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Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

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Christmas is always a fun time for everyone. The gift of friends, family and, of course, presents, is commonplace in many places of the world in this season. Evidently, this means that our favorite mobile games can’t fall behind as devs also implement many fun events and activities for the holidays. Case in point, Epic Seven is bringing back the awesome Christmas event from last year and sprucing it up with many new missions and content, as well as many significant rewards.

Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

Last year, when Epic Seven celebrated its first Christmas, they hosted an event called “A Small Miracle.” This event included an alternate storyline involving our main protagonist, Ras, and his trusty guardian Arky. While we won’t go into details about the storyline here since we don’t want to spoil it, we can say that this event offers many missions as well as unique rewards that you wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. Furthermore, by participating, you can also score valuable loot that, while not exclusive to the Christmas event, would be quite tough to acquire normally.

However, making the best out of the Epic Seven Christmas event takes a bit of know-how as there are a few secret missions that can grant even better rewards than the standard story. To this end, we have created a short guide where you can discover how to approach these seasonal events.

Maximizing Your Rewards

Before we talk about the events per se, we need to discuss how to maximize your rewards from completing the stages in the side mission. During the Christmas event, you will be able to receive several instances of a Heroic Artifact called “Card of Small Miracles,” which is exclusive to this game mode. This artifact increases the attack and defense of the character that carries it equipped. This bonus, however, is secondary to the artifact’s true purpose: When playing in the event, the amount of currency that you’ll receive after completing a mission increases according to the boost level of the artifact you have equipped.

Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

While the boost that this artifact provides is quite small at first (15% increase), you can greatly improve it by enhancing it to the max level. In contrast with last year’s event, where you could increase the bonus by equipping several instances of the artifact, the effects don’t stack this time around. However, to compensate for this change, the devs greatly increased the boost to the currency received from equipping the artifact, from a maximum of 20% to 50% when the artifact is +11 or higher.

Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

Now, leveling an artifact to +11 will take a bit of effort, but it’s definitely worth it considering the items that you can purchase with Red Socks and Bakery Coupons, which are the two types of currency used in this event.

A Small Miracle

This is the main Christmas event in Epic Seven, which includes an entire map full of missions and rewards. Just like the normal adventure mode, the event is played through several missions that involve eliminating special monsters and bosses, all of which drop loot both seasonal and standard. It’s worth mentioning that these stages reward you with catalysts that you can use to upgrade your characters. However, while most of these catalysts can be easily farmed in the standard adventure mode, you have higher odds of scoring rare loot in these missions.

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Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

Regardless of the drops, every single stage you complete here will reward you with either Red Socks, or Bakery Coupons, both of which are used in the shop to purchase some very, very amazing items. The Red Socks are the most common currency and are used for purchasing mostly ingredients, catalysts, gold, and a couple of pieces of equipment. Meanwhile, the Bakery Coupons are used mostly for purchasing equipment, the aforementioned Card of Small Miracles, up to 15 Covenant Bookmarks, and other useful goodies. It’s worth mentioning that you can even purchase Giga-Phantasma with Bakery Coupons, a beast that, while weak, can greatly increase the experience received at the end of every level, making it an ideal character for power-leveling your weakest heroes.

Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

And speaking of experience, aside from awesome catalysts, gear, currency, and other loot, the missions in the Epic Seven Christmas event also give a significant amount of experience. You can easily get over 9,000 XP on some stages by maximizing your results with the Giga-Phantasma in your team.

Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

Project Santa

This is another part of the Christmas Event in Epic Seven, which doesn’t really involve combat at all. Operation Santa is more of a social event through which you can send and receive gifts, and get rewarded when the event ends according to the number of gifts you sent and received.

Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

However, before you can send a gift, you must first farm them by completing daily missions. Luckily, odds are that since you should always complete your daily missions, you should already be receiving plenty of gifts for this event. You can only exchange gifts with the people in your friend list, so you better start adding players if you want to maximize your rewards from this event.

In short, Project Santa doesn’t really require much effort nor going out of your way, compared to “A Small Miracle,” at least. However, its rewards are definitely worth working for as you can get up to 10 Covenant Bookmarks, among other useful items through this event.

Epic Seven on PC 2019 Christmas Event Guide

And that’s all there is to the Epic Seven Christmas Event. “A Small Miracle” will definitely require some grinding and farming, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Have you already scored some sweet loot from this year’s events? Let us know in the comments below!

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