The new Figure Fantasy is an awesome spin to the traditional gacha RPG formula, this time revolving around action figures that come to life and fight and farm for you. The gameplay itself is nothing new for players who have already played other idle RPGs like AFK Arena, though the presentation is quite unique, featuring amazing 3D graphics and fantastic and smooth animations, especially if you’re playing Figure Fantasy on PC with BlueStacks.

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

Despite the similarities, Figure Fantasy still has a lot of elements that make it stand among the rest, aside from the great visuals, that is. For this reason, we’ve decided to create a list of a few beginner tips and tricks that can help you to progress quickly through the story, and prevent you from running into too many walls on account of the increasing difficulty.

Some Units Perform Better in Certain Positions

As we mentioned in our beginner’s guide for Figure Fantasy, it’s important to optimize your team composition if you wish to progress through the different story missions. 

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

There are five different types of characters in Figure Fantasy, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and the capacity to perform different roles within the formation. These types include Defenders (Tanks), Vanguards (Melee DPS), Militarists (Ranged DPS), Helpers (Healers), and Specialists (Buffers and Debuffers). Ideally, your team should include at least one Tank and one Helper, and a balance between different DPS in the other slots, which will help you strike a good ratio between defense, attack, and survivability.

However, aside from your team composition, another aspect that’s important is your actual formation. That is, the formation in which you deploy your units on the field. After all, a Tank is only useful if they’re deployed in the frontline, where they can shield their allies from harm. In this sense, your formation is just as crucial as the actual units you bring along to the battle.

As a general rule of thumb, here are the most common positions for each unit type in Figure Fantasy:

  1. Tanks: Absolute frontline, as close to the enemy as possible.
  2. Vanguards: In the frontline beside the Tanks, ideally in front of another enemy melee DPS in order to block their assault and help protect the back rows.
  3. Militarists: Middle or back rows, behind the Tank and Vanguards, safe from enemy harm.
  4. Helpers: Back row where they can assist their team without the risk of getting attacked.
  5. Specialists: Varies depending on the specialists, though they usually want to stay in the back.

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

Of all of these, the Specialists are the ones that have additional considerations. This is because some of these units have skills that are more effective in certain positions. For instance, Kazue Iwata is a specialist that can attack all the enemies in the same line with her active skill, which makes her ideal for rows where there are multiple enemies—the more enemies in front of her, the more effective her skills.

Just like the Specialists, there can be units of other types that have special considerations like Iwata. For this reason, it’s also important to inspect each of your units before deciding on a formation.

Consider the Brands of Your Figures

One minor element you can also consider when building your team is the brands of your units.

Since they are action figures, the different characters that you can unlock in Figure Fantasy come in different brands. And while the distinctions between these are mostly cosmetic, in that they don’t actually have any tangible differences in the units themselves, you can trigger various team-wide bonuses by mixing and matching certain brands within your team composition. Furthermore, each brand is also strong against one, and weak against another. In this regard, this aspect functions similarly to the elemental systems in other RPGs.

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

There are five different brands in this game: LET’S RED, TENMA, GALATEA, SNOW-A, and NIGHT-9. Furthermore, their matchups work in the following manner:

  1. LET’S RED defeats TENMA
  2. TENMA defeats GALATEA
  3. GALATEA defeats LET’S RED
  4. NIGHT-9 and SNOW-A are opposites and deal additional damage to each other, but don’t interact with the other brands.

Aside from these matchups, having multiple units of the same brand can activate different bonuses in combat, which can give you an additional push against the tougher bosses. These bonuses include the following:

  • 3 Units of the same brand: +10% attack, +10% HP.
  • 4 Units of the same brand: +12% attack, +12% HP.
  • 5 Units of the same brand: +15% attack, +15% HP.

Important: These bonuses apply only for the first three basic brands (LET’S RED; GALATEA, TENMA). The other two (NIGHT-9 AND SNOW-A) can replace any other type to activate their corresponding bonuses, while also adding additional effects, including the following:

  • For every SNOW-A unit: All allies start the battle with +3 energy.
  • For every NIGHT-9 unit: All enemies start the battle with -3 energy.

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

Though your team composition often precedes the brands of your figurines, mixing and matching these character brands can give you the edge in combat, and it’s very much worth considering when you’re struggling to beat the tougher stages.

Remember to Claim Your AFK Rewards Once a Day

As an idle game, your figurines are always grinding and fighting in the background, and producing resources that you can use for a variety of purposes, including for gearing, upgrading, and enhancing. This tip is just a quick reminder that the rewards obtained from AFK grinding max out after 24 hours. For this reason, you should always check these spoils at least once a day, just to make sure you’re not missing out on any rewards since your characters effectively stop farming once you reach the limit.

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

The very first thing you do every day should be to claim your AFK rewards.

Always Keep Your Strongest Units Upgraded to the Max

Last but not least, at least regarding your team composition in Figure Fantasy, even the strongest characters in the game are utterly useless if deployed without any upgrades. Especially if you’re trying to reroll for the best characters in Figure Fantasy, you’ll notice that merely unlocking these rare units is not enough. And while they could probably carry you through the first few levels easily, you’ll find that the enemies get a lot tougher fairly quickly. For this reason, it’s very important that you try to keep your characters as upgraded as possible, to avoid the difficulty walls and progress as fast through the story missions as possible.

And when it comes to upgrading, there are a few aspects that you can improve in every character, with the most basic one being their level. By using Clover Stickers, you can increase any figurine’s level, with the cost increasing with every upgrade. Additionally, you can Promote your units to give them important stat boosts, though this process is quite prohibitive since it requires duplicates of the same character.

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

Finally, you can also equip your characters with different pieces of gear that enhance their stats. The only consideration here is that you must equip the correct type of gear that will benefit your character the most. For instance, Tanks benefit the most from HP and Defense gear; DPS from Attack and Critical gear, and Supports from healing gear.

Consider Acquiring the First Purchase Bundle

Now, we’re strict believers in that every game must be playable from start to finish without us having to spend a single penny, and purchases should be limited to either cosmetics or merely for speeding up things that we could get for free alternatively. And while this is mostly true for Figure Fantasy, there’s a very compelling bundle that we strongly recommend acquiring, simply because the rewards are well worth the meager price.

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

The bundle in question is called the “First Purchase”, and grants lots of rewards for topping up any amount of diamonds, including the Beginner VIP combo that costs only $0.99 for new players. This bundle will get you 300 diamonds + 100 diamonds every day for a month, and 3 Ultra Bind Box Pieces per day for a month, for a total of 90 pieces. This offering will net you enough resources to perform 12 pulls after a month, as well as a guaranteed Ultra-quality figure once you get 60 Ultra Blind Box Pieces, plus a surplus of 30 pieces towards the next figurine.

And this is just what the Beginner VIP bundle includes. As we mentioned above, the “First Purchase” bonus is awarded to everyone on their first top-up and includes additional rewards like a couple of pieces of gear for your figures, 666 diamonds once you complete stages 2-24, and 888 additional diamonds as a login reward the day after you make the purchase. This grants you a total of 1,554 diamonds, a few pieces of gear, and an S-Tier Militarist character, at least according to our Figure Fantasy tier list.

Figure Fantasy on PC - The Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies for Beginners

And that’s it for our tips and tricks for Figure Fantasy. Feel free to leave your own suggestions, thoughts, and questions in the comments section below!