Epic Seven, the popular free-to-play turn-based RPG by Smilegate continues to push updates and more content with its scheduled bi-weekly update live streams on their official YouTube channel hosted by community managers Mashuu and Nue. These live streams give all players a list of things to look forward to, like the new events coming, new content updates, and the various new heroes introduced to the game. Players can also get free currencies in the form of Leifs and gold just by filling out surveys shared during the live streams.

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

This Patch preview Livestream was a major one with huge announcements and content reveal. The live stream was anticipated by fans and players to reveal the hyped collaboration with the popular anime IP “Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World” and they weren’t let down as the reveal finally did happen. 3 New Heroes from the collaboration franchise – Rem, Ram, and Emilia are coming to join the heroes in Epic Seven starting from 5th August 2021 and continuing till 19th August 2021. This 2-week collaboration will have a special collaboration check-in event as well as the limited collaboration summoning banners for heroes Emilia and Rem along with their artifacts Guardian Ice Crystal and Azure Comet. A new special Re: Zero themed side story will also run alongside a special puzzle mission event for the 2 weeks. Let’s get into the details shared by Smilegate.

New Heroes Rem, Emilia, and Ram

The new collaboration heroes with Re: Zero were finally revealed to be Rem, Ram, and Emilia from the main cast in the anime. Rem and Emilia will be available to summon along with their 5-Star artifacts Guardian Ice Crystal and Azure Comet from 5th August 2021 till 19th August 2021. Players can guarantee to summon them on their 120th summon on each banner as pity in Epic Seven stands at 120 summons. Rem and her 5-Star artifact Severed Horn Wand will be available to all players in the special check-in event as well as by completing different stages in the side story and exchanging event currency for multiple copies of them.

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

Emilia is a 5-Star Ice elemental unit that is classified as a Soul Weaver in-game. She has a great skill set which allows her to protect all allies by removing debuffs and providing barriers as well as support them by increasing attack and combat readiness. Her 1st skill Huma is a single target damaging skill that heals the ally with the lowest current HP and the amount she heals by depends on her MAX HP. Her 2nd skill Spirit’s Blessing is a combat readiness booster that also provides an Attack buff. This skill increases an ally’s combat readiness by 40% and herself by 25% while also cleansing 2 debuffs from the ally and providing them an Attack Buff for 2 turns. Her 3rd skill Divine Protection of the Great Spirit is an AOE spell that dispels 2 debuffs from all allies, heals them, and provides a Barrier buff for 2 turns. The healing amount and barrier amount depends on her MAX HP.

Her skills are as follows: –

Huma – Attacks the enemy with ice, before recovering the Health of the ally with the lowest Health. Amount recovered increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

Spirit’s Blessing – Grants a blessing to an ally except for the caster, dispelling two debuffs and increasing Attack for 2 turns before increasing Combat Readiness by 40%. Increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 25%.

Divine Protection of the Great Spirit – Uses spiritual arts to dispel two debuffs from all allies, before recovering Health and granting a barrier for 2 turns. Amount recovered and barrier strength increases proportionally to the caster’s max Health.

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

Rem is a 5-Star Ice elemental unit that is classified as a Warrior type unit in-game. She is a versatile unit and her kit is very flexible. She can dish out tons of damage depending on the build and area you want to use her in. With Rem, her special mechanic Demon Mode is the key to unlocking her actual capabilities. Her 1st ability Leave It To Me is a single target hard-hitting damaging skill which has a 35% chance to inflict a decreased defense debuff for 2 turns. This skill hits another time when Rem is granted Demon Mode and uses this skill. Her 2nd skill A Maid’s Pride is her passive and states that whenever an ally dies Rem can activate Demon Mode which enhances her other abilities and also cleanses all debuffs from her. This Demon Mode has a 5 turn cooldown. This passive also states that Rem has an in-built 15% rate to counterattack when an ally is attacked. 

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

She counterattacks with Iron Strike which is an AOE damaging skill that reduces buff duration on enemies by 1 turn as well inflicts an Unhealable debuff for 1 turn. This Iron Strike skill takes priority over her basic skills when she counters enemies. Her 3rd ability I Will Punish You! is an AOE damaging skill where she increases her Attack and dishes out damage to all enemies inflicting decreased Hit Chance debuff for 2 turns and boosting her combat readiness by 50% after the skill is over.

Her skills are as follows: –

Leave It To Me.Attacks the enemy with a morning star, with a 35% change to decrease Defense for 2 turns. When the caster is granted Demon Mode, grants the caster an extra attack with this skill.

A Maid’s PrideWhen somebody dies, dispels all debuffs from the caster and grants Demon Mode for 2 turns. Can only be activated once every 5 turns. When an ally except for the caster is attacked, has a 15% chance to counterattack with Iron Strike. Iron Strike takes priority over a counterattack with a basic skill. 

Iron Strike: Attacks all enemies, decreasing buff durations[/orange] by [orange]1 turn[/orange] and making them [red]unhealable for 1 turn.

