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Epic Seven on PC: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

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Like every gacha game, there’s a chance you’ll get a bunch of random heroes in your first Epic Seven playthrough. Maybe it’s just us, but, more often than not, we get stuck with some of the worse units in the meta. The BlueStacks Multi-Instance feature we mentioned in our setup guide can help tip the scales in our favor. We can’t guarantee that re-rolling will immediately yield better summons, but they’ll definitely be faster when you can do 2, 3, or more accounts at the same time. Once you do get rolling, though, which heroes should you keep?

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

After our guide to the best Epic Seven heroes for PvE, we’d now like to focus on the units that can help you come out on top in challenges against other players. We know that a significant percentage of RPG players prefer battling each other over completing PvE content, which is why great summons can go a long way.

The Best Tanks in PvP

You might think that fighting other players in the Arena is just a matter of control and damage, but being able to withstand what the other compositions throw at you is sometimes the only way to win, especially for F2P players. There’s also the possibility that you get matched up against a composition with higher CR, case in which you won’t have much of a choice.

Ruele of Light (Healer/Cleanser/Tank). The third skill of this Soul Weaver, Light Ascending, revives one dead unit, gives them full health, as well as immunity for one turn. You would not believe how much sustain you can get solely out of that. What’s worse (for your opponent) is that she can take a beating.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

Crimson Armin (Tank/Immunity). It’s hard to argue with her Shield of Holy Spirit, especially when it gives all of your party immunity for two turns and invincibility for another one. Furthermore, his second skill is a passive that greatly reduces the crit damage on your allies. If you want to use AoE cleave OTKs (hint: Ludwig) you’ll need Crimson Armin for the set-up.

Ken (Defense Breaker/Single-Target DPS/Tank). This Fire Warrior’s third ability, Phoenix Flurry, stuns any opposing character for one turn and halves their attack power for two. He might have a slower start, but the debuffs are more useful than you think. Just try him out as your designated tank and you won’t regret it.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

Indispensable Healers and (de)Buffers

Utility is what these characters bring to the table. Most of them improve your own line-up while also countering your adversary’s strategy.

Sage Baal & Sezan (Debuffer/Dispel). Definitely one of the weirdest Epic Seven, this Light Mage can put your opponents to sleep for several turns. The latter CC is dispelled on attack and it lowers your target’s Crit Resistance by no less than 100%, so you can chain your abilities in such a way to OTK strong opponents.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

Dizzy (Debuffer). It may be ironic that this pacifist half-Gear Mage is a great addition to a PvP composition, but it’s nonetheless true. With the right artefacts, you can start your turn with her Emotional Gamma Ray and then extend the duration of the debuffs (-50% attack, -30% speed, and -50% hit chance) by one additional turn with the help of the Gamma Ray. She’s really annoying if you happen to go against her.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

Diene (Healer/Buffer/Cleanser). Diene also appears in our PvE guide. Her fast AoE dispel, barrier, and boosts to your team’s attack and critical defense are a great deal any day of the week. She really shines when you can get a Wonderous Potion Vial on her to prevent turn 1 CCs.

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Dauntless Damage Dealers

No PvP line-up would be complete without some heavy damage dealers. They’re the ones tasked with ending the combat as fast as possible, so you have to make sure you choose the best possible characters you can.

Arbiter Vildred (Debuffer/AoE DPS). We know what you’re thinking: Why would you pick Arbiter over Regular Vildred when the latter has better overall DPS? Well, it’s simple. His Dark Contract passive prevents him from dying once every 5 turns and there’s no type weakness. You know the fight is over when he gets to cast his third skill, Dark Blade. You’d rather have him on your side, that’s for sure.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

Silver Blade Aramintha (AoE DPS/Debuffer). You can try not to like this Light Mage, but it’s impossible. Her burning DoTs from Flame Friction and the Flame Release passive are too good to pass up on. If that wasn’t enough, wait until she drops a Meteor Fall on the entire enemy squad, stunning them for a full turn and also burning them for another two. She works best when paired with Hurado or Baal.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

Martial Artist Ken (Single-Target DPS/Defense Breaker/Tank). Last, but definitely not the least from our DPS list is MA Ken. Many PvP veterans believe he’s one of the meta defining characters both on offense and on defense, which means you’ll want to have him either way. Give him some lifesteal and his Dragon Flame passive will most likely ensure he never dies – unless, of course, there’s something that can 1-shot him or you’re extremely unlucky with the retaliation. In our experience, though, he’ll carry you like a champ.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvP Heroes

These are some of the best PvP characters in Epic Seven. They’re not the only ones, by any means, but they always appear in the compositions of those players that consistently snatch the top spots on the leaderboards. Whatever you do, just make sure they somehow fit in your team and you’ll soon be on your way to dominating all your opponents. If you’re also playing Epic Seven on BlueStacks, we’d love to hear more about your favorite squads and most annoying line-ups you’ve had to face. We know we’ve had our fill of Lunas, Kayrons, and Dienes.

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