Despite its awesome presentation and exciting idle gameplay, Figure Fantasy is still just a gacha RPG, which means that a great part of the gameplay revolves around summoning and unlocking powerful characters to add to your team. And just like with other games in the genre, knowing which characters to pick and which to ignore is vital, since your resources are obviously better spent on the ones that will carry you through the game, as opposed to the ones that are subpar and mediocre. However, figuring these factors out as a newcomer to the game can be quite challenging, which is why we’ve decided to write this guide.

Figure Fantasy Tier List - The Best Figures in the Game

If you’re just getting started, and particularly if you’re thinking of rerolling in Figure Fantasy, then you’ll need to know which characters to aim for. To this end, we’ve decided to create this tier list with some of the best figures in the game, to give you an idea of what to look for.

The Best Vanguard Characters

Vanguards in Figure Fantasy are the main melee DPS units of the bunch, specializing in dealing lots of sustained damage to the enemy at close range. These will usually be your main damage dealers in the group, alongside Militarist units, though these last ones are more focused on burst damage. Some of the best Vanguard characters in the game include the following:

Figure Fantasy Tier List - The Best Figures in the Game

  • S Tier: Yoko Kasumi, Yuina Mizuki
  • A Tier: Alfred, Yamazaki, Zhao Yun
  • B Tier: Midori, Suzumi, Yuna

The Best Defender Characters

As their name implies, the Defender’s role is not actually to attack, but rather to keep their allies safe from harm, either by attracting and retaining the enemy’s attention, by keeping the enemy under control with crowd control effects like stuns, or via a combination of both. Due to this particularity, you usually want, at most, one Defender in your group, and use the other slots for Vanguards, Militarists, or other characters that can actually deal good damage. But with that being said, here are some of the best Defenders in Figure Fantasy:

Figure Fantasy Tier List - The Best Figures in the Game

  • S Tier: Megan, Khrusos
  • A Tier: Sanada Yukimura, Vasily, Astaroth
  • B Tier: Ricco, Yuki, Sapphire, Gweneira

The Best Militarist Characters

If Vanguards are the best melee DPS in the game, then Militarists are their ranged counterparts. However, while Vanguards specialize mostly in sustained DPS coupled with survivability, Militarists are much more about dealing burst damage and are quite fragile themselves, often requiring a Defender to step up and shield them from harm while they focus on eradicating the enemy in the field. If you’re looking for the best Militarists in Figure Fantasy, then check these characters out:

Figure Fantasy Tier List - The Best Figures in the Game

  • S Tier: Kamille, Zarola, Vazorwyn, Lu Bu
  • A Tier: Rie, Minakami, Karan
  • B Tier: Ophelia, Ryoma Kurata, Hiroshi

The Best Helper Characters

The Helpers in Figure Fantasy are some of the most mixed characters in terms of utility, with some being able to actually heal and maintain the group’s health pools, while others can excel at providing support effects through passive buffs. Some units can even do both to a degree. The general takeaway here is that Helpers can support in many ways, though you’ll almost always go for the healing variants since they’re important for keeping your team alive.

Some of the best Helper units in Figure Fantasy include the following:

Figure Fantasy Tier List - The Best Figures in the Game

  • S Tier: Zephyr, Eikzia
  • A Tier: Sakura, Mako, Zhou Yu
  • B Tier: Aoi

The Best Specialist Characters

Specialists can often get confused with Helpers in terms of role and utility, particularly since they frequently offer similar kits. However, while Helpers revolve more around healing, Specialists focus on buffs and debuffs, being able to support their allies as well as cripple the enemy team. And though they lack the damage for dealing with tough enemies, they can definitely set the field for their allies to wipe the floor with their opponents. 

If you’re looking for a good Specialist or two in Figure Fantasy, keep your eyes peeled for these characters:

Figure Fantasy Tier List - The Best Figures in the Game

  • S Tier: Harriet, Ihrendts Ember
  • A Tier: Sani, Osuke Okada
  • B Tier: Akechi Mitsuhide, Irina, Evita

And with this last tier list, we’ve covered every character category in Figure Fantasy. Keep in mind, however, that these lists obviously don’t include every single character currently in the game, nor the ones that are to come in the future. However, the intent with this list is that, by knowing what makes a character good, such as by learning about the best characters in each category, you can take this knowledge and create your own successful team compositions that will let you tackle all the tougher challenges in the game. 

Barring that, however, you can easily create a team with all the S tier figures mentioned on this list and you’ll do just fine. Unlocking them all, however, is another matter as getting good characters in Figure Fantasy is quite difficult. Luckily, you can try rerolling in Figure Fantasy to obtain a couple of good characters from the very beginning, if you’re lucky, that is. Moreover, you can play Figure Fantasy on PC with BlueStacks to not only get the best experience with the best graphics and performance but also to gain access to tools and features that could help expedite the rerolling process.

What are your favorite characters in Figure Fantasy? Leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!