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

I Will Punish You!Increases Attack of the caster for 3 turns, before leaping up to attack all enemies and decreases Hit Chance for 2 turns, before increasing Combat Readiness of the caster by 50%.

Ram is a 5-Star Earth elemental hero classified as a Mage-type unit in-game. She is an excellent DPS hero for different PvE content like Expeditions and Hunts. She is a free unit that can be max imprinted by just farming the event and logging in during the collaboration period. Her 1st skill How Boring is a single target damaging skill that has a 60% chance to inflict a Decrease Attack debuff for 2 turns. The effect chance increases when this hero is buffed while using this skill. Her 2nd skill What Are You Looking At? is her passive ability which states that her Attack is increased by 30% as well any combat readiness reduction abilities used on her will be negated by 80%. Her 3rd skill El Fura is a single target damaging burst ability which inflicts a decreased defense debuff on the target for 2 turns and gives herself a greater attack buff for 2 turns.

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

How Boring. – Attacks the enemy with wind, with a 60% chance to decrease Attack for 1 turn. When the caster is buffed, the effect chance increases by 25%.

What Are You Looking At? – Increases Attack by 30%. Reduces the effect of decreased Combat Readiness debuffs inflicted on the caster by 80%.

El Fura – Attacks the enemy with a gust of wind, decreasing Defense for 2 turns and grants increased Attack (Greater) to the caster for 2 turns.

August 2021 Drop Rate-UP Banners

  • Rem with Azure Comet (Limited Summon Banner 5/8/2021 – 19/8/2021)
  • Emilia with Guardian Ice Crystal (Limited Summon Banner 5/8/2021 – 19/8/2021)
  • Luluca with Spirit’s Breath (Normal Summon Banner 5/8/2021 – 12/8/2021)

Re: Zero Side Story and Puzzle Mission Event

A brand new side story for the collaboration with Re: Zero is scheduled to start on 5th August after maintenance and lasts till 19th August 2021 till the end of the collaboration. Players who have cleared Chapter 2-10 in Episode 1 are eligible to participate in the side story. The side story description reads the following: “Emilia, Ram, and Rem arrived in the world of Epic Seven on Orbis through a Chaos Gate!  A brand-new collaboration between Epic Seven & Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Collaboration  will take place over two weeks for all Heirs!”

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

The side story is a 12 stage side story where players can earn different currencies like covenant bookmarks, sky stones, phantasms, charms, penguins, and gold by farming and 3-starring these chapters. Players can also get extra commodities and rewards by completing the various reputation missions and story missions. These missions also give an extra copy of Ram and her Artifact Severed Horn Wand so make sure to complete them. The event currency for this side story is called “Aqua Crystals’ ‘ which can be farmed by farming the boss stage multiple times. This currency can be exchanged for valuable items in the Event Exchange Shop for different items like 3 copies of Ram and 3 copies of the artifact Severed Horn Wand. Players can also exchange them for precious rewards like MolaGora, Phantasms, Penguins, Covenant Bookmarks, Event Level 78 Items, etc. 

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

During this side story, if players use either of the heroes – Rem, Ram, Emilia, Ras, Iseria, Mercedes, and Adventurer Ras then their stats will be increased in the following manner: Attack and Health increased by 30% and Level 60 Max Awakened. Players can also get bonus event currency when clearing stages with heroes equipped with the following artifacts – Guardian Ice Crystal, Azure Comet, and Severed Horn Wand.

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

Side Story – Flowers of Fortune

This side story is a puzzle mission event where players unlock the puzzle picture by taking several missions that are divided into shapes of puzzle pieces. Clearing these missions will give players the designated rewards as well as unlock puzzle stories. The rewards are generous and contain the likes of – Rem, Severed Horn Wand, Level 78 Items, MolaGora, Covenant Bookmarks, Epic Grade Charms, and more. The missions can be changed for free up to 10 times if you do not like the mission you got. This is an easy and generous event that can be completed easily in the timeframe of 2 weeks.

Re: Zero Collaboration Special Check-In Event

A new special Check-In event for the collaboration has started which lasts for 7 days total. During the event, players can log in simultaneously to receive an extra 50 energy as a reward each day after the 1st. Players can log in anytime between 5th August till 19th August 2021. Here are the different rewards: –

Day 1 – 1,000,000 Gold (Required Rank – 1)

Day 2 – Covenant Bookmarks x20 (Required Rank – 4)

Day 3 – Terra Phantasma x1 (Required Rank – 8)

Day 4 – Catalyst Bundle Chest (Required Rank – 12)

Day 5 – MolaGora x2 (Required Rank – 16)

Day 6 – 5-Star Artifact Severed Horn Wand (Required Rank – 20)

Day 7 – 5-Star Unit Ram (Required Rank – 24)

Epic Seven - Rem, Emilia, and Ram are Coming with RE: Zero Collaboration

That is it for all news regarding the Epic Seven X Re: Zero Collaboration update. Players can feel free to read the official patch notes to get a better understanding of the content coming. We highly recommend playing Epic Seven on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.