With the new Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos out and ready to download and play, users around the world can now enjoy the sequel to the renowned Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, featuring a similar gameplay loop, but with several key differences to add a lot of variety to the daily gameplay. Among one of these differences are the selection of heroes that players can find and unlock in this game, and which will be the lifeblood of your settlement, since they will be the ones that lead your army wherever you send them, and will also be the ones who will personally march out to meet the enemy in real-time action battles.

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Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

As expected from characters who will carry you through most of your encounters and battles in this game, finding the best heroes in War to Eos will become instrumental for your success. However, as is the case with these types of strategy conquest games with gacha RPG elements, finding the best characters is often quite challenging: One the one hand, since there is quite a variety of characters to unlock, knowing which ones are the best can be confusing. And on the other hand, since these heroes are often locked behind the gacha system, unlocking the specific characters that you need can also be very challenging, even if you DO know which ones to look for.

To aid in this effort, we’ve created this Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos tier list where you’ll find our personal picks of the best heroes in the game, along with the ones that you should be ignoring due to their inferior stats and skills. Ideally, you will learn which heroes to look for whenever you’re rolling in the gacha so that you can get the best start in this game. Moreover, further down below, we’ll also be taking a detailed look at each of the heroes mentioned in this tier list, so that you can better understand why we chose them, and hopefully gain the knowledge to create your own tier lists in the future.

The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List

  1. S Tier Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Heroes
  2. A Tier Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Heroes
  3. B Tier Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Heroes

Just as you’d expect from this type of game, the main way to unlock new heroes in War for Eos is through the gacha system, in which you can use different types of keys to unlock chests that have a chance of containing hero tokens. Once you get enough hero tokens of one hero in particular, you can fuse them to unlock the said hero permanently. Any extra tokens you unlock after that are then used for ranking up the hero in question, giving them important stat boosts and enhancing their performance in battle.

The gacha system in War for Eos consists of two different chests, each requiring a specific type of key to open. Depending on the chest, the rewards will vary: On one hand, we have the more affordable Standard Chests, which are opened using Standard Keys, and are the ones you’ll probably be opening the most. On the other hand, the Premium Chests are much rarer and have the chance to drop different hero tokens, some of which correspond to the best heroes in the game.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

By opening any of these chests, you have a chance to obtain the following:

  • Standard Chest

    • 22.2% chance of Gladiolus Token
    • 22.2% chance of Prompto Token
    • 11.1% chance of Iris Token
    • 11.1% chance of Noctis Token
    • 22.2% chance of Ignis Token
    • 11.1% chance of Loqi Token
    • Miscellaneous Items and Resource Packs
  • Premium Chest

    • 17.5% chance of Prompto Token
    • 12.5% chance of Loqi Token
    • 17.5% chance of Gladiolus Token
    • 17.5% chance of Cor Token
    • 5% chance of Cindy Token
    • 5% chance of Lunafreya Token
    • 12.5% chance of Noctis Token
    • 12.5% chance of Iris Token
    • Miscellaneous Items and Resource Packs

As you can see, these chests don’t have the standard drop rates that you’d expect from any gacha games. Specifically, you can probably see that while the hero drop rates add up to 100%, these chests can also contain a variety of items on top of the heroes that you draw. This is because ALL chests will contain at least one hero token, on top of two additional items. As such, no matter what type of chest you open, you’re going to receive a useful token that will contribute towards unlocking a full hero eventually. On the flipside, there is no way to obtain full heroes from opening chests, which makes rerolling in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos unfeasible, even if you’re playing on PC with BlueStacks.

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It goes without saying that your choice of chest will obviously depend on the specific hero you want to unlock, since while the Premium Chests are the only ones that can contain Legendary heroes, the odds of obtaining certain specific tokens are higher in the Standard Chests. Regardless, you’ll almost always want to open the Premium variants, since these are the ones through which you can unlock the best heroes in War for Eos.

