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Exos Heroes – Combat Tips for Winning Every Battle

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Combat in gacha games is frequently hit-or-miss, with systems that can sometimes feel shallow and encourage players to use the auto-combat system. However, in some cases, there are combat systems with many interesting mechanics and underlying systems that make every battle feel quite refreshing and entertaining. Exos Heroes falls into the latter category as its combat system is quite intricate and engaging.

Exos Heroes - Combat Tips for Winning Every Battle

We’ve already talked about the combat in Exos Heroes in length in our beginner’s guide, so we suggest checking it out if you’re new. This time around, we wanted to share several tips and tricks that you can keep in mind in order to win all your battles in this gacha game.

1. Abuse the “Break” Mechanic as Much as Possible

Exos Heroes has an interesting take on the classic elemental weakness system that is prevalent in other similar gacha RPGs, called “Break”. This method consists of attacking the opponent with elements similar to that of their Guardian Stones in order to shatter them. Once all their stones are destroyed, they will enter the Break status and will be stunned for at least 7 turns and suffer additional effects corresponding to the type of element that triggered the break.

Exos Heroes - Combat Tips for Winning Every Battle

These effects are the following:

  • Fire: All subsequent attacks on the enemy become critical hits.
  • Frost: All damage will ignore armor while the enemy is stunned.
  • Nature: The target receives periodic damage on each turn that they’re stunned. The damage scales with their maximum HP.
  • Machine: The enemy will remain in “Break” status for 5 additional turns.
  • Light: Those who attack the target with “Break” will recover HP equal to 30% of the damage dealt.
  • Darkness: Attackers generate 1 extra mana when attacking the target with “Break”.

However, additional effects aside, the important part about Break is the stun through which you can score several free hits on the enemy. However, despite what it may appear initially, this stun effect doesn’t last for 7 actual enemy turns, but it counts down for every single action you (or any other enemy) perform. It’s important to keep this in mind because, if you’re a beginner like us, you will notice that these stuns don’t last quite as long as they initially appear to.

Because of this reason, it’s important to capitalize on the Break status as much as you can by focusing on the stunned enemies and defeating them before they’re able to recover. In most cases, it’s important to whittle down enemies one by one in order to reduce the damage you take, before switching targets and focusing on the next opponent. After all, a dead enemy can’t fight back.

Exos Heroes - Combat Tips for Winning Every Battle

However, if you’re absolutely backed up against a corner while fighting a tough enemy, a good strategy could be to Break the boss to stun him for a few turns and give you enough time to focus on his minions. For this purpose, it’d be better to Break the boss, if possible, with a Machine-type attack since the stun will last for 12 turns instead of the usual 7.

2. Keep a Varied Party Composition

Since the Break system is such an important part of combat in Exos Heroes, you will want to exploit it as much as possible in any situation. For this reason, it’s important to keep a varied party composition that will allow you to trigger Break on most enemies by being able to target their elemental weaknesses. In this sense, try not to have any duplicate elements in your lineup so that you may target the most elemental weaknesses as possible.

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Exos Heroes - Combat Tips for Winning Every Battle

Moreover, it’s also important to maintain variety in your roles to diversify your mana generation. For instance, while your Attack characters gain mana by attacking, they don’t generate MP when being attacked as Defense heroes do. To optimize your MP production, try to keep a varied party, with at least Attack and Defense characters, at all times.

3. Try To Complete the Additional Mission Objectives for Extra Rewards

Every battle in Exos Heroes has a series of side objectives that you can complete in order to score some extra loot at the end. These objectives are varied and often consist of fulfilling special conditions in combat. Some of these include Breaking an enemy, using certain types of attacks, or other similar challenges. Luckily, completing these objectives is usually quite simple, and the rewards are well worth the effort.

Exos Heroes - Combat Tips for Winning Every Battle

4. Block Enemies From Generating Mana

Enemies in Exos Heroes generate mana in the same way as your characters do: Chaotic and Attack enemies generate mana with every successful hit, while Defense and Support enemies gain this resource whenever they take damage. You can use this information to your advantage by minimizing the amount of MP that your enemies can generate, and consequently blocking them from being able to use their special skills.

If you’re up against a mixed composition of enemies, featuring Attack, Defense, and Support characters, you might want to focus on their attackers first, Breaking them and defeating them while stunned, while leaving the others for later. By focusing on the Attack enemies, you will defeat them before they’re able to generate mana.

Exos Heroes - Combat Tips for Winning Every Battle

Meanwhile, if you focus on the Defense enemies first, you’re essentially giving them the resources they need to destroy you since they will gain mana for every time you hit them. Moreover, the Support enemies can keep the tanks alive for long enough for them to get out of Break, and which can then subsequently proceed to punish you with their bottomless reserves of mana.

In order of importance, you might want to focus on the following enemies:

Attack and Chaotic > Support > Defense

This will ensure that the important enemies won’t generate enough mana to defeat you, allowing you to essentially control the tide of battle.

5. For the Tougher Enemies, Don’t Use Auto-Battle

This pretty much applies to any other game with automated combat features, but the auto-battle system in Exos Heroes is not very smart. Sure, it might help you to cut through waves of minions without much effort, but it definitely works against you when fighting bosses since the AI doesn’t know the correct moments for using certain attacks and abilities. Even against regular minions, the auto-battle system can waste your time since the AI will use skills with lengthy animations against enemies that could’ve been defeated with basic attacks.

Exos Heroes - Combat Tips for Winning Every Battle

In most cases, using the auto-battle system in Exos Heroes2 will get you killed 9 times out of 10, at least when fighting bosses. For this reason, we always recommend turning it off and assuming manual control.

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