Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is the latest entry into the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe of Final Fantasy, as a direct sequel to FFXV: A New Empire. This game follows the journey of Noctis and Co. of a parallel universe as they return to the ruins of the royal city of Insomnia to clear it of imperial troops and start rebuilding it to its former splendor. As such, players will have to farm resources, fight enemy troops, build armies, and even collaborate with other players as they rebuild their settlement and grow their power.

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Table of Contents

  1. Play on BlueStacks to Enjoy the Best Gameplay Experience
  2. Start By Following the Chapter Quests
  3. Work On Your Daily Quests
  4. Always Train Troops
  5. Find an Active Guild

The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Get a Good Start

While the game doesn’t do much to stray from the strategy conquest formula, especially when you compare it to its predecessor, War for Eos can still hold plenty of challenges for newcomers, especially if they’re new to mobile gaming as a whole. As such, this beginner’s guide was created to help players get a good start by offering a few useful tips and tricks.

If you’re just getting started with this game and want to progress quickly, then this guide is for you!

Play on BlueStacks to Enjoy the Best Gameplay Experience

Before jumping into the gameplay tips, it’s very important to mention that the best way to enjoy this title is by playing Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos on PC with BlueStacks. In this sense, while it’s very convenient being able to whip out your phone and check up on your city at any moment, BlueStacks will give you the best comfort and intuitiveness through those long gameplay sessions.

The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Get a Good Start

Our Android app player is loaded with a bunch of tools and features specially designed to improve your experience with strategy conquests games like this one. From tools that allow you to control your development and troops via keyboard and mouse shortcuts; features through you can automate parts of the grind using powerful macros, or even develop multiple cities at the same time by playing on multiple accounts simultaneously, BlueStacks has a ton of different offerings to vastly enhance your gameplay.

If anything, even if you don’t use any of our special tools, BlueStacks gives you the best graphics and performance on virtually any computer regardless of its specs, without requiring you to own an expensive flagship phone.

Start By Following the Chapter Quests

While it can be somewhat difficult to follow the plot in War for Eos, especially if this is your first time visiting the FFXV universe, the game does a pretty good job of guiding new players and introducing them to the basic mechanics. This guidance is conveyed, in great part, through the chapter quests, which prompt you to complete basic tasks that increase in complexity as your progress, and that introduce you to the game’s core mechanics.

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The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Get a Good Start

These chapter quests are key to progressing in War for Eos—not only do they grant great rewards upon completion, but they also unlock new features and aspects of the game. This is even more important when you consider that you have very limited access to other game modes and features from the beginning, so you’ll have to complete these quests ASAP if you want to discover everything that this game has in store for you.

While these quests might sound like a chore when you consider the above, they actually consist of tasks that you’ll be doing, anyway. Some of the most common chapter quests involve building specific structures and leveling them up; clearing your base of debris and fending off imperial troops; rescuing soldiers and having them join your cause, and restoring the ruined buildings that you’ll find in your base as you expand its territory.

The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Get a Good Start

One other important aspect that you get from completing chapter quests is unlocking access to the world map, which is where you’ll be able to find other players, as well as interact with a variety of elements essential to your progression, such gathering points, neutral NPCs, and more.

Work On Your Daily Quests

Just like you’ll find a variety of chapter quests that you’ll need to progressively complete as you build up your town, you’ll also find a plethora of daily quests that can help you to score extra rewards in exchange for completing small and simple missions. These daily quests reset every day at 22:00 UTC -3, upon which players may complete them yet again to score more goodies.

The way daily quests work is that, while completing them doesn’t grant you any direct rewards, they give you activity points, which contributes towards unlocking a series of daily chests. These chests become available at specific activity point thresholds, and contain valuable items like Regalia Fuel, resource packs, speedup items, and more. Moreover, they can also grant Player XP, which is necessary for leveling up your account.

The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Get a Good Start

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend completing your daily quests every single day, as doing so will guarantee a steady supply of valuable resources, which in turn can boost your progression and even help prepare you better for the tougher chapter quests. If anything, completing these quests will ensure that you’re developing your city at a steady rate.

However, when it comes to both the chapter and daily quests, these tasks are moot if you forget to claim your rewards for completing. As such, remember to check by their respective menus often to mark them as completed and claim your rewards for doing so—some of these prizes might even hold the key for a big breakthrough in your power level. And in any case, completing the chapter quests is the main method through which you’ll not only grow your power, but also through which you will unlock countless different features and game modes.

The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Get a Good Start

In terms of priority, we suggest always focusing on the chapter quests whenever you can. However, since these tasks are often long-term and will eventually become difficult to complete in a timely manner, your next best bet should be to focus on completing the daily missions. In fact, completing your daily missions every 24 hours will ensure that you’ll get a steady stream of rare resources and materials, which you can use to continue growing your power, and in turn prepare yourself for the challenges that you’ll find in the main chapter quests.

Always Train Troops

Whether you’re completing quests, exploring the map, or engaging in PvP or other forms of combat, you’ll always need an army at your disposal to defend yourself and grow in power. However, one aspect that is constantly overlooked in these games is how training troops can help greatly to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you always keep your military buildings busy with training troops at all times, which will ensure that you’re constantly growing your power.

The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Get a Good Start

Training troops can take a lot of effort and diligence, especially since you need to manually issue new training orders whenever a building finishes training the current batch. Luckily, if you play Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos on PC with BlueStacks, you can use the Macro Recorder to automate this process, saving you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Check out our BlueStacks usage guide for War for Eos if you want to learn more about how to use our Android app player to streamline your experience with this game.

Find an Active Guild

Strategy conquests games are all about their people and community, and War for Eos is no exception. Even if you manage to survive and grow your power considerably, you’ll seldom be as strong as a united guild, since even a small one could group up and launch a coordinated attack that can destroy even the strongest players. For this reason, we recommend finding an active guild as soon as possible since this will not only ensure your safety while you’re growing, but you’ll also gain access to guild-exclusive perks and game modes.

Finding a good guild can be difficult, but it’s definitely worth the effort, especially if you’re committed to playing and growing in War for Eos. We recommend looking for one that not only has high power, but also a lot of members. In this sense, even if some of them abandon the game and become inactive, there will still be plenty of other players to help you out. Moreover, once you join an active guild, remember to move your base closer to theirs so that they can help reinforce you in case of an attack.

The Best Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Get a Good Start

Growing and winning in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is a matter of persistence and diligence—as long as you complete your dailies and play at least a little bit every day, then you’ll be well on your way to victory!

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