With that being said, here’s how the different heroes in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos measure up, according to our tier list:

S Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Role/Troops
Aranea Legendary Attacker/Cavalry
Prince Noctis Epic Attacker/Infantry
Cor  Legendary Tank/Infantry
Cindy Legendary Support/Cavalry

A Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Role/Troops
Gladiolus Rare Tank/Cavalry
Loqi Epic Tank/Infantry
Lunafreya Legendary Support/Ranged
Iris Epic Support/Cavalry

B Tier Heroes

Name Rarity Role/Troops
Prompto Rare Attacker/Ranged
Ignis Rare Support/Ranged
Cid Epic Support/Ranged
Carbuncle Legendary Support/Infantry

It’s important to mention here that there are no heroes that are inherently bad in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos—there are just some that are better than others at what they do. As such, even if you only have heroes that are listed in the lower tiers, you can still get by pretty easily in this game, as long as you keep your characters upgraded at all times. Regardless, if you’re looking to minmax your performance in this game, then you’ll definitely want to focus on unlocking a few characters listed in the S or A tiers.

With that being said, let’s go ahead and take a closer look at each of the heroes mentioned on this list, to determine why they earned their spots and give you further context that will be very useful when creating your own tier lists.

S Tier Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Heroes

The best heroes in the game, who can potentially carry your entire team when upgraded. Unlocking one or two of these will make a whole world of difference when progressing in War for Eos. We strongly recommend aiming for at least one of these.


Just like in the original game, Aranea is one of the strongest characters in War for Eos. More specifically, she’s a very powerful attacker, arguably the best in the entire game, capable of inflicting strong burst damage to both single targets as well as in AoE. 

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

Her offensive kit is rounded out by her Aerial Advantage passive skill, which activates whenever she uses her Highwind ult with auto-battle turned off. This passive allows her to remain in the air for long periods, making it impossible for enemies to target her, and basically letting her dodge any attacks while she’s in the air. With the right player, you can avoid a lot of deadly skills that would otherwise hit you for a lot of damage, while also allowing you to counterattack with a powerful blow when Aranea lands on the enemy.

Prince Noctis

Noctis is great for two main reasons: Not only is he a powerful attacker, on the same level as Aranea, but you also get him for free as soon as you start the game. As such, even though it’s not possible to reroll in War for Eos, it’s also unnecessary as the game gives you more than enough firepower to get by.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

Case in point, while he lacks the AoE potential of Aranea, Noctis more than makes up for it with his sheer single-target prowess, with skills that can chunk enemies for large amounts of HP, while also inflicting them with a plethora of status effects. For this reason, Noctis should be your go-to option for fighting against bosses or tough enemies.


While both Noctis and Aranea are proficient attackers, and some of the best at their respective roles, Cor is their tank equivalent, as he’s one of the best heroes in the entire game for this role. Cor can not only withstand tons of damage, but he can also bestow powerful barriers and healing effects on his teammates, shielding them and curing them from negative effects.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

The reason why Cor is so strong as a tank is because he can shield his teammates and heal them, while also inflicting tons of damage to the enemy, and heal himself in the process. This comprehensive kit is everything you might ever need from a character in this role.


While Cor is without a doubt the best tank in the game, Cindy is one of the best offensive supporters in War for Eos. While she doesn’t have much in the way of healing, she can provide valuable support by removing negative effects from her teammates and shielding them from harm. Moreover, she can bestow a plethora of positive effects to boost the performance of her teammates and make them much deadlier in combat.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

Cindy is a great character for enhancing your most powerful teammates, though she won’t be of much use when it comes to actual healing and sustainability. As such, she can be quite tricky to use effectively, since she promotes a good offense as the best defense. After all, your enemies can’t harm you if they’re dead!

A Tier Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Heroes

Almost equally as strong as their S tier counterparts, at least in terms of utility, especially since our picks for this tier consist exclusively of Tank and Support heroes. Nevertheless, while they won’t be carrying you by themselves, since they’re not attackers, they can provide valuable support to your team and make fights much smoother as a result.


While Cor is undoubtedly the best tank in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos, Gladiolus is a decent second, with a more limited kit due to his Rare quality. 

