Free Fire is a battle royale game that has an exhaustive character list. These characters are part of the game and each of them has its own unique abilities. Players can activate these abilities in the game and use them against their enemies. What makes this character system unique is that the game allows players to combine those abilities together to make the best character possible. The maximum number of character abilities that you can combine is four. So it becomes imperative to make the best character combination for the job. If you’re an aggressive entry fragger then going for a character combination that can help you be faster and more accurate is the answer.

Free Fire Character Skill Combo Guide: Shirou, Chronos, Kelly, Hayato

Some players tend to play more passively and use character abilities that can regenerate health. In this Free Fire guide, you will be learning about Shirou. This is a character that has been recently added to the game. Now, one thing you need to know about this character is that this is not a game-breaking character. Certain characters like Chrono, K, Hayato, and Wukong broke the game when they were added. Their abilities are so powerful that players need to come up with strategies to counter them. That being said, not all characters have such game-breaking abilities. The fact is that most of the characters in Free Fire, including Shirou have abilities that work much better when stacked with other abilities. 

Free Fire Character Skill Combo Guide: Shirou, Chronos, Kelly, Hayato


Shirou’s ability is called Damage Delivered. This is a passive ability that allows the user to get the location of any enemy who has delivered damage within 80 m. Damage Delivered also allows the user to deliver an armor penetrating round with 50% additional armor penetration at level 1. At level 8 which is also the max level you can upgrade Shirou to, you get 100% armor penetration at the first shot. Needless to say that Shirou has a great ability, but to get its full advantage you’ll need to combine it with a few more abilities. 

Chrono Time-Turner: 

Chrono has become a pivotal character in Free Fire ever since he was added to the game. His ability is called Time Turner and once it is activated, you will be able to take up to 600 damage from the enemies. Time Turner is an ability that creates a circular force field around its user. Inside the force field, any player can block damage from the enemy fire. The ability is so overpowered that almost any player that can use it is using it. 

Free Fire Character Skill Combo Guide: Shirou, Chronos, Kelly, Hayato

To understand how this ability works with Damage Delivered ability, you need a scenario. When you’re playing a battle royale game and are in the open when you get attacked, with the Time-Turner ability you can create a defensive circle around you. Then, with the Damage Delivered ability, you will be able to ping the enemy’s location and deliver an armor-penetrating round. Having a Chrono in your character arsenal is almost a necessity in Free Fire. 

Hayato Bushido:

Another character that has a great ability in the game is Hayato. Just like Shirou, Hayato’s ability is also a passive ability. It’s called Bushido, and it works differently than Damage Delivered. Shirou’s ability works when you receive damage from the enemy. Bushido works when there is a reduction in your max HP. To elaborate upon it more, Damage Delivered needs an enemy to shoot at you to get activated. However, Bushido needs just a reduction in your max HP to activate itself. The reason why Hayato’s Bushido is a great choice for Shirou’s Damage Delivered is because both of their abilities are somewhat similar. 

Free Fire Character Skill Combo Guide: Shirou, Chronos, Kelly, Hayato

Both of these abilities increase armor penetration, but with a little difference. While Damage Delivered works only for the first shot, Bushido increases armor penetration on all rounds fired. Till the Bushido is activated, every round that you fire will have additional armor penetration. This will go on till the ability goes in the cooldown phase. The reason why the ability is a great choice for Shirou’s ability is to increase your armor penetration throughout a fight. While Shirou’s ability is great for 1v1 engagements, many of your fights won’t be like that. That is where the Bushido comes in handy. You switch from an additional 50% armor penetration to 7.5%. However, you still have above average armor penetration advantage in a fight. 


Every player of this game is aware of Kelly and her ability. If there was ever an ability that was supposed to be part of every solo player’s arsenal, then it’s this one. Kelly’s ability is called Dash, and what it does is basically increase sprinting speed. Here’s the thing about it, there is no cooldown. Basically, Kelly’s ability is always on and that means your sprinting speed is always up anywhere from 1% to 6%. This is one of those abilities that you just need to have in your skill combination. Once you combine all of these abilities together, you get a character that is perfect for solo games. Each of these abilities are going to make your chances of winning very high. 

Free Fire Character Skill Combo Guide: Shirou, Chronos, Kelly, Hayato

To paint a picture, you have Damage Delivered ability. With this ability, you will be able to tell where you are getting shot at on your mini-map. You can then immediately deploy the Time-Turner shield to give a protective cover from the enemy fire. Then, since you have Damage Delivered, you can shoot your enemy and be sure of killing them if they have no armor or a damaged armor. Even when the ability enters in to cool down, you still have Hayato’s Bushido ability as a backup for when there are more than one enemy. And when everything else fails, you can still call on Kelly’s Dash to get you out of trouble faster. Another character that you can use instead of Shirou is Moco. Her ability is called Cyber Eye, and it allows players to see who has shot them for 2 seconds at level 1 to 5 seconds at level 6. Her ability however is not dependent on getting shot or damaged by the enemy and has no 80 m distance constraints.