Guns are a defining part of any good battle royale game. Each game comes with its own gun mechanics that play a huge part in how well it is received. Free Fire is no exception to this rule. In fact, the game has very intricate gun mechanics that play a huge part in the outcome of every battle royale or clash squad game. At the base level is the weapon on its own which is what a player picks up in a battle royale game. A player might have picked up an AK when they dropped in Peak, but you can amplify the attributes of the weapon too. One way to do it is in-game by using attachments like stock and scope to help make the gun more controllable and powerful. Then you can use gun skins that you get in the game to increase the base attributes of your guns. 

Free Fire Gun Guide for Close Range Fights - SMG and Shotguns Only

If you have a gun skin for AK that increases accuracy or recoil and decreases movement or damage, and you have equipped it then your AK will also have those attributes. In Free Fire, a gun skin basically changes the stats of the base weapon. Now, something to note here is that in tournaments of Free Fire, players are not allowed to use their gun skins. Even in many of the custom games players don’t use gun skins. This is done to make sure that all players are on an equal playing field and have no unfair advantage in the game. However, the problem is that without an unfair advantage you cannot win an engagement. So then what becomes important is choosing the right weapon which has good stats. However, most players tend to make their choices based on just damage numbers or armor penetration. 

Free Fire Gun Guide for Close Range Fights - SMG and Shotguns Only

They don’t take the holistic view of the weapon and how actually those stats play out in the game. In this Free Fire guide, you will be learning about the five weapons that are perfect for close-range fights. Since this weapon guide is only going to be about close-range weapons, it will only feature SMGs and shotguns. Guns like the SCAR and AK are also good at close range, but they are not ideal for it. They don’t have the required fire rate or firepower to make a big impact in a close range. SMGs have a fast rate of fire, which means that the bullets reach the target faster and deliver damage faster too. Shotguns have very high damage and are devastating in extremely close-ranged fights. 


This might come as a surprise for many players who prefer using the UMP or MP40 SMG but the Thompson is an SMG that offers a lot more than just raw numbers. This gun has a fire rate higher than the UMP and MP5 and more accuracy, range, and damage than the MP40. Its fire rate is less than that of the MP40 but not by a significant margin. To explain this, you will need to understand how these numbers or stats come together to make one of the most useable SMGs in close range. First, you need to understand where and how the Thompson is a better gun than others. Since the rate of fire of this weapon is neither too high like the MP40 nor too low. 

Free Fire Gun Guide for Close Range Fights - SMG and Shotguns Only

It is right in the middle where the recoil is manageable and so is the firing speed. That means more stability in close-range fights where you need to move your crosshair around a lot. Another thing to note about the Thompson is its range. It has a range of 30 meters which is excellent for an SMG. So when you are in engagements in places surrounded by buildings, you can shoot the nearby enemies hiding in the other building. Range is necessary for an SMG user since their main adversary is the shotgun. By having a good range the Thompson allows the player to increase the distance between themselves and the shotgun user. In Free Fire, this gun is fairly easy to find, and many times might be the first weapon you pick up after dropping. It’s a fairly accurate gun for close-range fights but not nearly as effective in clash squad games. 


This is another SMG that has been making a name for itself ever since it arrived in the game. MP5 is one of the preferred SMGs in both Clash Squad games and in battle royale for many reasons. First is the fact that it is a complete weapon. What that means is that it has all the necessary attributes in the right amount to make it a perfect pick for anyone. It offers an insane rate of fire and superfast reload speed. This is a big reason why players prefer using the MP5 over other SMGs. With a high rate of fire and superfast reload, you will be able to take more engagements in close range. 

Free Fire Gun Guide for Close Range Fights - SMG and Shotguns Only

The faster reload speed lets players enter the fight quicker. In battle royale games this becomes much more apparent when you are taking on two or more players head-on. Many players can attest to the fact that they have lost the game because they died while reloading. That is why having a superfast reload is an advantage in a fight. The gun comes with a 48-round mag which can be extended using an attachment in-game. This is an extremely stable gun that can shoot comfortably till 40 meters. Range, firing speed, and reload speed together make this one of the best guns you can pick in the game. 


This gun has been recently added in Free Fire and still, it is early to judge how this gun will turn out. As of now, the MAG-7 is one of the easiest shotguns to use in close range. However, this type of gun is not the right choice for many players. When it comes to shotguns, Free Fire has the M1014, M1887, M1873, MAG-7 and SPAS12. Out of these shotguns, only the MAG-7 is fully automatic and does a bit less damage than other shotguns. However, you should remember that the M1014’s damage is 94 which is one of the highest in all guns. The MAG-7’s damage is lower than other shotguns at 89, but it still packs a punch. There is not a single fully automatic weapon in the game that can do similar damage in close range. The MAG-7 is a very unique shotgun and has a ton of benefits for its users.

Free Fire Gun Guide for Close Range Fights - SMG and Shotguns Only

Now, the type of player that will prefer using a MAG-7 in battle royale games is probably someone who is maybe at the Gold rank in the game. This is a great gun to use but most players at the higher ranks tend to favor the M1887 over it. When it comes to benefits of using the MAG-7 shotgun, you get an eight-round holding shotgun. Those are eight rounds that can do 89 damage each. All the other shotguns do have higher damage but they are not as versatile as the MAG-7 in Free Fire. The gun gives you good accuracy, speed, and range. There are some downsides to this gun as well. When you shoot from this gun, the damage is not as pointed as it is with the M1887. It compensates for that with a higher rate of fire among the game’s shotguns and a bigger mag size as well. 


This is one shotgun that has been dominating the game’s meta for a long time now. If you are an aggressive player who tends to do rushes often in the game then you probably use this gun. The M1887 is one of the few guns that players are maining right now without realizing it. The M1887 in Free Fire is the one gun that is not at all versatile. You cannot do anything else with this gun except fight in extremely close ranges. Even though it has a ton of flaws like being single-fire, holding only two bullets, and inaccuracy, it is still the most picked gun in clash squad games. M1887 combines very high damage with fast movement and reload speed. 

Free Fire Gun Guide for Close Range Fights - SMG and Shotguns Only

Yes, it only holds two bullets but each of those bullets have a damage stat of 100, which is probably the highest of any gun in the game. Players who use this gun have their movement and aim at a very high point to use it with precision. Since the gun doesn’t have good accuracy, players need to make sure that they know every aspect of its mechanics. No doubt the M1887 demands a ton out of the user, but it rewards them with a kill shot in just two bullets. Think about it, a player has only 200 HP in the game and the M1887 can deliver 100 damage per bullet. The rest of it is up to you entirely. 


This is the top gun when it comes to close-range combat and is dominating the meta in Free Fire right now. Vector is an SMG that has been recently added to the game, and it comes with a massive advantage. The gun has something called Akimbo which lets the user duel wield it in the game. Basically, you can run with two vectors in your hand and shoot them simultaneously as well. As you can imagine, this is a massive advantage to have in close-range combat. 

Free Fire Gun Guide for Close Range Fights - SMG and Shotguns Only

Since a player can shoot with two vectors at once, they can increase the damage to the target by double; double the rate of fire, damage, and accuracy. This gun’s range is at 32 meters and damage at 47 with the highest rate of fire. Yes, vector’s rate of fire is at 81 while the fastest shooting gun in Free Fire, the MP40 has a rate of fire of 83. This is a must-have gun in your clash squad games if you are the type of player who likes to run and gun.