Raising your combat power is the primary objective in Forsaken World that not many beginners understand at the beginning of the game. There are a ton of ways to raise your combat power but because of the auto-play system, players often disregard this progress and start leveling blindly only to end up being underpowered for the advanced content. It’s easy to make this mistake but it’s not something that you can’t solve immediately by backtracking the tasks that you need to do.

We’ve already mentioned some of the things important things to know about combat power in our Heroes Guide but this guide will help players get a deeper understanding of it. Basically, you can see all the things that you need to improve in the Strengthen tab. The goal is to set all of the star ratings to S but A should be the minimum that you should be working towards if you’re fairly new. If anything is below that rating, it’s time to get to work by doing some of these tasks:


Gearing is the primary source of combat power in Forsaken World. The items you have on contribute the highest amount of CP out of all the other sources in the game so the player should prioritize having this at the S-rating as soon as possible. Gearing is extremely simple but is very time-consuming. We’ve covered a few ways on how to gear in our Beginner’s Guide but there are a few more ways for you to do so.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Equipment can be acquired through a number of means such as questing, challenging dungeons and bosses, and crafting. If you’re a beginner, make sure to challenge dungeons every day so that you can get the best equipment possible and get the S-rating quickly. Once you reach a high enough level, you should try to level up your crafting profession. Aside from acquiring armor, here are two things that you should do to your gear:

  • Enhancement

Enhancement in Forsaken World refers to upgrading the gear that you have. Just like your hero, you can also level up your gear so that their innate stats increase your combat power. Enhancing your gear is character permanent, meaning if you upgrade one gear from a specific slot, every item you get from thereon will also inherit the enhancement level of that item. So even if you have a low-level or low-quality item, don’t be afraid to enhance it to the max level.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

The process of enhancing an item requires the player to acquire Enhance Stones. These enhanced stones can be purchased from the shop or farmed through dungeons and challenges. The best dungeon to challenge is the Storm Rift, which you can complete once a day. Make sure to complete these dungeons before the server reset so that you can maximize enhancing your items without getting left behind by the other players.

  • Socketing

Socketing is the process of attaching a gem to your gear. Gems have a small amount of stats that give the specific item a boost in combat power. Gems are random drops in dungeons and bosses with the quality of the gem being dependent on rarity. Higher quality gems will yield more stats but there is a lower chance to get them from the dungeons. 

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Each item has a certain amount of gem sockets according to the grade of the item. The higher the grade, the more gems you can socket on that single item. Players don’t really have that much control over this since equipment grades are locked behind level requirements. However, players should always try to get the best quality gear equipped as soon as possible. 

Unlocking Skills

Players that have been leveling up purely through auto-play will most likely have the problem of having an extremely low combat power rating and the reason is that they haven’t unlocked skills. Unlike a lot of MMORPGs, Forsaken World requires players to unlock skills by challenging bosses. If you’ve been running auto-play, that means you’ve been skipping a lot of skill unlocks that might cause your power level to be severely underleveled.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

To unlock new skills, simply go to the Skills tab and choose to unlock new skills. If you’ve been delayed, it’s a good idea to unlock skills in order of weakest level first so that you don’t end up getting smashed by the boss. Don’t underestimate these bosses because they are designed to really measure the hero’s ability so a lot of them are extremely hard to beat even if you control your hero manually.

Mounts & Pets

The hero’s companions also give a huge amount of combat power in Forsaken World. Players can upgrade their mounts to increase the stats that they give to their character (which is still applied even if you’re dismounted) if they are leveled up. The appearance of the mount is also upgraded after raising it to a certain level.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Pets are acquirable companions that players can get in certain places in the world. Simply having them in your collection will immediately boost your combat power but if you want to increase it further, you’ll need to level them up. Also, don’t forget to equip a pet as your active companion since they help in combat and deal with a small but relevant amount of DPS.


Artifacts are acquired later on in the game but will also be an integral part in raising your combat power. Depending on your class, you’ll receive a specific artifact that boosts your most important secondary stats. Like many of the items on this list, you can also upgrade your artifact so that the value of stats that it gives increases. You can also collect other artifacts along the way as you level up.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Aside from leveling up artifacts, players can also refine and soulforge these items. They are basically additional ways to upgrade your artifact that use different resources. It’s a good idea to farm these resources regularly since you can only attempt to finish them a certain number of times per day. If you want to catch up with serious players, you’ll need to allot time to farm regularly.