The popular RPG fantasy game Empire And Puzzles has recently released its version 41 update on September 8th. Depending on your device, you can download the update directly from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. 

The new V41 brings with it a lot of fixes, optimizations, events and a few bonuses to improve gameplay and player experience. These changes are also mentioned in the inbox messages section of the game if you want a second look.

Now let’s check out the new changes in this update.  

Event & Bonus Updates

Tower of Magic 

  • 25 floors in normal difficulty and 50 impossible floors
  • Heroes of magical classes (Wizards, Sorcerers, Druids and Clerics) can withstand 5 curses, other heroes only 1 curse
  • New Rare blessings added

Also, the Tower Event Curses are now counted for hero and costume separately. This applies to both Tower Events: Tower of Magic and Ninja Tower

Halloween Event

  • New costumes for Francine, Vanda, Victor and Frank.
  • Legendary Halloween heroes and their costumes were added to Hero Academy. This feature will be enabled only after all players have updated to this version.
  • These costumes have a new costume bonus. At the max level, they have: Attack bonus 2%, Defense bonus: 2%, Health Bonus: 4% and Mana bonus: 1%

New Magic Family Bonus

  • 25/50% chance to cast +5% mana generation stack on a random ally when this Hero casts their Special Skill. (Max stack: 10)
  • New passives for Magic Family heroes added
  • New Mana speed added: Magic Charge

Empires And Puzzles: New Updates In Version 41

New Heros To Pay Attention To

Xnolphod is a 5 Star Purple Hero of the Sorcerer class; he is part of the Underwild Family with the Passive- Decrease Aliment Duration.

  • 32% healing for allies.
  • Increases the mana of allied by 20% 
  • Alters the power of all dark shields on the board; when an attacking hero casts a special, the shields become enhanced and gives +37% more mana. When a defending hero casts a special, the shields weaken and gives -37% mana.

With these abilities, he can make the whole team a lot faster, giving you more options. Not to mention this hero can be used for offence and if you want for defence.

Zenobia is a 5 Star Red hero of the Cleric class. Part of the Underwild family, she has the Passive- Increase Buff Duration.

  • Deals 320% damage to the enemies on the edges of the enemy formation. If there is only one enemy alive, the damage is doubled.
  • Alters the power of all fire shields on the board. When an attacking Hero casts a special, the shield becomes enhanced with a -64% attack. When a defending Hero casts a special, they weaken with a -57% attack.

Zenobia can pick off venerable Heros on the wing, not to mention she is a finisher perfect for attacking. Xnolphod is the better pick with his amazing healing and mana buffs; you won’t regret summoning him.

The List of Fixes In V41

  • Fixed an issue where Elradir’s mana generation passive did not work with status ailments cast by minions. Also, Improved Elradir’s passive skill’s description so that now it shows the exact proportion of mana gained when the hero receives a status ailment.
  • Improved Myztero’s passive skill description to clarify that he is not supposed to memorize status effects cast by fiends.Fixed an issue where Akkorog did not receive damage when his special hit Ursena’s holy reflect
  • Improved special skill description for Margaret and costumed Little John, also improved the Abyss gems spawn time to prevent gems from blocking user input during fast playing.
  • Fixed text cutting on Danzaburo’s, Thor’s and Rumpelstiltskin’s special skill descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where Theobald’s green reflect prevented ally Bertila from lifting status ailments from the team
  • Fixed an issue where fiends did not absorb healing when the owner was in ghost form
  • Fixed a visual issue where Toxicandra’s and Alberich’s special skill descriptions mentioned they regenerate a small amount of mana when it should be a moderate amount of mana
  • Fixed an issue where the offer icon did not change when two offers were scheduled back to back and also the weird spacing in Tournament rules text.
  • Fixed the text for activating the Low Oxygen effect in Season 4 Deep Lagoon: Underwater map stages
  • Fixed a visual issue where Ninja heroes were “dodging” ally Elizabeth’s special
  • Fixed an issue where enemy Onyx was missing a part of their x2 Mana Charge special in Ninja Tower
  • Improved battle notifications so that talent, passive skill, family and level property notifications are not displayed on top of each other during the battle when effects are activated.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the attacking team Chakkoszrott’s mana generation buff lasted only for 2 turns when the hero received a status ailment
  • Fixed an issue where buying food with gems from the “Not Enough Materials” popup didn’t work during leveling up a limit broken costume.
  • Fixed an issue where Yang Mai could make 5 additional hits if their special were dodged
  • Fixed an issue where Gullinbursti would deal damage if their special has been re-activated before the end of its duration
  • Fixed displaying some currencies in Arabic. The direction of the numbers was incorrect.
  • Fixed Zulag being invisible as Atlantis summon featured hero and the visual issue where Mystic Vision reward popup was not shown, but rewards were given silently if another popup was showing at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where Lady Of Lake’s minions gave 10% mana based on the summoners max mana. Now it’s 10% of the minion targets max mana.

Check out the game to see these fixes and Heroes in action, and stay tuned for more gaming-related updates.