Free Fire Clash Squads is not a battle royale, but a sort of team deathmatch mixed with BR. Two teams play in an enclosed area with an ever-shrinking safe zone, and whichever team eliminates the other wins. That and the fact players have to buy their arsenal makes it a proper team deathmatch. The only components it borrows from battle royale are the match locations and the shrinking safe zone. It does make playing this game mode very unique, but it also means that you can use techniques used by the Gods of Counter Strike. In this Free Fire guide, you will be learning about something called Flanking. It is a strategy that has been part of multiplayer FPS shooters since the genre’s inception. When used correctly, you can win round after round with ease. 

What is Flanking

The way flanking works is by your team gaining the map control. What that means is you’re setting the terms of engagements. Usually, players when playing Clash Squads tend to focus towards the center of the map. They will start just running towards the mid map looking for enemy players when they can actually circle them. The idea of flanking is to take down enemies one after the other by isolating them. 

Free Fire Strategy Guide for Clash Squad: Learn How to Flank

Isolating gun fights will make sure that most engagements will turn out in your favor. To achieve this, you need to circle around the map and then go looking for the enemies from the angles they would use to approach you. By doing this, you make sure that you have the upper hand, and you will catch your enemies off guard. Flanking is basically making an attack from the blindside of the enemy. This strategy has proven itself in Clash Squads games many times. 

Method of Flanking

Flanking works by sending one or two players from the sides of the map while the rest of the team moves from the center. In Free Fire Clash Squads, there are four players in each team, which means that one of them will go for the flank. The other three will move in coordination with each other, looking for the enemy team. While they’re doing this, the player who has gone for the flank will make the approach from the blind spot of the enemy. Once the rest of the team engages the enemy team, the flanker will move from the blind spot and kill the enemies from the sides. Now you have a better picture of how flanking is supposed to be done, but in Free Fire Clash Squads there is a lot more to this strategy. 

Free Fire Strategy Guide for Clash Squad: Learn How to Flank

Since the game has very well laid out character skills and the fact that you can buy your guns in Clash Squads means that flanking takes a whole new dimension. In Free Fire Clash Squads, your team will have four players out of which one is going to be the flanker. It should be noted that a flanker cannot be a player who cannot snipe. Someone who is good at long range engagements should be the flanker. The reason is that a flanker player needs to be stealthy and quiet to mask their movement and not reveal their location. A successful flank is one that your enemies don’t see coming. To that end, the type of guns that the rest of the team should choose must be full of firepower. Shotguns like the M1887 and M1014 can be their guns of choice. 

Free Fire Strategy Guide for Clash Squad: Learn How to Flank

Even SMGs like the MP40 and vector are perfect for them. These three players will need to make a lot of noise to keep the enemies engaged till the flanker comes through. The flanker, on the other hand, needs to use sniper rifles or marksman rifles to take shots from a distance. A flanker has to change their position after downing an enemy immediately to keep the enemy team engaged from both fronts. Guns like the AWM, M82B, SVD, and Woodpecker are all great options for a flanker. 

Flanker’s Character Skill Combo

For making a flanker’s character skill combination, you need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly is the role a flanker has to play and then choosing the character that makes fulfilling that role easier. A flanker has to maintain their distance from both their team and from the enemy’s team. That’s why they need a skill combination which helps them in their survival and also helps their team in the game. Basically what you’re looking for is accuracy and movement with an ability that can reveal the enemy’s location to your team. For accuracy and movement, you will use the new character D-Bee. 

Free Fire Strategy Guide for Clash Squad: Learn How to Flank

His ability Bullet Beats increases your movement speed while shooting and also your accuracy. Since you will be using a sniper rifle or a marksman rifle, your accuracy needs to be at an extreme level. By using the Bullet Beats ability, you will be taking care of the movement speed and the accuracy part. Since silence is a big part of being a flanker and you need to mask your location, you can go for Rafael. His ability Dead Silent will make your sniper rifles and marksman rifles automatically silent. That way you can take long shots on your enemies from a good distance and change your location safely after downing them. Another part of the Dead Silent ability is that it depletes HP from downed enemies at a much faster rate. 

Free Fire Strategy Guide for Clash Squad: Learn How to Flank

So if you down an enemy, they won’t even be able to get revived in the game. Now, to put the final bow on this skill combination, use Laura with her Sharp Shooter. This ability increases your accuracy when you take ADS shots from your scope. All of these skills when brought together make a combination that is perfect for downing enemies from a distance. Another skill that you can use is Shirou’s Damage Delivered ability. This ability will allow you to tag the shot enemy and reveal their location on your mini map. When you take a shot on the marked enemy, your bullet will have 100% more armor penetration at level 6.