In a previous article, we mentioned that Epic Seven allows you to preview the skills of any hero currently in the game, whether you have them or not, as well as browse other peoples’ opinion about them. However, if you’re really looking to establish which ones are the best characters to clear PvE content, you might want to do a bit more digging.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvE Heroes

Fortunately, we did the tedious job of researching endless skills, comparisons, and fact sheets so that you can get a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t. In some instances, veteran players disagree with the rating of several units. Still, even if there are divergences of opinions, the differences are so slight that it’s not really worth arguing over.

Naturally, the list is constantly evolving, but, right now, these are the units that dominate the meta.

Brief Dictionary of Terminology

Before we take a loot at the best supports, damage dealers, and tanks, let’s briefly go over the terminology we’ll be using to describe the characters. You might already be familiar with some of the terms.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvE Heroes

Tank – a unit meant to protect your party from incoming damage. The wall that keeps you alive.

Buffer – a character who will provide your team with good buffs, such as status effects or attribute increase.

Debuffer – the one who uses their power to apply negative effects to enemy units. Don’t underestimate them.

Immunity – this is a unique type of character who is capable of granting one or more of your team members immunity to enemy debuffs.

Skill Delay – these characters are adept at increasing the cooldown of your opponent, thereby rendering them weaker over time and giving you more chances of beating them.

Dispel – units who can remove your enemy’s good buffs.

CR Pusher – the awesome unit who increases your own combat readiness.

Cleanser – the one who get your party rid of nasty debuffs.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvE Heroes

You’ll notice that this classification does not include any of the game’s native roles, namely Mage, Knight, Warrior, Thief, Soul Weaver or Ranger. We see the latter more in the lines of role-play descriptors, rather than actual roles. The terms used by the community help us describe heroes better from the perspective of team composition.

Best Buffers and Healers

Diene (Healer/Buffer/Cleanser). Don’t be fooled by her being a pious nun. She is considered the very best buffer you can get in Epic Seven right now. Aside from giving everyone on your team a buff to their attack, as well as to their critical damage resistance, she has an immensely useful AoE cleanse and barrier in the form of Blessings of the Goddess. Many consider she’s better than Tamma because of her increased morale.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvE Heroes

Tamarinne (Buffer/Healer/Support). This Fire Soul Weaver will enchant your ears and your party with her melodies. Unlike Diene, Tamarinne has outstanding CR and attack boosting capabilities by means of her Song of the Forest ability. She’s roughly on par with the former, but her advantage is that she has better burst healing. If you really want to crush through content, you can use her alongside Diene.

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Angelica (Tank/Immunity/Healer). If you’re looking for the best healer in the current Epic Seven meta, you found her. She is a High Priestess of the Holy Order of the Blue Cross, after all. Whether you’re doing Raid, Abyss, or Wyvern 11, her 100% immunity from Guide of the Goddess and reliable healing from her other two abilities make her an indispensable part of your PvE lineup. If you don’t have a better unit, she can easily stand in as a tank.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvE Heroes

Angelic Montmorancy (Immunity/Healer). Although not as impactful as the former three, Monty is a great healer and immunity provider. She’s also the living proof that you don’t need a composition stacked with 4- and 5-star units to dominate the meta. Her first ability, Sleep Sorcery, has a 25% chance of CCing your enemy for one turn. It might not seem like much, but it can make a significant difference in W11, so don’t let her get away.

Magnificent DPS and Towering Tanks

Bellona (DPS/Defense Breaker). If you’re looking for somebody to speed run you through Abyss, she’s definitely it. The strength of her Windbreak Fan increases proportionately to your enemy’s maximum health, making it possible for you to cheese a lot of tough situations. High critical damage, defense break, and good speed are great bonuses to an already outstanding character. Talk about overpowered DPS units! We just hope she won’t have nerfs coming her way any time soon.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvE Heroes

Luna (Defense Breaker/Single-Target DPS). Slightly under Bellona in terms of overall DPS performance is this half-dragon, half-human knight. With a bit of stats from your gear, you can easily get her to crit at least 1/3 of times. Because of her defense break, she’s one of the top Wyvern killers, so much so that you’ll easily 3-man W10 and/or 11 with her in your line-up. Her Ragnar Spear ability pretty much ensures your opponent’s defense is broken roughly 2 out of 4 turns.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvE Heroes

Falconer Kluri (Tank/Defense Breaker/Support). This woodland Knight is an outstanding character despite being only three stars. She offers your team a lot of utility, since she can also CR support, heal a bit, dispel, and tank with the best of them. Really, we don’t even know what to say anymore. With her 100% taunt, you’ll be able to cheese some of those legendary difficulty Abyss levels, like 58, 62, 72, or (everybody’s favorite) 73. Just pick her and all your worries will fly away with Fluri, her falcon.

Challenger Dominiel (Single-Target DPS/CR Pusher). This Dark mage has a special place in our hearts. Once you get to know her, you’ll very much feel the same because she owns the best burst damage set-up in the game. It’s not even a contest. Just try her out on some Hell phases on bosses and you’ll see what we mean.

Epic Seven: Guide to the Best PvE Heroes

Epic Seven is Better with BlueStacks

If you’re not playing Epic Seven on BlueStacks, you should probably give it a second thought. The Keymapping Tool can be really useful throughout fast-paced encounters, whereas the Multi-Instance feature will help you get through those re-rolls as fast as possible. Why wait for one account to load for 10 minutes when you can do three in the same amount of time?

So far, these are some of the best characters we’ve encountered in Epic Seven. But they are, by no means, the only outstanding units out there. Come to mention it, don’t be afraid to drop us a comment and share your most OP characters and setups.

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