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Tips & Tricks for Waifu Masters in Final Fate TD

Final Fate TD is a game that allows you to save the world from demons’ invasion with tower defense mechanics and waifu girls. In other words, it promises endless fun. You can complete most of the game by randomly selecting and placing your girls, but once you get past half of the main scenario, things will get harder. After this stage, you can be sure that you will need any help you can get, which is why we prepared this guide. Below, we talk about everything you need to know to become a true waifu master.

Tips & Tricks for Waifu Masters in Final Fate TD

Purchase A Free VIP Membership and Get Your Daily Pack

You can purchase a VIP membership in Final Fate TD and enjoy various benefits. More importantly, VIP members can claim a special gift pack every day. This pack contains many useful items such as gold and materials that you can use to strengthen your heroes. Now let’s get to the good news: You don’t need to pay real money to become a VIP member and get your daily package. After playing the game for half an hour, you can claim a free VIP membership right away. This includes the daily package, so you can get a completely free boost. Don’t forget to activate your free VIP membership from the home screen after playing for half an hour.

Tips & Tricks for Waifu Masters in Final Fate TD

Buy SSR and SSSR Heroes in the Shop

In our review, we mentioned that you can summon as much as you want by using the multi-instance feature of BlueStacks. However, if you are still not lucky enough or there is a specific hero you want to get, you can also use the in-game shop. SSR and SSSR heroes are sold in this shop in exchange for “hero essence”. Moreover, hero essence is not something you need to purchase: You can get it by recycling heroes that you do not use. You can earn enough essence to buy an SSR hero by recycling the heroes you earned after playing for about a week. You will have to play longer for SSSR heroes, but this method has a very important advantage: You can see the hero you are going to buy in advance. In the summon method, the results are determined completely randomly. So if you have a particular hero you’re after, be patient and keep recycling: You’ll eventually get enough essence.

Tips & Tricks for Waifu Masters in Final Fate TD

Don’t Waste Time with Normal Summoning

Final Fate TD has two types of summoning, elite and normal. Normal summoning, of course, requires less material and can be done with gold. However, do not waste time with this option because you can only get R and SR heroes with normal summoning. Even your chances of getting SR heroes are pretty low, you will almost always have to settle for R heroes.

Tips & Tricks for Waifu Masters in Final Fate TD

SSR and SSSR heroes can only be obtained by elite summoning. Your chances of winning are still low, but at least you have a chance. Normal summoning can be used to obtain hero essences but this should be your only goal: Do not use heroes obtained by normal summoning on the battlefield, they are pretty much useless.

Tips & Tricks for Waifu Masters in Final Fate TD

Get Bonuses with Correct Hero Lineups

You can place 8 heroes on each defense team and get various bonuses if you make the right choices. We briefly mentioned this feature of the game in our review. So, do you wonder which setups give bonuses and what kind of advantages you can get? You can see a list of class-based bonuses in the table below.

Use only SSSR heroes 5% range + 8% ASPD + 15% DMG
Use only SSR heroes 5% ASPD + 10% DMG
Use only SR heroes 5% DMG
Use only Deity heroes 10% range + 10% ASPD + 15% DMG

Tips & Tricks for Waifu Masters in Final Fate TD

Find Out Which Hero Combos Are More Effective

Your heroes have different abilities and some of them give very effective results when used together. That’s why Final Fate TD is also a strategy game: Finding the right hero combinations requires research and a long process of trial and error. To save you time, we list the most effective hero combinations below. Of course, your options are not limited to these: You can still discover your own combinations and be much more effective on the battlefield. Don’t forget to share your recommendations with us!

Leopold + Beira Leopold can stun enemies; Beira can slow them. Your other heroes will have more time to destroy demons.
Athena + Beira Beira can slow and Athena can crit: This combo is effective against bosses (and enemy heroes in PvP).
Morgana + Apollo Apollo can hit pretty hard and Morgana can slow enemies. Very effective combo for dealing large groups of monsters.
Angela + Edesia Both heroes have high crit rates. They can be used against bosses and enemy heroes in PvP.
Valkyrie + Yama Yama is a sorcerer and can deal quite big damage. Valkyrie also hits pretty hard and can stun monsters.
Lunara + Azazel This combo is useful in PvP. Both heroes can reduce the effect of enemy critical hits, turning them into “normal” attacks

Tips & Tricks for Waifu Masters in Final Fate TD

Now you are ready to begin your Final Fate TD adventure: Choose your waifu girls, prepare your defenses, and unleash the demons. We are sure that thanks to our tips, you will destroy more enemies much faster. Don’t forget us when you save the world!

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