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Exos Heroes – How to Upgrade and Power Up Your Heroes

One of the most notorious aspects of gacha games is their summoning systems. Even far after you’ve already finished the events of the main story, you’ll still be doing your daily quests, completing challenges, and participating in events in order to farm resources. These resources, in turn, are used for summoning the best characters that will give you an edge over other players. You see, even though you really don’t need the best heroes for completing the story, you will definitely need to bring your best characters if you’re going to engage in PvP.

Exos Heroes - How to Upgrade and Power Up Your Heroes

However, even after hours of rerolling in Exos Heroes and (hopefully) unlocking the best characters in the game, this won’t be the magic ticket that will win the game automatically for you. Even with a team of rare characters, you will still need to upgrade them significantly before they’re able to tap into their full potential.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the different methods through which you can upgrade your characters in Exos Heroes, as well as where to find some of the most basic materials that you’ll need for this purpose:

Why Should I Upgrade?

Simply put, the more upgraded your heroes are, the stronger they’ll be—this is pretty much obvious. However, beyond increasing stats and making your heroes hit harder with every blow, there are many other benefits for upgrading your characters in Exos Heroes. Specifically, as you increase their star level, they will gain access to new skills that can radically improve the effectiveness of certain characters in combat. At 2*, a hero will unlock their first active skill; at 3*, they will unlock their second skill, and at 4*, they will unlock their passive skill.

Exos Heroes - How to Upgrade and Power Up Your Heroes

Moreover, while increasing a character’s level is one of the most straightforward ways of boosting their power, there are a few factors that restrict the potential benefits you can receive from this method.

For instance, the main limitation on your character’s max level is their star level. Basically, your character can increase 15 levels per star rank. In this sense, a 1-star hero can only upgrade up to level 15, whereas a 5-star hero can reach up to level 75 naturally. This isn’t to say that you’ll want to use 1-star heroes in your team, ever—you’re better off leaving the slot empty if that’s the case. However, it’s important to consider your character’s star rank before increasing their level.

Regardless, for many reasons other than simply increasing their stats, you should definitely consider upgrading your best characters in Exos Heroes.

Leveling Up

As we’ve been mentioning, increasing a character’s level is the most direct way of improving their performance in battle. You can level up your character through two main methods:

Exos Heroes - How to Upgrade and Power Up Your Heroes

The first is simply by taking them on battles. After you complete every fight, your characters will gain some experience. The second, and most common method, is by using Experience Scrolls, which are items that grant a set amount of experience when used in the Manage Heroes menu. The amount of experience that each scroll grants varies according to its quality. However, some of these scrolls actually have an element attached to them that, when used on a hero of a similar element, grant an additional 30% experience.

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You can receive many Experience Scrolls early on from the experience dungeon (Sanctum of Experience) once you unlock it. Meanwhile, you can also get a good chunk of regular experience from exploration.

Enhancing Heroes

While you can only level up your characters up to a certain point, you can still continue to increase their stats a bit further through enhancing them.

Exos Heroes - How to Upgrade and Power Up Your Heroes

This process involves sacrificing heroes of certain star levels in order to give your character an extra level’s worth of enhancement. For every successful enhance, your character will gain an additional level of power, even though their base level remains unchanged. This is represented in your character’s information by listing their enhancement level beside their base level. For instance, a 3* star Zeon at the max level, with maximum enhancements, will have a level of 45+15.

You can only enhance a character 5 times per star level. Moreover, the process has a chance to fail if you use heroes of a lower star level as sacrifices. Luckily, for every failed attempt, you will receive a slight % bonus on the next upgrade attempt. This means that you can brute force your enhancements by using lots of trash 1* and 2* heroes, without having to burn your useful 3* and 4* characters. However, upon reaching 5* you can only use heroes of 2* and above as sacrifices. Moreover, 6* heroes requires sacrifices of 3* and above for enhancement.


Once a hero has reached it’s maximum natural level, you must increase their star level in order to level them further. This is achieved through the Blessings function, which uses gold and blessing materials to upgrade a character to the next star level. The process is pretty much straightforward; just select the character that you want to bless, the materials required for the process, and confirm your selection. Any given hero can be upgraded up to a maximum of 6*.

Exos Heroes - How to Upgrade and Power Up Your Heroes

The tough part here is acquiring the materials necessary for Blessings such as powders, vestiges, fragments, crystals, and essences. You can receive most of these materials by disassembling gear pieces.


Last but not least, the last method through which you can upgrade a character past its maximum natural level is by Transcending them. This process requires lots of gold, as well as multiple copies of the same hero with the same star level. For instance, transcending a 3* Zeon will require another 3* Zeon as payment. Any given character can be transcended up to 5 times, with each successful transcendence increasing their maximum level by 2.

Exos Heroes - How to Upgrade and Power Up Your Heroes

These are the four main methods through which you will upgrade your characters in Exos Heroes, not including the different perks you can receive from equipping powerful gear. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the section below!

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