Having a strong military presence in Epic War: Thrones is one of the most important things to have in the game. While the game starts out very slow at the beginning, this is in no way an indication that the game doesn’t end up being bloody later on. The reason why no one does anything at the early stages of the game is that everyone is on an arms race, building really strong armies that they’ll use to start conquering the important objectives in the game as soon as possible.

How to Build a Strong Military in Epic War: Thrones

We mentioned in our Economy Guide that players should prioritize developing their economy first but that doesn’t mean they should totally ignore the construction of a strong military. This is also because having a good military also contributes to the economy so they go hand-in-hand. It’s time to learn the importance of constructing your own army and becoming a strong military force in the game. Once you’ve established a strong military, you can defend your base from potential invaders.

Building a Legion

The game initially gives you one legion which you can increase by upgrading your Barracks. Each legion can fit 2 generals which can be increased to 3 when you upgrade your Academy. The generals can initially hold 500 troops and will increase by 100 every time they level up and an additional 200 whenever you upgrade the Leading tech after your Palace reaches level 7. Using this knowledge, the obvious tip is to increase the number of troops your legion can command to make it stronger.

How to Build a Strong Military in Epic War: Thrones

Building your legion also requires you to choose which generals you want to have. Generals have different specializations and skills which we’ll explain later but the important thing to note is that they need to be diversified. Once you’ve built your legion, the next thing to do is start leveling them up by sending them on training missions or occupying tiles. Unfortunately, doing tasks and gathering resources do not provide any experience so they’re not good ways to do so.

The Generals

Generals are the heart of the legion. Choosing which generals to place in your army is the most important part of building your legion because it heavily affects how strong your legion will be. Generals command a specific type of troops which are the cavalry, spearmen, swordsmen, and archers. Once your general reaches level 30, it can choose between promoting the troop it commands between two types. This means that your army becomes even stronger with the upgrades of the general.

How to Build a Strong Military in Epic War: Thrones

Generals have a token value, which is used to limit which generals you can place together in one legion. The rarer and stronger generals often have high token values so it’s harder to place them together in one legion. Finally, your generals learn specific types of skills. Some skills are only useful in the Battle game mode but the secondary abilities provide a boost to your legion. By activating these skills, it will provide your army with an offensive bonus that can make your troops act more efficiently.

Upgrading Your Generals

Now that you know what generals do, it’s time to learn how to upgrade them and increase their potential in combat. The most common upgrade that they become stronger is by leveling up, which is done when they gain experience from combat actions such as training or occupying tiles. The next way to upgrade your generals is by promoting them, which is done by sacrificing a duplicate copy of that unit to increase their star level. Units can be recruited in the Summon tab.

How to Build a Strong Military in Epic War: Thrones

Every time your general levels up by 10 or is promoted by 1 star, they gain 10 stat points that can be allotted to their attributes. It’s a good idea to check the recommended attributes tab to learn how veteran players are building this general. It’s better to stack all points on 1 attribute than evenly distribute it. Additionally, players can sacrifice their generals to unlock a new skill, which they can use rather than the default set of abilities that is limited to 4 per unit type in the game.


Formation is something that is often overlooked in Epic War: Thrones. When a fight is evenly matched, you might notice that you lose more often than you get a draw or victory. This is because your army is either getting stomped by the opponent or you don’t have enough time to finish off their army. The reason for the latter is that your troops are either too slow to move into position or can’t get a clear route to attack the enemies, which is often remedied by changing formations.

How to Build a Strong Military in Epic War: Thrones

When choosing which formation to use, it’s important to look at which unit types you have in your army. For example, a pure melee type composition would benefit best from a wing formation while a ranged army will benefit best from a square formation. This depends entirely on how you can make your units have a clear shot of the enemy or move quickly into position without running into each other or falling face flat into the enemy’s trap.

Military Conquests

At this point, you know everything there is to building your legions. Now, it’s time to learn how to use them and it’s actually pretty simple. Attack enemies that have half the number of troops that you have. Otherwise, it might end up being too costly to continue especially if you don’t have the means to instantly refresh your reserves to fend off a potential counter-attack. Also, if an enemy is from a strong alliance, don’t attack them no matter how weak they are because their allies might retaliate in full force.

How to Build a Strong Military in Epic War: Thrones

A good military conquest to undertake is stealing territory tiles. This tactic isn’t necessarily meant to increase your own economy but to starve the enemy by reducing the number of resources they produce before you attack them so that they can’t replenish their reserves. Remember that battles aren’t always won by going head-to-head against their armies.