When it comes to upgrading your best characters in Empires & Puzzles there are many ways to go about this: You can start by increasing their level, and also ascending your characters in order to increase their level cap. However, once you reach max level and ascension, the next step is to unlock and upgrade their talents, special passive bonuses unique to each class that, when enhanced, unleash the real potential of any given character.

Empire & Puzzles Emblem Guide - Everything to Know About the Different Emblem Items

While Leveling up and Ascending heroes is important, unlocking Class Talents is basically the endgame in Empires & Puzzles, especially since the currency required for the process, Class Emblems, is some of the most difficult to obtain. 

In this guide, we’ll be giving a brief overview with everything you need to know about Class Talents and Class Emblems, so that you know exactly how to proceed once you max out your characters’ levels and ascensions.

Class Talents and Their Importance

Class Talents are passive skills that become available only after a character has reached max level and their special skill has been maxed. When these conditions are met, both the “Level Up” and “Ascend” buttons are replaced by a single “Talent Grid” button, which gives you access to a list of talents unique to the character’s class.

Empire & Puzzles Emblem Guide - Everything to Know About the Different Emblem Items

These class talents are mostly passive bonuses that increase a hero’s stats far beyond what they would get from simply reaching max level. However, each class has a single important talent that can give them an edge in combat. These bonuses include the following:

  • Barbarian: Has a 60% chance per basic attack to inflict a stacking debuff that deals an additional 60% of the damage done. The debuff stacks and lasts 5 turns.
  • Cleric: Has a 7% chance to resist effects that would block skill use or negatively impact mana generation.
  • Druid: 3% per damage taken to summon a minion at the end of the turn.
  • Fighter: 6% chance of reviving upon death. Activates at the end of the turn.
  • Monk: Gives a 6% chance to resist ailments.
  • Paladin: Has a 3% chance whenever damage is taken to receive a 25% damage reduction buff for 2 turns. The effect activates at the end of the turn.
  • Ranger: Has a 5% chance to bypass enemy defenses when attacking.
  • Rogue: Has a 4% to completely avoid taking damage from enemy special skills.
  • Sorcerer: Has a 3% chance whenever the unit deals damage to reduce the enemy’s mana generation by 50% for 2 turns. 
  • Wizard: Has a 5% chance to deal additional damage to the enemy equal to an extra 15% per each buff active on the target.

Obtaining Emblems

The number of required emblems varies according to both the talent node you want to unlock, as well as the rarity of your hero, with the most expensive talents belonging to the 5-star units, while the cheapest belong to their 1-star counterparts.

Empire & Puzzles Emblem Guide - Everything to Know About the Different Emblem Items

To obtain Emblems, players will need to farm special game modes and features, including Titan battles. Other sources also include war rewards, class quests, and weekly raid challenges. Additionally, Emblems can also be obtained as VIP rewards. It goes without saying that each class requires its own type of Emblem. For instance, to upgrade a Barbarian’s talents, you’d need Barbarian Class Emblems.