The cool thing about gacha games like Empires & Puzzles is that, even when you have the meta figured out, there will always be new changes, adjustments, and additions in subsequent patches, which effectively prompt us to rediscover the game and figure out how the meta changes. For the theorycrafters among us, these changes provide us with an endless source of entertainment as we check out the new heroes and features, and find out how they mesh with the ongoing meta.

Empires & Puzzles Senan Guide - Everything to Know About This Awesome Slayer Hero

Senan is one of the strongest heroes to grace the roster in Empires & Puzzles, and with his introduction back in 2021, the team gave us a real keeper, considering that, with the right setup, he can absolutely destroy most enemies with his direct damage. Moreover, whoever survives his initial onslaught will have to deal with his minions, which continue dealing damage and absorbing healing for several extra turns. This combination of skills makes Senan great for most formations, though he shines when paired with the right troops and ally units.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about Senan in Empires & Puzzles.

Senan Skills and Stats

Senan is a 5-star legendary Dark Sorcerer hero, which means that he’ll do most of his damage with his special skill, as opposed to basic attacks. He belongs to the Slayer family, which means that he gains additional attack, defense, and health per each different member of this family currently on the team. However, it’s his combination of skills, talents, and passives that makes this character shine brightest on the field.

Senan’s special skill is called Curse of the Specter and is absolutely devastating, causing the following effects:

  1. Deals damage to all enemies.
  2. Summons a specter ally for every enemy, which deals additional damage every turn.
  3. Each specter absorbs healing that the unit it’s attached to would receive. Furthermore, whenever a specter absorbs HP totalling 30% of the attached unit’s max HP, the specter will be removed.
  4. Senan gains +5% mana regeneration. This effect stacks up to 10 times.
  5. Senan gains 20 HP each turn. This effect stacks up to 10 times, with each skill use granting 2 stacks.

Empires & Puzzles Senan Guide - Everything to Know About This Awesome Slayer Hero

Like all the other Slayer heroes, Senan’s skill charges slowly, taking 11 tiles. However, by activating the Slayer family bonus, this period can be reduced significantly, making Senan much deadlier. In other words, Senan’s fourth and fifth skill effect applies to any other Slayer in the team, and theirs, in turn, also apply to Senan. This application happens 50% of the time with one Slayer hero in the team; 75% of the time with two Slayers, and 100% of the time when three Slayers are on the team. 

When Senan reaches 10 stacks of his mana generation passive, he effectively goes from slow charge speed, to fast, making him much deadlier in combat.

Last but not least, Senan also has some very powerful passives and talents. Specifically, the former gives him a 50% reduction to damage received by status ailments, while the latter causes him to decrease the mana generation of enemies by 50% for 2 turns, with a 15% chance to activate every time he deals damage.

With this knowledge in mind, we can safely say that Senan is definitely worth leveling up and adding to your team. And once you manage to pair him with two other Slayers, you’ll be able to draw out his maximum potential on the battlefield.