Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) was originally released by Epic Action LLC for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One in late 2016. The game was praised for its stellar gameplay and overall open-world experience by various critics in the game industry. Even in spite of technological advancements, smartphones these days still do not have the capability to run a massive game like FFXV. However, that did not stop Epic Action, a subsidiary of Epic Action LLC, from delivering the Final Fantasy experience to the mobile scene – albeit in a drastically different way.

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

In Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, you can build your own empire based on the FFXV universe! From farms to training grounds, this game gives plenty of building blocks that you can construct to shape your own city. Moreover, you can also have the main characters of FFXV – such as Prince Noctis and Cindy – by your side when fighting monsters and raiding caches for resources. FFXV: A New Empire delivers a unique mobile experience and you can begin the prosperity of your new empire now by playing it now on your PC or Mac with BlueStacks!

How to Install Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Complete Google Sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later.
  3. Look for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire in the search bar at the top-right corner.
  4. Click to install Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire from the search results.
  5. Complete Google Sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.
  6. Click the Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire icon on the home screen to start playing.

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

Build Your Own Final Fantasy Empire

A successful empire needs to have plenty of infrastructure inside it. With FFXV: A New Empire, there are plenty of buildings that you can construct on vacant lots and each building has its own purpose. 

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

The most important building that supersedes the rest is the Citadel. This massive building is the very core of your empire and all future upgrades to existing buildings are extremely dependent on the level of the Citadel. For instance, if your Citadel is only Level 5, then that means that you cannot level up the other buildings to Level 6. Additionally, the Citadel is also where you can find basic information about your empire such as the amount of resources your resource buildings outputs. 

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

The game has five main resources and you need to have an ample supply of each of these in order to keep consistently upgrading your empire. For each of resource, there is one building that specifically produces said resource at an hourly rate. 

These resources as well as their respective buildings are:

Resource Name Building that Produces it
Gil Bank
Food Farm
Metal Mine
Energy Energy Extractor
Stone Quarry

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

In order to increase the output of resources, you can either construct more resource buildings on remaining vacant lots or upgrade the already existing buildings to the highest possible level. 

Raise Your Army

An empire is never complete if it does not even have a formidable army. You can recruit and train troops for your empire in the Training Grounds. The amount of troops that you can train at a time is determined by the level of the Barracks building. 

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

There are four types of troops: Warrior, Mage, Cavalry, and Siege Engine. Like buildings, training one of these troops requires a moderate amount of each of the five resources. A paramount thing to take note about troops is that each troop actually has its own strengths and weaknesses. This means that one troop may be strong against one but weak against the other.

The details of these are as follows:

Troop Strong Against Weak Against
Warrior Cavalry, Siege Engine Mage, Traps
Mage Warrior, Siege Engine Cavalry, Traps
Cavalry Mage, Siege Engine Warrior, Traps
Siege Engine Traps Warrior, Cavalry, Mage

You can unlock levelled-up versions of each troop by researching them in the University. 

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

In combat, there is a chance that some of your troops taken out during battle. When that happens, they would not permanently die and will instead be transferred to the Hospital in which they can recover and eventually come back to battle again. The amount of wounded troops that can be accommodated depends on the amount of Hospital Wards your empire has as well as the levels of said wards.

Prosper with Your Guild

FFXV places a large emphasis on the guild system. With guilds, you can form alliances with other players and you can even gain access to features that are exclusive to guild members. 

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

For one, you can request for help from your guild-mates whenever you are constructing or upgrading a building or training troops. If your request is accepted, the amount of time it takes for construction and or training is reduced. 

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

Conversely, you can also give help to your guild-mates and upon doing so, you will be rewarded with Loyalty points. These points can be spent in the Guild Store wherein you can purchase very useful items such as boosts for your resource production, empire barriers to protect your from invaders, and much more.

Dominate the Realm

The game is not restricted to just your empire and its surroundings. Beyond that, there lies a huge map that consists of plenty of areas where resources are just waiting to be harvested. However, you have to compete with other players who also want to garner those resources for themselves.

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

In the Realm, you can send Noctis to battle monsters and you can receive plenty of resources if he successfully defeats it. You can win as much as more than 10,000 worth of Gil, Stone, or any other resource! 

How to Play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC with BlueStacks

If that is not enough, you can also raid caches which contain a fortune of a particular resource. There are food caches, stone caches, energy caches, and more. You can send your troops to occupy the cache and collect as much as they can in the cache until the timer ends. Beware though because some caches are occupied by other players and you will need to defeat them if you want to drive them out of the cache. 

You can also take things to the next level by attacking another player’s base; however, it is crucial that you build a strong enough army to handle such a task. 

Begin Your Journey with BlueStacks

The long journey of building your own empire can become even better when you play FFXV: A New Empire on your PC or Mac with BlueStacks. With BlueStacks’ flexible interface, you can keep running the game in the background while you do other things. This allows you to keep managing your empire without ever having to exit the game – allowing for a multi-tasking experience that playing on a smartphone cannot provide.

Additionally, you can also have more than one instances of the game with the Multi-instance Tool which allows you to reinstall the game on a separate Android engine. With this feature, it is possible to run two different instances of the game at the same time. This essentially means that you can manage two or even more than two empires all at the same time. 

Experience a different Final Fantasy experience by playing Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire now with BlueStacks! How far has your empire reached? Let us know in the comments below.