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Fortnite Mobile for Android – How to Score the Best Loot and Gear Up

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Collecting gear and other equipment is an important part of most battle royale games, and Fortnite Mobile is no exception. Despite this game being quite unique thanks to its distinctive building mechanics and innovative loot rarity system, the fact still remains that your odds of victory are closely related to the quality of your gear. In a scenario where two players of similar skills face off against each other, the one with the better gear will inevitably come out on top. In this sense, the loot phase in Fortnite is as important as the ones in other similar games.

Fortnite Mobile for Android – How to Score the Best Loot and Gear Up

However, just like in other battle royale titles, matches in Fortnite have a distinct flow that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with in order to score those sweet Victory Royales. It’s important to know when to loot and how to move around the map without leaving yourself vulnerable, which is what we’re going to talk about in this article.

The Different Types of Loot Containers

Most of the loot and gear in Fortnite comes from many different containers, while a good portion can also be picked up from the ground as regular drops. The most common containers, which you can find basically anywhere, are the treasure chests, which emit a sparkling sound whenever you have one nearby and also appear on your interface with a proximity indicator.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Score the Best Loot and Gear Up

However, the best gear is almost always available from the rarest sources such as Supply Llamas and Supply Drops. The former can spawn in specific parts of the map every match, while the latter is dropped from planes at a rate of two containers per circle phase. Other than your standard chests and the supply drops and llamas, you can also find ammo containers that are full of, you guessed it, different types of ammunition.

Gearing Up at the Beginning

The idea of the loot phase in Fortnite is to be as unpredictable as possible. If you’ve been playing other battle royale games, it would be normal for you to land on any spot and take your time going from building to building in search of loot. While this strategy is also valid in this game, the method through which you can accomplish this is slightly different, mostly due to the building mechanic that allows for some creative exploration.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Score the Best Loot and Gear Up

The idea of the loot phase in any battle royale game is in the name itself; getting loot and arming yourself for combat. However, instead of going about this by walking from building to building, entering through the doors, as everyone expects, you can create your own entrances by breaking down walls with your pickaxe to keep your enemies guessing in Fortnite. In fact, if you land in places with small houses, you might benefit more from breaking through the roof as there are frequently loot chests in the attic, not to mention that you could get the drop on any unsuspecting enemies that are looting the bottom floor.

When it comes to actually looting gear, most of your acquisitions in this phase will come from regular floor drops and chests. You have to move fast as competition is fierce and you will probably have to fight your first enemy shortly after landing. We recommend picking up a shotgun if possible as most of the combat at this time will take place in close quarters as you run into players that are also gearing up. A single well-placed shotgun blast to the chest can make short work of anybody.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Score the Best Loot and Gear Up

Controlling the Match in the Mid-Game

If you survived the initial fights, give yourself a pat on the back; you’re already better than most! The next phase consists mostly of moving around, getting a good position in the circle, and further upgrading your gear with better pieces than the ones you found in the beginning. Don’t forget to farm materials for your constructions, though; they are quite important as they will allow you to scale mountains and buildings, protect yourself in case of an ambush, or even rush and overpower your enemies.

At this point, however, most of your upgrades and materials will come from defeating other players and teams. Since you’ll often need to reposition in order to stay inside the circle, you may not have any time to waste on hitting trees, cars, and walls with your pickaxe. Instead, you’d be better off hunting other players and taking their loot.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Score the Best Loot and Gear Up

The mid-game is where the average player is defeated in Fortnite Mobile, as fights are quite different than in the beginning. While in the first few minutes, fights are mostly about outplaying your enemies with your shooting skills, the building mechanic becomes much more important later on. In this sense, you’ll see players actively building structures for both offensive and defensive purposes, which puts those who are not good builders at an inherent disadvantage.

The Final Circle

During the last part of the match, you really don’t need to worry about loot other than materials and consumables. Wood, stone, and metal, alongside bandages, medkits, and shield potions are your best friends here since there will rarely be enough time between battles to catch your breath, other than the occasional pause to heal and shield.

Fortnite Mobile for Android - How to Score the Best Loot and Gear Up

Sadly, there are no real tips to give for this phase and it usually comes down to your own personal skill at shooting, building, and moving around the map. But don’t worry, with practice, you’ll be celebrating your Victory Royales with the pros before long!

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