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Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

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It seems that gacha RPGs that feature stellar visual designs and great production value are not in short supply nowadays, with games like Hero Cantare With WEBTOON setting the bar for what mobile games can achieve, and now Exos Heroes with its amazing presentation and story-driven gameplay. In many ways, this is good since, in a sea of lackluster and mediocre titles looking to make a quick buck, there are still developers out there who care greatly about the quality of their products and go to great lengths to ensure that they’re offering the best of the best.

Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

Simply put, Exos Heroes is the closest that you’ll get to a PC or console RPG while playing on your phone. The sheer amount of production value that went into the visuals and music alone are staggering, and the result is a gacha RPG that looks and plays amazing. Furthermore, its combat system, while simple to understand, is also very engaging and features quite a few intricacies that, unlike most mobile games, makes it more than just a mindless clickfest or button mash. Exos Heroes is a game that you’ll actually want to play instead of actively relying on the auto-combat systems.

Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

But don’t just take our word for it; let’s explore some of the most important parts of this gacha RPG and see how it stands out among the rest. And while we’re at it, let’s also give a few beginner tips and tricks for those who are just getting started in Exos Heroes.

Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

1. An Intricate Turn-Based Combat System

At its core, the combat system in this RPG features many elements similar to many other games on the market such as its turn-based combat. However, this is where the similarities end as there are quite a few other features in place that make Exos Heroes stand out.

2. The Mana System

First and foremost, we need to address the mana system. Like in most RPGs, your characters in Exos can gather mana to unleash powerful attacks and spells. However, the methods through which they accumulate this resource varies according to their types and elements. In its most basic aspect, heroes are divided into Attack, Chaos, Defense, and Support types. The first two generate a single point of mana every time they attack and enemy, while the latter two generate mana when they are attacked in combat.

Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

This is pretty straightforward, but its something you need to keep in mind always as many of these skills are strong and can turn the tide of battle, and thusly, you’ll want to do everything in your power to accumulate mana. However, once you upgrade a hero to 5*, you will have other methods through which you can generate more mana, which varies according to the hero’s elemental type.

There are six different elements in Exos Heroes, and they each generate mana in the following manners:

  • Fire: An extra mana point is generated when the hero lands a critical hit.
  • Frost: The character generates a mana point after a successful block.
  • Nature: If the hero has <30% at the start of their turn, they will generate one mana point.
  • Machine: If the hero has >80% HP at the start of their turn, they will generate one mana point.
  • Light: The hero always starts with at least 1 mana point if all allies are alive.
  • Darkness: The hero generates one mana point per every defeated ally on their squad at the beginning of their turn.

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Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

3. Guardian Stones and Weakness Systems

One other important part about the combat in Exos Heroes is the Guardian Stone system.

Every character has a set of Guardian Stones corresponding to any of the elements we mentioned above. If an attacking character unleashes an elemental attack that is the same as the defender’s Guardian Stones, one of these stones will be destroyed and removed. When a character loses their last Guardian Stone, they will be stunned for a whopping 7 turns, receive extra damage from final attacks, and suffer additional negative effects depending on the element that triggered the “Break” status.

Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

Depending on the type of element that triggered the break, these are the different effects that you can trigger on the enemy:

  • Fire: All subsequent attacks on the enemy become critical hits.
  • Frost: All damage will ignore armor while the enemy is stunned.
  • Nature: The target receives periodic damage on each turn that they’re stunned. The damage scales with their maximum HP.
  • Machine: The enemy will remain in “Break” status for 5 additional turns.
  • Light: Those who attack the target with “Break” will recover HP equal to 30% of the damage dealt.
  • Darkness: Attackers generate 1 extra mana when attacking the target with “Break”.

Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

As you can see, taking advantage of the Break status is paramount for winning some of the toughest battles in Exos Heroes. This is, essentially, the game’s unique version of an elemental weakness system.

However, the Guardian Stones of every tough enemy are always hidden to you the first time you fight them. In this sense, you will need to try attacking him with different elemental types until you manage to trigger the Break status, and then go berserk on him when he’s stunned. Moreover, you need to carefully consider the order in which you break the Guardian Stones as the effect of the Break status will vary according to the element with which you triggered it.

There’s quite a lot to consider when it comes to the combat in Exos Heroes. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to quickly become acquainted with the mana and Break systems in order to defeat some of the toughest bosses in the game. Luckily, this is something that you can learn by playing the game for a bit and paying attention to the different combat effects, as well as by checking the skills that are available to your characters.

Beginner’s Guide to the Combat in Exos Heroes

However, these are the two most important systems that Exos Heroes has to offer, which contribute to making the combat feel quite intricate and strategic. Luckily, with this guide, you have all you need in order to get started in this gacha RPG.

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