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

As a tank, Gladio is quite straightforward. His kit involves skills to damage enemies while healing himself, as well as for knocking enemies aside with powerful bursts of speed. Additionally, he can also shield his weakest allies and reduce their damage taken, while also passively increasing the defense of the entire squad.


An interesting tank alternative that is in this spot and not in the S tier simply for the fact that he’s a Legendary champion. As such, while his kit isn’t nearly as powerful as Cor’s, he’s still as difficult to unlock and upgrade as him, which diminishes from his overall offering.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

Nevertheless, Loqi is easily the second best tank in the game, with a more offensive skill set than Cor’s, focusing more on dealing direct damage while offering fewer self-healing skills. However, Loqi has something that no other tank offers; he has a taunt skill that draws the enemy’s attention and forces them to attack him for a short duration. This skill alone could make Loqi a better tank than Cor, though we still prefer the latter due to his superior skill set.


Lunafreya is a great support for one reason and one reason alone; her healing skills. 

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

Her skill set is quite lackluster in terms of anything but healing, with more than a few abilities that allow her to keep her team topped up and in the battle at all times. However, this kit makes her essentially into a one-trick pony who is only good for restoring HP, without any skills to bestow buffs or debuffs. And while she’s great at what she does, her utility is quite limited, compared to Cindy.


As a support heroine, Iris is a good middle ground between Lunafreya and Cindy, offering skills that can deal damage and inflict negative effects on the enemy, while also healing her teammates and granting them a variety of buffs.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

If we had to choose a single support hero to add to our squad, we would undoubtedly choose Iris as the most balanced option. However, if you’re already far into the game and have a good repertoire of attackers and tanks, you might benefit more from the combat buffs that Cindy can bestow. 

B Tier Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Heroes

These are average heroes that aren’t bad per se, but also aren’t excellent by any means. Nevertheless, if you keep these properly upgraded, they will be quite useful and will allow you to easily progress through the game’s countless battles.


Prompto has a pretty balanced offering that offers both single-target and AoE skills, giving him lots of versatility when fighting against any type of monster. Nevertheless, his actual damage numbers are on the low side, which limits his actual use in battles. 

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

Prompto is one of those characters that you’ll use a lot at the beginning, but that you’ll want to replace as soon as you unlock any better attackers. However, with the right setup and buffs, you can get a lot out of him. Then again, you can also get great results with a buffed Noctis or Aranea.


Ignis is on the same boat as Prompto: Offering a balanced kit with single-target and AoE skills, but with low damage numbers. As such, you’ll probably use him a lot in the beginning, but replace him as soon as possible.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

However, Ignis is possibly a bit more useful than Prompto, at least in terms of survivability, particularly since he can greatly improve the effects of healing items in battle.


As Cindy’s father, Cid’s kit is identical to that of her daughter’s. Cid has a mixed kit that offers tons of different buffs and positive effects to his allies. The only reason why he’s in this tier is because his buffs aren’t as important as the ones that Cindy offers. In fact, Cid’s buffs are somewhat lackluster and mediocre.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

Cid is not only difficult to unlock, since he’s an Epic character, but his offering is subpar and not really worth considering. As such, he is possibly one of the worst characters in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos.


Carbuncle is yet another support hero, this time offering important healing and restorative effects. Specifically, he can remove negative effects while also granting positive effects to his teammates, while also restoring their HP in the process. Moreover, Carbuncle’s ult can revive fallen allies and get them back into battle, making him into a valuable asset to have at all times.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tier List - The Best Heroes in the Game

However, just like with Cid, Carbuncle’s actual buffs and support effects are overshadowed by the ones offered by both Lunafreya and Cindy. As such, you’re much better off going with either of them.

Overall, Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos features a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and playstyles. While some characters excel in certain areas, others may be more well-rounded or provide valuable support to the team. As with any tier list, it’s important to keep in mind that individual playstyle and personal preference may also play a role in determining which characters are best for each player. Whether you’re a seasoned Final Fantasy fan or a newcomer to the series, this tier list can be a useful tool for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character and making informed decisions about your gameplay strategy.

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