This Free Fire guide will address something a bit different. Usually, all of the guides on this game cover topics like guns, skill combinations, pets, and sometimes proper strategies. Here what you will be learning in this one, however, is the guns to use with certain character skills. Now, this guide is not specifically for battle royale games but the guns and character skills mentioned here will still hold. 

Free Fire Character Skills for Clash Squads Explained with Guns

The reason for using Clash Squad games as a basis for this guide was simple; you can buy your guns in this mode. Before the guide begins, here’s how the character skills and guns have been decided. If you’re using a skill like Dead Silent that Rafael has, then using which type of gun will make the skill useful in the game. The skills mentioned here are all passive since active skills don’t affect the gun stats. Active skills at most will give your HP or movement speed a boost. Passive skills are the ones that affect your gun. 

D-Bee’s Bullet Beats:

This ability has been a game changer in Free Fire when it comes to passive skills. Players who have been playing battle royale games or FPS shooters, in general, know the importance of movement in fights. The big sacrifice that you have to make when you incorporate movement in your fights is accuracy. Accuracy goes for a toss when you have to constantly keep moving around in your fights. This is where D-Bee’s ability Bullet Beats comes into play, and it does make a huge difference. 

Free Fire Character Skills for Clash Squads Explained with Guns

Bullet Beats will increase your movement speed and accuracy together when you shoot while moving. The way accuracy works in Free Fire is by increasing the effect of your aim assist. More of your shots will connect with the enemy when you shoot at them and this will decrease the time it takes you to kill. Now, the guns that are perfect for this ability range from the M1887 shotgun to vector SMG. Try to use guns that give a ton of damage in close range but lack accuracy. 

Shirou’s Damage Delivered:

This is another new character that has been added in the game along with D-Bee and comes with an insane ability. Damage Delivered is an ability that can mark any enemy you have shot inside a certain radius and show their location on your mini-map. Then the next shot you take on that marked player will have additional armor penetration. At level 6, that ability can mark any enemy inside 80 meters for 6 seconds on your mini-map. You will also get 100% additional armor penetration on your first shot. As you can imagine, this ability is too deadly with sniper rifles and marksman rifles. If you can’t then you need to learn the bullet mechanics of Free Fire. 

Free Fire Character Skills for Clash Squads Explained with Guns

If you have noticed, the further you shoot at your enemy the less you damage them. That is something you will see in any good game with decent gun mechanics. This phenomenon is called bullet drop, and it affects the snipers most. Shirou’s ability can help you in countering that loss in damage by giving you more armor penetration and killing your enemy at a distance. Guns to use with this ability include the M82B, AWM, and SVD. You can also include the Woodpecker in this mix of guns. These guns will help you utilize this ability to its fullest effect and that marking ability will make sure that you know where you kill is hiding. 

Jota’s Sustained Raids:

Jota has been in Free Fire for some time now but players have hardly paid any attention to this character. Sustained Raids is one of those few abilities in this game that can make a big difference in your fights. This ability recovers HP when you hit the enemy with your bullets. That is even before you down them but if you do down an enemy you will recover 20% of your maximum HP at level 6. Yes, character skills that grant you HP in the game are not unusual, but Jota’s ability comes without any limits or drawbacks. 

Free Fire Character Skills for Clash Squads Explained with Guns

You don’t need to lose any HP for this skill to work or anything else. This ability works without any conditions and limitations. There is always Luqueta that you can use in your games, but there is a catch with his ability. You can only increase your HP to 50 and no further. If that’s the character you have then use Luqueta instead of Jota. Anyway, the guns that you can use with this character skill include AK, vector, MP40, and any gun that has a high rate of fire. The more your shots hit the enemy, the more HP you will recover. An ability like this will also help you gain some health back even when you don’t have a medkit on you. 

Caroline’s Agility:

Caroline has been in Free Fire for a very long time and her ability was for Clash Squads but hasn’t been utilized yet. This is by no means a character that has some insane skill like Shirou’s, but Agility is a very gun-specific skill. This skill will increase your movement speed when holding a shotgun. Yes, the skill is a bit similar to Kelly’s Dash, but this skill is more specific and can be a boon for shotgun users in Clash Squad. At level 6 this skill can increase your movement speed by 8% and that is more than Kelly’s. 

Free Fire Character Skills for Clash Squads Explained with Guns

Not only that but the Dash skill can only increase your sprinting speed by some margin. This is a passive skill that will increase your movement speed as a whole. If you are a shotgun player who uses M1887 or M1014 at extremely close range then this skill is something that you should consider. By increasing your movement speed and using a shotgun, you can enter and exit from an engagement far quicker than most players. Since the skill works only with shotguns, you can use it with any of them, but the best choices will be the M1887 and M1014.