If you’re looking to relax and unwind, playing Fishing Clash on PC is one of the best ways to do so. We’re not even into fishing that much and it’s still an overall tranquil experience we often like come back to. The best part about it is that you don’t have to plan a road trip, get expensive supplies, or harm any fish in the process! Just fire-up BlueStacks and take in the serenity of a beautiful fishing spot from the comfort of your favorite desk.

Fishing Clash: The Complete Guide to Rods

In a previous guide, we’ve mentioned that rods and lures are quite important to your progression in Fishing Clash. Initially, the gear was only available in Hawaii. Soon enough, however, it was released for the entire game and now everyone can benefit from it. In this article, we will cover rod acquisition and upgrade, so you a better idea of what it takes to be a master angler.

Where It All Starts

Your first fishing spot is in a sunny alcove on Florida’s seashore. If you want to increases your odds of catching heavier fish, you need a better rod. The default equipment is the Florida Rod and, sadly, there’s nothing special about it. It has 0% chance to land you an instant catch, 0% chance to increase your combo points, and just one perk. Perks are additional improvements you can add to your rod. The higher its level, the more perks you can use to enhance it.

Fishing Clash: The Complete Guide to Rods

For example, when you finally get a 7-star rod, you’ll be able to equip no less than 7 perks on it at a given time. To begin with, your perks are quite few and they’re mostly related to catching bigger, heavier fish. However, as you progress through the game, you’ll have access to perks that give you various levels of instant catch, increase the odds of catching higher rarity fish, decrease fish stamina, and more.

Unfortunately, each rod is locked to a specific fishing spot, hence their name. This is not a particularly advantageous feature for F2P players, as it means they’ll have to grind new equipment every time they unlock a new fishery.

Fishing Clash: The Complete Guide to Rods

Initially, the maximum upgrade count for a rod was 5. Now, they’ve gone up to 7. To see what level your rod is, you just have to count how many stars it has, as each star corresponds to a level. With each new star, your rod gains better stats as well as a new perk slot, so it really pays off to keep fishing in the same place.

Upgrading Rods in Fishing Clash

The game isn’t that big on the balance between F2P and P2W, so if you don’t mind opening your wallet, you’ll get access to new fishing spots and rods without much difficulty. If, on the other hand, you’re more like us and you like to keep business and play separate, it’s going to be tough.

Fishing Clash: The Complete Guide to Rods

Each rod needs a specific upgrade material in order to be levelled up. For instance, to get our Florida Rod from one star to two, we’ll have to get no less than 5 1-star rods of the same kind. This becomes progressively more difficult, as the upgrade material has to have the same level as your current rod in order to work. To get from level 3 to 4, you’ll need the correspondent number of level 3 rods and so on.

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Unfortunately, the perks of the rods you use as upgrade material have no influence on the newly levelled one. However, the perks that were there before the upgrade will stay there and get an additional improvement.

Fishing Clash: The Complete Guide to Rods

Whenever you do reach that sweet level-up moment, you will also get a perk. By default, the parks unlocked at each level are:

  • 1 star – heavier fish.
  • 2 star – better sonar value or better luck.
  • 3 star – higher weight for specific fish.
  • 4 star – improved sonar or better luck.
  • 5 star – enhanced weight for all types of fish you catch.
  • 6 star – higher chance to catch bigger fish.
  • 7 star – significantly better weight bonus for the fish you catch.

Additionally, the last upgrade level grants you an additional 6% instant catch chance, as well as a 1.2% bonus points whenever you manage an uninterrupted combo.

Fishing Clash: The Complete Guide to Rods

If you’re wondering how you can acquire new rods, the easiest way to do so is to duel other players or participate in championships. Duels become available once you reach rank profile 3. If you’d like to change any of the current perks on your rod, you’ll have to use pearls. If you’re not a P2W player, then you might want to keep them for other purchases, since they’re not that easy to get.

Random Perks and Basic Stats

In the beginning, we mentioned that all rods have basic stats attached to them. These stats are as follows:

Stamina decrease at the strike- This refers to the number of stamina points deducted from the fish’ health pool when you hook it.

Line strength- This is a general measurement of how much you can expect your fish to stay hooked if you’re at the edge of the bar.

Chance of instant catch- Your odds of instantly luring the fish in when it gets hooked.

Stamina per second- This indicates how many stamina points per second will be deduced from the fish’ HP once they’re pulling on your line.

Fishing Clash: The Complete Guide to Rods

So far, this is everything you need to know about upgrading your rods in Fishing Clash. As you can readily tell, gear enhancement is an uphill battle for F2P players, so we recommend you take heed of the zen of fishing and not worry too much about it. After all, the best part about the game is being able to just lay back in a scenic environment. The fish are a just the cherry on top of the cake.

Fishing Clash: The Complete Guide to Rods

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