Evony: The King’s Return allows players to experience a thorough military and kingdom stylized gameplay, well-equipped with all features an old age empire would have access to. Players can compete with other players in a multiplayer map spanning thousands of miles. In this guide, you can learn how to prepare your armies for the worst situations possible and some tips on how you can enhance your military power.

Exploring the World Map of Evony: The King’s Return

The game boasts a wide map, harboring spectacular locations within which your armies can march in. Much like you envision a great empire of your own, so do other players. It’s imperative to study the importance of the map and its vital locations. Empires ruled by other players make up the majority of the map. Observe how a blue dome protects all of the other empires, including your own. 

The base is currently required to be under mandatory protection, as indicated by this blue dome. More precisely, these empires are protected from three days of play, which begins as soon as an account is created and lasts for three days. You can explore other people’s bases and eventually attack them to seize their resources and utilize them to develop your own city after the Beginner Protection period ends.

Evony: The King's Return Combat Guide – The Best Ways to Prepare your Army

The City of Throne lies exactly at the middle of the map, and is often considered the hub of the entire world. Overall, you will find more pockets of land than water in the map of Evony: The King’s Return. City of Throne serves as a building of its own that can be taken in control by Alliances (groups of empires). Once your Alliance captures this building, other Alliances will get a notification and they can challenge the throne. If your Alliance successfully defends against the challenges for 5 hours, then the Alliance leader will be crowned as King of the Throne. 

Some other notable locations include the Harvest Temple, the building that serves during Server War. All players on the server will be allowed to claim treasures close to the temple and will receive a 20% production output boost if your server wins the war and the enemy server occupies the temple for fewer than six hours. However, your production output will drop by 20% if your server loses. The duration of these incentives and penalties is 48 hours.

Army Deployment on the Map

Your army will be your biggest resource on the map. You can command them to reach anywhere on the map, provided you have unlocked that part of it. Naturally, the longer the distance, the longer it will take for your army to reach the location. Vice versa, it will also take them the same amount of time to return to the Kingdom. You can use marching speedups to shorten the marching time by the minute (at the expense of gems) in order to relieve these extended wait times. You can also appoint a general whose abilities can slow down the troops’ pace of advance.

Evony: The King's Return Combat Guide – The Best Ways to Prepare your Army

You will find a ton of enemies to fight on the map. Each of them are assigned a level number, denoting their strength. The higher or lower the number, the stronger or weaker they are. You can march your troops against them in a fiery combat round that will reward you with tons of resources if won. If you lose, all of the military troops will be lost. 

The game does a great job at signalling whether you can defeat the enemy or not, based on the overall combat power. Keep in mind, attacking costs 6 stamina against regular mobs. If you fight a Boss on the map, it will cost you more stamina and resources but the reward distribution will also be increased greatly. 

Occupy the Resource Areas on the Map

The map houses multiple resource-rich buildings that are free to be occupied. You can send your soldiers to occupy them once you beat the NPC guarding them. Every structure is associated with a specific resource. Based only on their outward appearance, buildings can be used to identify the resources they store. 

The buildings with the gray, rocky hillside are quarries that store stone; the lodge next to the numerous logs stores timber; the field with the big windmill is farms that store food; and finally, the dark purple stone quarries represent iron mines.

Evony: The King's Return Combat Guide – The Best Ways to Prepare your Army

Once your troops occupy the building, they will continue to harvest resources until the loading capacity is at maximum. Much like enemies, the resource buildings are also marked with levels. The higher the level, the more resources the building produces. Keep in mind, not all resource buildings will be vacant or NPC occupied. Some will be occupied by enemy players as well. You will need to defeat their troops in order to establish control over the building.

Playing Evony: The King’s Return on a bigger screen without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay is highly recommended.