility

As we mentioned above, there are heroes that are great for specific modes, while others are more useful in a generalized sense. Ariel happens to fall into the latter category, as a healer that excels at keeping the team in top shape. With her special skill, she can not only restore a ton of health to all party members, but she can also cleanse them of all debuffs. What’s more, her heal also increases the mana generation of the squad, giving them quicker access to their special skills.

Empires & Puzzles - Who to Choose Between King Arthur and Ariel

This combination of skills makes Ariel an ideal support unit for any occasion, making her a much better pick than Arthur, in general.

We hope this brief explanation helps you to choose the better hero between Arthur and Ariel. Leave us your own thoughts and comments in the section below!