Have more time to play Family Island — Farming game on PC now that you’ve progressed a little bit in the game? Let’s try to look at ways you can manage your island better by doing a few simple tasks so that you’ll have an easier time playing the game. Learning how to manage the island gives players a great way to maximize their time and resources in progressing through the different stages of the game. It’s good that players understand this early on so that they can maximize this strategy.

Family Island — Farming game will quickly add so many features once you get past the tutorial phase and it can get really overwhelming to manage all these features at the same time. For a lot of players, they end up getting bored because the game becomes extremely demanding that they believe it’s not worth investing all that time and effort into playing the game. However, with a little adjustment in playing habits, it’s easy to make the game more interesting and you’ll never get bored when you play.

How to Manage Your Island Properly in Family Island — Farming game

Managing Space

Managing space is the most important thing that players need to do in Family Island — Farming game. This means that the player needs to manage how they distribute their structures across the island and clear out the debris so that they can fit more stuff inside their property. The biggest mistake that players often make that cause them to get uninterested in the game is randomly placing all their structures on the island without thinking about it since it feels like an unnecessary thing to do with their time.

How to Manage Your Island Properly in Family Island — Farming game

Being able to maximize space and minimize the distance of relevant structures from each other can really improve the overall experience when playing the game. We’ll discuss how you should rearrange your structures across the island a little later in this article but the important point we’re trying to make is to be aware of the space you have on your island. A good way to start that is to clear out all the bushes, trees, weeds, and rocks around the central part of the island so that you can start managing your island properly.

Rearrange Your Buildings

Now that you’ve made space around the island, it’s time to rearrange your buildings. It might not feel like a relevant thing to do but it can really help out in making the game feel more manageable and less like a chore. Placing similar buildings with related tasks together can make it easier to do chain production since you’ll spend less time finding where a specific building is located. It also gives your island a more systematic feel that eliminates the feeling of trying to do so many different things at the same time.

How to Manage Your Island Properly in Family Island — Farming game

Make sure to place buildings that work together near each other and make space in between your other structures so that it becomes easier to locate specific buildings visually. Clumping all your structures together can also be a bad thing because it can be hard to distinguish individual structures if their models are interlinked. You can rearrange your buildings to be aesthetically pleasing, which is a nice touch because it makes your island feel more rewarding since you see that its appearance is getting better as you progress.

Apply Decorations

Applying decorations may not seem like an important part of managing your island but you’ll be surprised at how beautifying your property can actually make the player feel more motivated to do tasks as compared to a dull-looking island that makes it feel like a complete chore to do stuff that you don’t want to do. Being able to buy more decorations is a great incentive for all types of players, even those that don’t necessarily make it their goal to build the most aesthetically pleasing island on the server.

How to Manage Your Island Properly in Family Island — Farming game

Decorations are available at certain levels with some items only purchasable using premium currency. If you’re looking on trying to get more island experience, check out our Leveling Guide to speed up your XP gain on Family Island — Farming game. Players who are not keen on spending their rubies on decorations can still acquire a good number of cosmetic items that are enough to brighten up the island and make it more manageable to attend to your tasks. We don’t really recommend using your rubies to buy decorations since there are other relevant ways to spend them but if you don’t mind sacrificing utility for aesthetics, then it’s definitely worth using them for whatever you want to do.

Upgrade Your Storage

The worst part about managing your island is running out of storage space. Storage is an important part of the game because you only have a limited number of slots to collect items in the game and the player will have to upgrade their different storage facilities to increase that number so that they can carry more resources in the future. As the number of buildings and variety of manufactured products increases, it becomes increasingly harder to play with a lower capacity in your inventory.

How to Manage Your Island Properly in Family Island — Farming game

Upgrading your storage facilities should always be your priority. Whenever an upgrade is available, make sure that you make it your goal to manufacture the resources needed to increase the level of your storage facility. If you find yourself not having enough space, you can donate your resources on the merchant ship to free up some space but you should never let it come to that point because it becomes frustrating to play the game with an overflowing inventory.

Keep the Island Busy!

Keeping the island busy is the final way to properly manage your property in this game. Keeping the island busy means making sure that all of your production buildings are manufacturing something at all times. It’s generally good to log in every hour and spend about 1-3 minutes managing all your production buildings by collecting completed items and starting production on new products.

How to Manage Your Island Properly in Family Island — Farming game

It can feel like a chore to continuously repeat these tasks over and over again that’s why it’s also a good idea to download this game on BlueStacks so that you can take advantage of features like the Macro Manager that gives players the option to create an auto-play feature that does all these tasks for them in Family Island — Farming game.