There is a lot that needs to be learned when it comes to playing as an entry fragger or an aggressive player in Free Fire. So much has to be taken into consideration when you push towards your enemies looking for fights. Most of the time players who tend to push a lot die due to making bad decisions. You may think that your aim, movement, and utility usage is at a good level but in the higher ranks, it’s not your skills that matter but your decisions. Most players who are playing in the higher ranks and grinding to reach Grandmaster rank are those who have invested a lot of hours in the game. 

Free Fire Booyah Guide for Battle Royale: Creating Advantage Is Key

They know the entire map and how to rotate on it to find new enemies and increase their kill numbers. This Free Fire guide is going to explain how you can increase your chances of winning in close range fights and intense situations. These tips are mostly going to address how you can make smart plays in the game, so you don’t get caught with your pants down. 

Use Doors and Windows:

Something that is a big part of playing Free Fire battle royale is using the buildings and surroundings as cover in a fight. Buildings and houses are present on all of the battle royale maps and players use them for more than one purpose. Some players use houses to camp inside and wait for an unsuspecting player to enter it while others use those same houses to snipe at their enemies from the windows. These houses are sometimes without an upper level to them, and sometimes they do have one. Something that you will need to learn is how you can use these structures in the game to not only bait and kill players but also outsmart them. 

Free Fire Booyah Guide for Battle Royale: Creating Advantage Is Key

Houses that have an upper level with stairs can be used for a lot of things. You can use them to find an elevated position to have a better view of your surroundings and to hide from your attackers as well. Another thing that you can do is put some mines on the stairway, so enemy players get blasted away if they try to pursue you. Put some mines just before the entrance of the house you will be occupying. So even if any enemy tries to enter the house, they will trip the landmine. Even if they don’t get caught up in the blast, you still will get alerted of their presence. You can also bait enemy players and then switch up on them. These houses in Free Fire have multiple windows on them that you can use to switch up the angle on your enemy.

If the enemy has seen you enter the house and climb the staircase, then just jump out of that house from an angle that the enemy cannot see you from. Since the enemy cannot see you they will presume that you probably are a passive player and camping inside the house. They can make a push to your dummy location, and you can then easily shoot them from behind. Remember to put some landmine traps in the house you are leaving to give it an appearance of being inhabited by you. As a sniper, you can use the windows to change your angle of shooting. In case you are alone and facing a squad then you can use grenades and smokes to hide your location and footsteps from the enemy as you do a rotation on them. 

Free Fire Booyah Guide for Battle Royale: Creating Advantage Is Key

Yes, that is another thing that you can do with houses in Free Fire. In locations like Peak, you have multiple structures that you can use and since it is a hot drop location, you know that players will be getting sweaty for getting their kill count up. In locations like these you can use these houses to wall peek on your enemies and take some unsuspecting kills. 

TPP Advantage:

Most of the engagements that happen in Free Fire are based on the way a player peeks. It’s all about finding the right angles and out peeking your opponents in the game. Think about how you fight when you’re outside a building that has a boundary wall outside and enemies on the inside. You will almost always put up a gloo wall and try to peek out where they are positioned. Other things that you could do includes trying to throw a grenade inside without being caught. In almost anything that you can think of, you will try to use the peek advantage. Now, since it is all about finding the right angles, you should try to focus on making the right choices. Let’s say you’re moving towards a building that has three players inside. 

Free Fire Booyah Guide for Battle Royale: Creating Advantage Is Key

These enemies spot you in the middle of your push. If you’re in a position where you can take shots on them from an MP40 then you probably can throw a grenade or a smoke bomb. You can then put up two or three gloo walls and try to get an angle and throw a grenade to kill the enemies. They will probably get away from the blast but that grenade will force them to change their position for a second. You can use that time to either move forward with the push or to change your angle of approach. If you have a smoke grenade then you can use gloo walls as cover while you return fire and then use smoke grenades to block the enemy’s view. 

