The most important thing that players need to do when they play Family Island — Farming game on PC is leveling up. Every time a player levels up, they unlock new features and structures so that they can explore the world of Family Island — Farming game a bit more and be able to do more things while developing and expanding their home island. Gathering experience is a difficult task, especially since the game uses an energy system that limits the number of things that a player can do whenever they play. 

Leveling up is a steady process that players can simply achieve by playing the game at the pace they want. However, there are players who are trying to get to a certain point in the game quickly and they need to gain as much experience as possible in a short amount of time. We have a Beginner’s Guide showcasing the basic goals that players need to achieve in the game. In this guide, we’ll be showing the fastest ways players can get experience and level up quickly using all the sources where players can get XP.

Fastest Way to Level Up in Family Island — Farming game

Gathering Resource

Gathering resources is undoubtedly the fastest way to get experience in the game and is what players need to do if they’re trying to get hundreds of XP points. Gathering involves harvesting raw materials around the different islands by clicking on collectible materials such as trees, bushes, and rocks. These items give a good amount of experience and are guaranteed to give you a few levels if you manage to clear out an island by collecting all the resources available in that area.

Fastest Way to Level Up in Family Island — Farming game

Gathering resources has two problems. The first problem is that it requires energy to complete but luckily, Family Island — Farming game is very generous in giving players energy points by giving it providing different ways to acquire it. The second problem is storage. Players can still gather resources and claim the experience even if they have full storage but it’s a complete waste of resources. It’s smart not to waste resources by not collecting them because you’ll simply regret that decision in the mid to late stages of the game.

Component Production

Production of components and finished products also yield experience but they’re not as big a source as gathering resources around the island. Although despite it not being the best source of experience, it’s definitely the most reliable source of experience in the game because it doesn’t limit the player since there are different ways to produce different items in Family Island — Farming game. Also, the experience scales really well as the player levels up and will be much more relevant once you reach the higher levels.

Fastest Way to Level Up in Family Island — Farming game

More complex items that require more materials and components tend to give out more experience as compared to items that only use raw materials. If you’re planning on the mass production of items just to farm experience, we recommend manufacturing high-level items instead since those will provide more experience. However, if you have time and are actively playing the game, manufacturing short-timer items can also be beneficial in farming experience but you’ll need to actively collect and renew production.

Island Hopping

Island hopping is directly related to gathering resources. As you may already notice if you’ve been playing the game for a few days, there are only a set number of resources you can collect inside your island. This means that you’ll eventually run out of resources to collect unless you unlock a new area in your home island which requires you to level up. This will prove to be a huge hurdle, especially if the player is in need of raw materials to manufacture the items they need.

Fastest Way to Level Up in Family Island — Farming game

Luckily, the game also features additional islands that the player can unlock when they reach certain levels. These additional islands act like an adventure mode that the family can visit and collect raw materials from whenever they want. Players can’t exactly relocate or construct main structures on these islands so the purpose is purely for the player to gather resources. Since the player can unlock multiple islands, it ensures that they can gather a good amount of resources and experience at the same time.


Questing is another source of experience in the game but this might not be the most popular way to farm it. Questing is pretty much something that people don’t really actively do in the middle parts of the game but it’s really nice whenever they do get to complete their tasks. Unfortunately for players, questing isn’t easy to do so it’s simply not a reliable way to gather a big amount of experience to level up it’s better to do the other tasks instead if you’re in need of leveling up quickly.

Fastest Way to Level Up in Family Island — Farming game

Fortunately for players, the process of completing a quest, in itself, is already giving them a ton of experience. Completing a quest might require gathering resources, producing items, or constructing a specific building so the player is already getting experience just by trying to do all these tasks. In a way, the experience of completing a certain quest is simply a bonus that’s very nice to have. Just do quests at your own pace and don’t try to rush questing as it can prove to be stressful later on.

Building Construction

Constructing and upgrading buildings in Family Island — Farming game give a huge amount of experience that gives players a great way to level up quickly. There are many buildings in the game and even though construction is locked behind a certain level requirement, upgrading your current buildings is still possible. We always recommend that you upgrade your buildings to the highest level to increase your production efficiency so getting experience is just a bonus that’s nice to have.

Fastest Way to Level Up in Family Island — Farming game

A little-known fact is that some decorations also provide experience when you construct them. Not all decorations give the player experience, even those that are purchased using rubies. Most decorations that have a functional role in the story usually yield experience points so you can count out plants as being a good source of levels.