In Free Fire Clash Squad games there are only a few locations players get to play on. These locations are chosen from the battle royale maps and are usually those places that see a lot of action. Something that players must know is that all the locations for Clash Squad games are self-contained mini-maps. So, while you don’t drop in these locations as you would in a battle royale game, there will still be a shrinking safe zone. Most of the time players will have to play their Clash Squad games in Central, Moathouse, Crossroads, and Lumber Mill. All of these locations are part of the Purgatory map. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Map Guide: Send Enemies to the Purgatory

There is the Bermuda map that is usually used by battle royale players and the Purgatory map has the most Clash Squad locations. In this Free Fire guide, the main focus is going to be the Purgatory map and its Clash Squad locations. It is a unique map in the game as it has a lot of areas that are perfect for Clash Squad games. For players who want to reach a higher rank in the CS games, this guide will help them in learning how to maneuver the terrain. By understanding the terrain around you and by increasing your map knowledge you can chart a better path to victory.


Starting with the Moathouse, it is one of the hot drop locations in this battle royale and the playing area of Clash Squad. When there are two teams of four players, you can safely assume that most players on both sides won’t be taking any advantage of the terrain. Moathouse is located in an area that has ridges all around it. All of the buildings and structures of Moathouse are on top of these ridges. So, when a player is in the part of the Moathouse area where there are buildings, they can’t see anything below the ridge. This makes these ridges of Moathouse perfect pathways to do a flank on the enemy team. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Map Guide: Send Enemies to the Purgatory

If you’re unfamiliar with flanking, it is when a player takes a different path of approach from the rest of the team to attack the enemy. The idea is that while the enemies are fighting your team, you can make an attack from the blindspot of the enemy, adding that element of surprise and almost ensuring that they die. To flank, you need to move along the ridgeline, making sure that your top is not above the viewpoint of the enemy. Here is where your game sense will come into play, so you need to make a calculated estimate on how high your head is. Use the TPP view and scout from where the enemies are heading and follow the sounds. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Map Guide: Send Enemies to the Purgatory

Then, when you do see an enemy coming into your effective range, take the fight to them. The effective range here would be the range at which you can easily take a fight and your gun can do the most damage. Make sure that you always have the jump on your enemy because if they are prepared for your onslaught then the fight will just get tougher. Flanking is done so you have the advantage of the element of surprise. You can also use these ridges for doing rotations around your enemies. 


In Free Fire battle royale games, Crossroads is a safe drop location and has no loot to be envious of. In Clash Squad games this area becomes a map that has tables, caravans, and so many small covers. Crossroads is a rather open area where the only cover players can get is either by entering a caravan or rotating around it. In order to win here, you need to take advantage of the window of the caravans. Players, when attacked in Crossroads, will inevitably run inside these caravans to find cover. Gloo walls tend to run out in Clash Squads as you have to buy them each round or loot them from dead enemies.

Free Fire Clash Squad Map Guide: Send Enemies to the Purgatory

When they do run inside the caravans, use the window to throw a grenade inside and close the entrance with a gloo wall. This is one effective tactic to block the enemy inside the caravan and get a safe kill. Unless the enemy is using M82B, they won’t be able to destroy the gloo wall in time. Another thing you can do is use the ledges at the ends of the caravan to stand and shoot inside using the windows. Winning rounds in this area is all about using these structures to your advantage. For example, you can use the tables that are outside the caravans to increase the throwing range of your grenades. You can also use them as platforms and put a gloo wall in front and peek from the top of it. 


Central can be one of the toughest maps to win at in higher-ranked lobbies. This area has all the things that are necessary for running strategies. There are buildings everywhere and enough nooks and crannies to stay hidden and kill the enemies. A big mistake that some players make when they’re playing in Central is using the jumping tire to jump on top of a building as soon as the round starts. Don’t do that, it is one of the worst things you can do for your team in the game. The moment you jump on the top of a building at the start of the round, you are visible to the enemy team. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Map Guide: Send Enemies to the Purgatory

Getting shot or getting killed should be the least of your concern as you have given away info on your team. In a battle royale game, it wouldn’t be a bad decision to get on top of a building and scout the surrounding area. That’s because even if you do get spotted, you can still run away from the enemy and hide. Chances are that if the enemy is far away, they won’t even pursue you. That is not going to happen in Clash Squad when the only way to win is to kill the other team. The enemy has to come after you to win the game. You can use the tire and jump on the building after the safe zone has shrunk a little but not before. 

Lumber Mill

In Free Fire’s Clash Squad games, Lumber Mill is an area where most of the fights take place inside. This location has a massive structure that is almost like a stadium and inside it are two huge stairs. As soon as the round starts, players start rushing inside this building and run up on the stairs from both sides. What you need to do is be smart and rotate to the side of this building from the entrance. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Map Guide: Send Enemies to the Purgatory

On the side, you will find that there is a sort of a broken wall that will give you cover and area to shoot as well. Use this place to start shooting on enemies that are fighting your teammates. Most likely you will catch them off guard and take down at least two enemy players. Don’t climb the stairs till the players on top are fighting each other and use gloo walls as cover when you do start your approach.