One thing to note here would be to use smokes only when you have buildings around you to run inside or if you have a car to get away with. A grenade has the potential to down an enemy or give them chip damage, a smoke doesn’t. Smokes can just block the enemy’s field of view. It is not a hard cover like a gloo wall but a soft cover like a bush would be in the game. 

Sound Games:

Sounds play an important role in Free Fire when it comes to finding information on the target’s approach. Footsteps can tell when a player is nearby your location, while the sounds of shooting and blasts can help you find the direction of engagements. That is why many pro players of the game recommend investing in a good pair of headphones. When a sound is made that is within the earshot of the player, then the source of sound shows up in the mini-map with the direction it came from. Since sounds can be such a source of information, it can also be used for disinformation as well. 

Free Fire Booyah Guide for Battle Royale: Creating Advantage Is Key

If you are playing a solo game and have a suppressor then you can use it to spread misinformation. There will be times when you will be in the end game and only three players are left. In that case, if the last zone is in a place where there are a few buildings to hide then you can take your suppressor off and fire a few shots. Then change your position and wait for enemies to make an approach. This is your basic bait and switch strategy. Other things include throwing a grenade or smoke bomb in a random direction to see if your enemies make a move. In a duo or squad game, where you have a teammate to depend on, you can ask them to make a few ghost shots from another location and then fall back to the holding position. It cannot be said enough times but in the higher ranks, the games are all decided on strategy. 

Smart Plays:

So many times has it happened that players got greedy for kills and decided to pursue targets outside the safe zone. This is something that is seen in every level of Free Fire and is one of the most stupid mistakes you can make in the game. The tip however is based on a larger point which is when to push and when to fall back. Let’s say you see an enemy enter a building near you and the enemy has not spotted you. Now, if you have 150 HP or less and a level 1 vest and helmet with not a decent weapon, it would be better to wait or fall back. 

Free Fire Booyah Guide for Battle Royale: Creating Advantage Is Key

Yes, you can approach the enemy and maybe even win the engagement but what if the enemy has a better weapon than you? What if there is another enemy hiding nearby, and they start an attack on you when you are already in an engagement? There are a lot of probables that you need to consider if you want to get a Booyah in the end. Making smart plays is about finding the maximum level of advantage in any fight. Always make sure that you are in a better position than your opponent if you want to win. Maximum HP, Maxed out helmet and vest, grenades, smoke bombs, gloo walls, good guns, positioning, and skills all come together to give you an edge in any engagement. There is a reason why players prefer certain weapons and places in the game that play to their advantage. 

Contribute Damage:

This tip is solely for players who play duo and squad games with a dependable team. This tip is about combining rotations and using character skills correctly. For this strategy to work you need one player that can regenerate HP primarily. That player will be the tank or the frontman since that player will be able to take more damage and survive. Character skills that are perfect for it include Skylar’s Riptide Rhythm, K’s Master of All, Alok’s Drop the Beat, and Jota’s Sustained Raids. You can use other character skills as well, but these are the ones that would be ideal for these type of strategies. Players who are going to be tanks will enter an engagement from the front, acting like a shield and a magnet. 

Free Fire Booyah Guide for Battle Royale: Creating Advantage Is Key

They will take enemy fire and dish out return fire as well. The other player will be the support player who needs to have character skills that can amplify damage or make engagements very one sided. These character skills include Shirou’s Damage Delivered, Chrono’s Time Turner, Hayato’s Bushido, and Wukong’s Camouflage. This player is going to be making the contributing damage to the enemies and will be the one responsible for taking them out. Just remember that this player has to be with the tank at all times in the field and not as a sniper from a distance. The tank will run towards the enemy and engage them in a fight. They will start receiving damage from the enemy fire as well. Meanwhile, the support player will come from the undefended side of the enemy and start giving them damage. You can use smokes and grenades as well to distract the enemy in the engagement if you have them.