Fantastic Beasts’ Legend lets you journey into a brand new world with tons of different creatures to discover and capture, as well as countless levels and battles to beat. This new game combines idle RPG mechanics with creature collector elements to create a lighthearted and casual gameplay experience, where players can meet a wide variety of powerful beasts, and also set them to fight and farm for resources, which in turn can be used for upgrading their skills and unlocking even more units.

The Best Fantastic Beasts’ Legend Tips, Tricks, and Strategies For Beginners

As a gacha RPG, you’ve probably seen most of what this game has to offer already, at least if you’ve played other titles in the same genre. Nevertheless, Fantastic Beasts’ Creatures offers its own unique roster of unlockable creatures, each with their own skills, passives, and active abilities, which they’ll be using in order to defeat anyone that stands in their way.

Despite its relatively straightforward gameplay design, consisting mostly of farming resources automatically, and battling through levels that also have auto-combat, there are a few things that you should know if you’re just starting out in Fantastic Beasts’ Legend. 

With that being said, here are a few of the best tips and tricks for this gacha RPG to know as a beginner.

Play on PC With BlueStacks to Enjoy Many Benefits

While not exactly a gameplay tip, this is a very important pointer that can save you tons of trouble in the long run. Specifically, and despite being readily available to enjoy it on your phone, you can play Fantastic Beasts’ Legend on PC with BlueStacks to enjoy a wide plethora of benefits and improvements over the mobile version.

The Best Fantastic Beasts’ Legend Tips, Tricks, and Strategies For Beginners

Among some of the most important of these benefits is the ability to play on your large PC monitor, which will let you appreciate all the game’s visual details in all their full HD splendor, not to mention that games on PC often run much better than on mobile devices, particularly if you have a budget phone. Furthermore, another awesome aspect that BlueStacks offers is the Keymapping Tool, which lets you play the game with mouse and keyboard shortcuts, and will be a godsend when constantly traversing through the game’s many different menus.

The Best Fantastic Beasts’ Legend Tips, Tricks, and Strategies For Beginners

Other BlueStacks tools that will be at your disposal when playing on our Android app player are the Instance Manager, which will be very useful for rerolling, as well as the Macro Recorder, through which you can just about fully automate your progression in this game. Proper use of these features will basically let you minimize BlueStacks to the background while the game plays itself, with almost no monitoring required. 

Focus on the Main Story Missions 

Though you might not believe it from looking at it, Fantastic Beasts’ Legend actually has a story with an extensive narrative, though it’s by far the least engaging aspect of the game. Regardless, the story missions and main campaign is one of the most important things you should focus on in the beginning, particularly since it gives you tons of rewards, including jade, the game’s premium currency that you can use to perform summonings and unlock more beasts for your squad.

The Best Fantastic Beasts’ Legend Tips, Tricks, and Strategies For Beginners

If anything, the main campaign also gives you a semblance of progression, since the game gets progressively more difficult as you advance. On the flipside, the rewards you get from AFK farming also increase according to your current progress through the story missions, which brings us to our next point:

Remember To Claim Your AFK Rewards Daily

One cool aspect of Fantastic Beasts’ Legend is that, as an idle game, your beasts are always in the wild hunting prey and gathering resources, even while you’re offline. This basically means that, despite being able to farm and grind for resources manually by completing challenges and missions, your units are always farming materials on their own, which lets you stay competitive even if you don’t have much time to play.

You can find these AFK rewards in the main menu screen, where your beasts are running around hunting. By clicking on the pile of treasures, you can claim your rewards at any moment. Just keep in mind that these prizes cap out at 12 hours, which means that you must remember to claim them once or twice a day to avoid overlapping, since your team stops farming when your loot pile is full.

The Best Fantastic Beasts’ Legend Tips, Tricks, and Strategies For Beginners

The reason why these rewards are important is that they not only give jade (if you purchase the growth fund package), but they also give valuable upgrade materials for your beasts, which will help you to progressively upgrade your units without having to play for long sessions every day.

Upgrade and Equip Your Beasts to Progress Much Faster

Even though many players try to reroll to unlock the best units in Fantastic Beasts’ Legend from the very beginning, this is far from being the only thing necessary to create powerful teams. In other words, even the best units are utterly powerless until you upgrade and equip them with appropriate gear, which is another important aspect in this game.

You can upgrade your units through the Beasts menu. By using gold and spiritual stones, you can increase a beasts’ level and stats. Furthermore, once the beast in question reaches the current level cap, you can then use more spiritual stones along with vitality elixirs to make the breakthrough, further increasing their stats and level cap, allowing them to reach further heights of potential.

The Best Fantastic Beasts’ Legend Tips, Tricks, and Strategies For Beginners

Aside from upgrading beasts, you can also equip them with a variety of gear that you receive from auto-farming and from completing stages and missions. These pieces of equipment can really make the difference later on, though at the beginning, you can simply use the “Quick Equip” button to automatically outfit your units with the best gear currently available.

Fantastic Beasts’ Legend is a very simple game, designed to be played in short sessions of a few minutes at a time. Despite its casual design, however, you can progress smoothly and quickly with the beginner tips in this guide. 

Feel free to share your own tips in the comments below!