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Exos Heroes – How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

There are many different resources that you’ll need to farm in Exos Heroes, all of which are necessary for, in many ways, unlocking new characters and powering up your team. Most of these resources are easily obtainable through simple means such as completing daily quests and participating in regular story missions and combat. However, others require a little more work to farm and are particularly useful since you’ll need them for further strengthening your characters in the endgame. After all, even if you have the best characters in Exos Heroes, you won’t stand a chance against the tougher opponents if you don’t upgrade them.

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

Since there are so many different resources in this game, we wanted to make a list of the most important materials and currencies that you can farm in Exos Heroes. Furthermore, we will also give a few tips and tricks on how to farm the said resources so that you spend more time grinding, and less on wondering what to do next.

The Different Types of Resources in Exos Heroes

While there are many items in Exos Heroes that could technically count as resources, these are too many to list in one article. Instead, there are some currencies that are exceedingly important and used in many different crucial aspects of the game. Some of these items include the following:

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

1. Gold

The standard and the most common currency in the game, present in most gacha RPGs. In Exos Heroes, it’s used for purchasing some of the most basic upgrades including enhancement, blessing, and transcending your characters.

2. Xes

While not technically a premium currency per se, it’s less common than gold and infinitely more useful. Xes is required mostly for summoning new characters and for crafting gear in the Airship Forge.

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

3. Crystals

This is the true premium currency in Exos Heroes, which is obtained exclusively through recharging by using real money. They can be used for purchasing many things on the Store, usually awesome packages that can give you a boost.

4. Levistones

A common currency that is generated automatically in time. It’s used for Explorations, as well as for accessing Yupir’s Labyrinth.

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

5. Powder of Light

A common currency used in the Exchange Shop on your Airship. You can trade it for valuable goods.

6. Heroic Token

Like Powders of Light, this currency is used in the Exchange Shop.

7. Solarseal

A special type of currency that is used both in the Exchange Shop to trade for goods, as well as in the Door to Creation to pay for recipes and crafts.

8. Exodium

Similar to Solarseals, this material is quite important and used in recipes in the Door to Creation feature.

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

Farming Materials in Exos Heroes

While there are many more types of materials and currencies in Exos Heroes than the ones mentioned above, those are some of the most important ones of the lot, used in common features such as crafting, summoning, and upgrading. However, despite their usefulness, some of these materials are more difficult to farm than the others.

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

For instance, gold is the most common currency and, consequently, is the easiest to farm. It can be obtained from most battles and game modes, though it can also be farmed from the Ancient Gold Mine feature. Xes, on the other hand, is more difficult to obtain as it requires completing specific daily and weekly missions, achievements, and participating in events. Other resources such as Levistones regenerate automatically with time, though you can also farm them from completing missions and achievements.

On the other hand, Powders of Light and Heroic Tokens require a more direct approach as they are farmed mostly from disassembling stuff. To farm each of these, you must disassemble gear and characters, respectively.

Both Solarseals and Exodium are obtained from Explorations and from completing certain achievements. In fact, finishing your achievements and challenges in your journal is a great way for farming additional materials; you should always aim to complete them ASAP.

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

Regardless of the type of resource you’re looking to farm, Explorations are a great source of materials and currencies. After you’ve finished your monthly run of Yupir’s Labyrinth (or daily in Subjugation), you should always use your excess Levistones on Explorations. This brings us to our next point.

Going on Explorations With BlueStacks

More often than not during your downtime in this game, you’ll be spending a lot of time in Explorations grinding for resources. In fact, if you have any surplus Levistones in your reserves, this is exactly what you should be doing, other than your monthly Yupir’s Labyrinth run. Explorations yield many different and useful materials, though they take quite a lot of time to complete, especially since they’re meant to serve as farming methods for when you’re offline.

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

Regardless, while offline farming via Smart Exploration is better than doing nothing, you’re limited to the “Easy” difficulty when using this method, severely restricting the quality of the loot you can receive while offline. For this reason, it’s crucial that you spend the most amount of time in Explorations by doing them online.

Luckily, this is something you can easily achieve with BlueStacks since you can simply have your characters explore the world while leaving the emulator minimized or in the background. Furthermore, since most of the random battles that you encounter during Explorations consist of enemies without Guardian Stones, which means they can’t be Broken, you really have no need to control your characters manually. In this sense, you can activate auto-battle and boost automation even further. With BlueStacks, you can simply leave your characters exploring for a few hours and come back to tons of high-quality loot.

Meanwhile, if you attempt this on your phone, you would have to forfeit the use of your device for other things such as texting or making phone calls since closing the app would mean interrupting your Exploration. We think that the solution here is pretty evident!

Exos Heroes - How to Farm The Different Resources and Currencies

And that’s all you need to know about farming in Exos Heroes. To sum it all up: remember to always complete your dailies and weeklies, as well as your allowances for the different game modes as they become available to you. Lastly, whenever you’re not doing anything, or want to log off, remember to leave your characters farming via Smart Exploration.

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