Having a tough time learning how to play Family Island — Farming game on PC with everything that the game expects from you? There are ways to make the experience a lot easier by having some great tips and tricks up your sleeves when the game tries to throw different challenges in your direction. We’ve asked a lot of game veterans what they think new players need to look out for when they first start playing the game and here are some nice points that will definitely help you get the best possible start in the game.

Family Island — Farming game is a management-based life simulator where the player is tasked with helping a family build a prosperous life on a deserted island. There will be tons of choices thrown your way and making the right decisions can definitely feel rewarding. We want to give players a general idea of what they should do right to set them towards a successful endgame where they can do all of the tasks that they want to do without feeling like the game is overwhelming them with impossible tasks.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Family Island — Farming game

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Rubies

Rubies are the premium currency in Family Island — Farming game that players can purchase using real money but the game also gives these out for free whenever they level up or complete a special mission. Rubies can be used to buy almost anything in the game including the ability to skip the wait for products to finish manufacturing. It is an extremely useful resource but if you’re a non-premium user, you might feel like the amount you have is so scarce that you might not feel like spending it on anything unless you’re really sure.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Family Island — Farming game

There are many good ways to use your rubies if you’re aiming for functionality and utility. Our suggestion is to use it to buy missing components for items that you need to produce. It might not be worth using your rubies to skip the timers unless it’s extremely important that you can’t wait. People who are playing casually can choose to use their rubies to purchase decorations, the importance of which was discussed in our Island Management Guide.

Always Prepare Food!

Energy is probably the most important resource in Family Island — Farming game because it allows the player to do all the tasks they need to accomplish while they’re playing the game. Even though the game provides many ways to acquire energy for free and the refresh rate not being too long, it’s still nice to have ways to immediately have energy available at a moment’s notice. The best way to refill your energy without using rubies is to prepare food on the dining table so that you can have a lot of energy instantly.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Family Island — Farming game

Food in the game can be produced at the campfire where the player will be cooking crops or products from animals. Once the food is cooked, the player can opt to place it on the dining table. Placing food on the dining table doesn’t instantly convert it into energy so the player can essentially store up to four plates of food at any time. Players can then consume the food to instantly get energy, the amount of which depends on what type of dish is being served at the table.

Fill Up the Merchant Ship

The Merchant Ship is a central part of the gameplay in Family Island — Farming game. The ship comes along every few hours with the player being able to sell their products in exchange for valuable rewards that the player will really appreciate moving forward. During the early stages of your island’s development, every resource is precious so it’s understandable if you’re not donating all the items you need to upgrade the island but once you reach the later stages of the game, you will want to interact with the Merchant Ship a lot more.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Family Island — Farming game

Players should always have an excess of items in their storage by continuously manufacturing items even though they are not currently in need of those products at the moment. This allows the player to trade those items once the ship arrives. Remember that there are many items that players can’t do outside of being rewarded for shipment such as Golden Keys. Try to get the highest possible reward and don’t skip on items that you don’t currently have since it’ll make it harder to complete the order.

Don’t Max Out Your Storage

Maxing out your storage is a common beginner mistake because it’s difficult to manage your inventory when the game doesn’t exactly give you a reliable way to see how many items you currently have. The reason it’s bad to max out your storage is that it limits the moves you can do since it doesn’t allow you to collect items that you’ve finished producing or gather any more raw materials to start production on another building. The player will have to get rid of the items they currently have to freely move again when this happens.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Family Island — Farming game

Players should always leave 10 slots in their inventory at all times because this gives them the freedom to move around and collect all the items they need. We recommend upgrading your storage facilities so that the player has more options to collect more materials. A great tip is that the player shouldn’t go too crazy when gathering raw materials around the island because those can quickly overfill your storage. The leftover items that you can’t collect also becomes completely wasted.

Visit the Other Islands

Visiting other islands is a great way to collect resources in the game. Players can unlock new islands whenever they level up and the family can explore those to collect resources and discover precious treasures that they can use to upgrade the home island. Special islands are also added to the game during events for a limited amount of time. It’s a good idea to explore these islands and collect everything that they have to offer.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Family Island — Farming game

You can visit as many islands as you want and you’ll eventually reach the point where the home island is exhausted of its natural resources. Go to other islands to get more wood, twigs, and other materials that you might probably need for production purposes.