Something that has been a source of constant irritation and pain to players pushing rank in Free Fire is campers. They are present in almost every lobby and ruin the experience of other players who come in contact with them. If you didn’t already know, campers are players who tend to find a position to hide in the game and hold it until they have to move again. These players will enter a building that is inside the safe zone and then hide inside a spot and wait. They will wait until a player approaches their location and the moment the camper hears the footsteps they will pre-aim at the point of entrance and shoot the player dead. On the face of it, this sounds like a fine strategy to use in a battle royale game.

Free Fire Guide for Defeating Campers: Scout Your Surroundings

However, players who have been pushing and finding kills in the game get downed like dogs by a hiding camper. Now, camping isn’t against the rules of Free Fire, and it is the job of players to find campers and kill them. This guide is going to explain how to find campers in the game. By the end of it you should know how to deal with campers to a good degree, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t still get killed by one. If your play style is focused on finding enemies and making pushes, the camper’s play style is the opposite. Campers are patient players who can hold an area for a very long period of time. They will let go of kills if they don’t feel confident about the engagement and keep holding the same position. You need to play around these campers if you want to win fights against them. 

Retreat if Needed

This is a very important tip for every player who is playing the game and finding kills. As a player you need to understand what an engagement is in Free Fire. When you are in a fight with another player, there are multiple variables that you take into consideration. Their guns, character skills, game skills, utility usage, and multiple other factors are calculated in less than a blink of an eye, and you enter a fight. Now, if you are in a fight, there are options that you have as a player. First is committing to the fight and seeing it till the end. Second is to abandon the fight and move on to something else. Most of the choices that are available to you depend on the engagement. 

Free Fire Guide for Defeating Campers: Scout Your Surroundings

It can be a 1v2, 1v1, 1v3, 1v4, 2v3, 2v4, 2v2, 3v3, 3v4, 4v4 engagement and the choice depends on the player if they want to commit to the fight. A good rule of thumb is to have more advantages in a fight than your opponent instead of having a fair fight with them. When you come in contact with a camper, it will most likely be the camper that initiates the fight. Even if they don’t fire a round in the entire game, they will kill you the moment you enter their territory. It is when this happens that a fight begins and the camper has the most advantage. They have a better pre-aim and prep than you, they already know your angle of approach and when you will enter. Basically, they have every bit of information to put their crosshair on you. 

Free Fire Guide for Defeating Campers: Scout Your Surroundings

You’re entering the camper’s territory with zero information on them. So if the fight begins between you and the camper, only commit to it if you are sure that you will win. Even if there is a shred of doubt in your mind about the fight, run away. If you have 10 kills then it is better to run away from an unfavorable fight than to commit to it. A camper understands this and that’s why they will only play to be in the top 5 players of that game. Coming in the top five with two kills is not a bad stat to have for many players if they’re using double EXP cards. 

Scout Your Surroundings

The good thing about campers is that most of them are not very smart and tend to make some mistakes. Most common ones include leaving the vehicle just outside the building they are camping inside or staying in the same location where they have made a kill. There are small signs in the game that campers leave behind which can be a tell for their location. That is why scouting an area or building before entering is so important. By doing a quick peek inside the building through the windows you can avert a lot of damage and avoid getting caught in the camper’s trap. 

Free Fire Guide for Defeating Campers: Scout Your Surroundings

Among the things that you can do to find campers include throwing grenades in buildings you suspect the camper to be hiding. You can also shoot a few dummy shots when you are in an area full of buildings to see if there is any reaction from a camper. Since campers tend to hold angles and pre-aim at the point of entrance, you can also use smoke bombs to blind them. Gloo walls too can come in handy when you want to create a gap between you and the camper. 


When it comes to picking weapons, most players tend to go for guns that are very powerful. This is not a bad strategy when it comes to any battle royale game but when it comes to campers, you need something that is not just powerful. You need to make a mental note of how campers usually fight in Free Fire. They will sit and hold an angle with the best weapon they can find, and they probably won’t be using the M1887. Campers stick with guns like the AK or SCAR and sometimes with an SMG. Basically any gun that can spray on the target and at close range the recoil is also very manageable is used by campers. 

Free Fire Guide for Defeating Campers: Scout Your Surroundings

If you’re wondering why they don’t use the M1887, it’s because that gun requires a lot of movement and aim skills from its user. Campers are good at holding an area and taking fights with extreme stealth. So the type of weapons that you should pick up when you are dealing with campers is something that is easy to manage in extremely close ranges. Guns like the MP5 and MP40 are both great options when dealing with a camper. Vector won’t be able to do the job here since the recoil when using it in Akimbo is all over the place. Low recoil, fast fire rate, and good damage is what you should be aiming for when picking a weapon in a game of campers. MP5 and MP40 will give you the option of giving chip damage to the camper when you engage in a fight and the ability to run away quickly from an unfavorable fight.