Farmville 3 is Zynga’s newest installment in the popular farming simulator franchise, this time featuring a distinct focus on livestock and animals. And while you’ll get to enjoy much of the same activities like growing crops, expanding your farm, and raising animals, the emphasis this time is on the latter, as most of the progress is achieved by feeding, breeding, and nurturing your animals. And as such, there are quite a lot of different species and breeds you can find in this game, which we’re sure all the animal lovers out there will enjoy profoundly.

With that being said, here are a few tips and tricks for Farmville 3, which will hopefully help you to get started on the right foot.

Remember to Claim Discovery Rewards When Unlocking New Breeds

The best way to progress in Farmville 3 is, evidently, by leveling up. Every time you increase in level, you will unlock new things, as well as get access to more features and receive awesome rewards. 

Farmville 3: Animals Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Farm on the Right Track

The only way to level up in this game is by acquiring XP, which is done by receiving animals and breeding them. For every time you get a new animal, a star icon will appear above its head. When you click on it, you’ll receive an amount of experience that varies depending on the type of animal, as well as on the way you received them—breeding often gives a higher XP payout than receiving animals as Order Board rewards.

However, there’s a particular exception when it comes to receiving animals and discovering new breeds: Every time you get a new animal breed on your farm, you’ll unlock a discovery reward that consists of various important items such as gems, fields, and more. You can click on any animal and then on the exclamation mark icon to claim any discovery rewards or to check the conditions required to unlock the said rewards.

Farmville 3: Animals Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Farm on the Right Track

Keep Your Fields and Feed Maker Busy

Though this game features a distinct emphasis on livestock and animals this time around, you’ll still need to tend to your fields every so often. This is because most of the foodstuffs and products with which you feed your animals come from your fields, so you always need to sow plants, harvest them, and then turn them into animal feed using your feed Maker.

However, food isn’t produced automatically in Farmville 3—you need to always keep your feed maker stocked and produce feed in order to have enough for all your animals. 

Farmville 3: Animals Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Farm on the Right Track

Farmville 3: Animals Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Farm on the Right Track

Depending on the type of feed, you’ll need a variety of different resources. And as you level up, you’ll gain access to different varieties of animal feed, which require increasingly rarer materials to produce. However, in the beginning, you should only focus on creating the habit of checking up on your Feed Maker and always keeping it busy. This will pay off in the long run, when your storage is always stocked with food and your animals are always producing goods.

Also, remember to build more Feed Makers as you unlock them throughout the game so that you can effectively multiply your production of animal feed.

Build New Fields as They Become Available to Increase Your Production

In the same vein as above, while your Feed Makers are important since they produce food for your animals, your fields are also crucial since it’s where the raw materials for the said food come from. In this sense, your production is often limited by your influx of raw goods from your fields.

Farmville 3: Animals Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Farm on the Right Track

With that being said, just like you should build new Feed Makers as they become available, you should also always build more fields as soon as you unlock them. As your farm grows, and your animal population increases, you’ll need more animal feed to keep up production. In this sense, building more Feed Makers and fields as often as possible (and always keeping them producing) is a good habit. to pick up early on.

Feed Your Animals as Often as Possible

Farmville 3 is very similar to the previous titles in the series, but at the same time it offers a different focus, this time revolving mostly around breeding and raising livestock and making items from their produce, or simply using the raw materials to complete missions. In this sense, while you’ll still have to do a bit of farming, this is mostly for creating foodstuffs for your cattle and poultry so that they can produce eggs, milk, and other materials.

Farmville 3: Animals Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Farm on the Right Track

In order to boost the productivity of your farm, you should always keep your animals fed, as this is the only way in which they will produce goods. Keep in mind, however, that you can only feed them every few minutes, though you can use gems to speed up their production timer and feed them more often. However, we really don’t recommend spending gems to accelerate production.

Farmville 3, like its predecessors, is all about patience and diligence. As long as you keep your animals fed, and your farm producing, you’ll always have enough materials to progress at a steady pace. Keep in mind that you can also play Farmville 3 on PC with BlueStacks to get the best experience with this game, including getting access to tools through which you can enhance and expedite all the farmwork.

Complete Deliveries in the Order Board to Fill the Meter

While you have free reign over what to do on your farm after completing the tutorial, the best way to actually progress in Farmville 3, at least in the beginning, is by working on the tasks on the Order Board. These missions are usually very simple and often consist of delivering products that are produced on your own farm. However, even though they might not seem very important, these tasks actually give great rewards, but only as soon as you fill the progress meter above the list.

Farmville 3: Animals Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Farm on the Right Track

By filling this meter, you’ll receive awesome rewards, aside from the standard offerings from completing the missions themselves. These rewards often include new animals for your farm, extra money, and other valuable items and goodies. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to check your Order Board to see if there are any tasks ready for completion. And if not, it’s always worth going out of your way to complete them since the prizes are usually excellent.