If you have been playing Free Fire for some time then you are probably familiar with the pets. These are in-game NPC characters that follow their users around and assist them with their skills. These pets have abilities just like how different characters have their own passive and active skills. Pets are unique to Free Fire as the skills they possess can have a real impact on the outcome of your fights. As of now, there are 18 pets in the game and most of them have their own skills. However, you can swap out skills from one pet to another just like you can do with characters. The only difference is that you cannot make pet skill combinations as you can do with your characters. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

So, if the skills of these pets can be swapped, the only thing that remains is how you use their skills. Not every character skill is suited for battle royale games or Clash Squad games and the same is the case with pets. Some of the pet skills are more useful in a battle royale game but not so much in Clash Squad. In this guide, you will be learning about which of the pet skill is actually useful in each of the game modes. This will help you in making a more informed choice when it comes to picking a pet that amplifies your gameplay. The fact is that most players only pay attention to pets when they are pushing ranks. This is because getting a Booyah starts to matter a lot more and to get a win you need to create advantages. Pets give their users a clear advantage in fights if the user is able to use their skills properly.


If you are primarily a battle royale player then you might have come across this pet. Falco in Free Fire is a pet that has the skill of Skyline Spree. This skill is probably one of the best pet skills to have in a battle royale squad game. Skyline Spree is a pet skill that increases the diving and gliding speed of the user and all the teammates when you jump out of the airplane. This allows not only the user but also their teammates to land faster on their location. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

In the Free Fire battle royale game, if you are dropping in an area where a lot of players tend to drop, then this pet skill is a must for you. If you and your teammates land earlier than everyone else, you will be able to loot before them as well. A pet skill like this is perfect for battle royale squad games, but that’s about it. This is not a pet skill that you should be using in Clash Squad games as it will not work in that game mode. Since there is nowhere to land, a pet skill like Skyline Spree will prove to be wasteful.


Another pet that is well suited to battle royale games only is Shiba. This pet has the skill of Mushroom Sense, and as the name implies, it only is good for mushrooms. In the battle royale games, mushrooms restore the EP of a player when consumed. Shiba’s skill allows it to mark a mushroom on the mini-map for a few seconds. A pet skill like Mushroom Sense is useful in battle royale games but will be a waste in Clash Squad games. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

In Clash Squad games you can buy mushrooms and there are no mushrooms on the map. So a pet skill like this won’t even work in that game mode. This skill is especially useful in situations when you’re playing squad games and all of your team is dead. You can use Mushroom Sense to find mushrooms nearby when you’re outside the safe zone. At times, you can even use it to complete tasks of the Elite Pass. 

Night Panther

As menacing as that name sounds, Night Panther has probably one of the most basic skills. The skill is called Weight Training and what it does is increase inventory space. Using this pet’s skill will increase your inventory space by 45 at the max level. A skill like this one is basically useless in the Clash Squad game mode as your inventory space is not even used at all. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

However, in battle royale games this skill can come in handy. When you’re playing solo games or going solo against duos and squads, having a bit of extra storage capacity can come in handy. You can use it to carry more utility like gloo walls and grenades or even health supplies. However, as far as usefulness goes, the Weight Training skill fails to offer much utility.


The pets mentioned above were only useful for battle royale games, but Beaston is different. As the name suggests, Beaston’s skill gives its user a beast-like strength to throw utility. Its skill is called Helping Hands, and it increases the throwing range of flashbangs, grenades, gloo walls, and smokes by 30% at its max level. Even though this pet’s skill can be used in both battle royale games and in Clash Squads, it is more used in the latter game mode. The reason for that is the frequency at which players are throwing grenades. In the higher-ranked lobbies of Clash Squad, you will see that players start using utility like gloo walls and grenades fairly early. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

Not only that, they use it in almost every fight to either kill the enemy or to disorient them. So a pet skill like Helping Hands is incredibly useful to gain an advantage over your opponent in Clash Squads. The reason why this pet is hardly seen in battle royale games is because of the larger map area that is available to the players. Since there is more area to move around, you can rotate on your enemies fairly easily. Also, most of the time you are not throwing grenades all over when you’re in a battle royale game. In Clash Squad games your area to move around is very limited with only a few points of entry. By using the skill of Helping Hands, you can limit the movement of the enemy with just grenades from a safe distance. 


This is a pet that is mostly used by players who have the Time Turner active skill. Rockie is probably one of the most used pets in Free Fire by players who have active skills. Rockie’s skill is called Stay Chill and what it does is decrease the cooldown time of an active skill by 15%. This is why most of the players who are using Chrono’s Time Turner skill use Rockie as a pet. In Clash Squad games of the higher-ranked lobbies, you’ll see that most of the players will either use Chrono’s Time Turner, Wukong’s Camouflage or Skylar’s Riptide Rythym. Since there is not much time in Clash Squad games for the players to wait for the cooldown timer, they tend to use Rockie. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

The reason why mostly Time Turner skill players use it is because of the long cooldown time of that skill. By using a pet with Stay Chill skill in Clash Squad games, you will be able to use the Time Turner shield more than twice in a single round. At level 7, Rockie can decrease the cooldown time of your active skill by 15%. In battle royale games, Rockie’s skill is not much used most of the time. Since the game goes on for longer, players are usually able to let the cooldown timer reset. It is only in the last circle that you may need to use the Time Turner skill multiple times but by that point, you will have enough gloo walls. 

Detective Panda

Another pet that is very useful for players who are pushing rank solo in Clash Squad is Detective Panda. Its skill is called Panda’s Blessings, and it will restore 10 HP to its user after every kill. Clash Squad games get intense in the upper ranks and fights are happening all over the small map. Many players who may not have unlocked all the character skills tend to use passive skills like Jota’s Sustained Raids, and Luqueta’s Hat trick to keep up their HP in the game. The reason is that there is usually not enough time to use a medkit in a Clash Squad game.

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

A pet skill like Panda’s Blessings guarantees 40 HP if you down all the enemy players alone. Even a 10 HP recovery after an intense fight gives a massive advantage. If paired with a passive skill like Sustained Raids, you will be gaining HP during the fight and after the fight as well. If you are wondering why this pet skill is typically not seen in battle royale games, it’s because of the time advantage that players have in that game mode. In a battle royale game, you have plenty of time after a fight to use a med kit and also space to hide while using the med kit.

Ineffective Pet Skills

As it is with the character skills, not all of the pet skills are actually useful in Free Fire. Some pets do have unique skills that are not practical in any of the game modes. However, some players do tend to have an off-beat playing style and use these pets’ skills to their advantage. The first pet that tends to not get picked and has a fairly lame skill is Dr. Beanie. This is a yellow duck who has the pet skill of Dashy Duckwalk which increases movement speed when crouched by 60%. You will mostly see Dr. Beanie being used in 1v1 custom games by M1887 users. Players who use the M1887 tend to rely heavily on fast movement speed to counter their enemies’ aim. A skill like Dashy Duckwalk will also keep the momentum going when a player goes into the crouch position in their fights. However, players don’t pick Dr. Beanie since there are already many character skills that increase movement speed.

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

Moony is another pet of Free Fire that has a very useless skill. The skill is called Paranormal Protection, which protects the user while they are using medkits or repair kits. However, the protection isn’t unlimited. Even with this pet skill you will still receive damage if shot when using a medkit. Paranormal Protection protects the user only when the countdown is happening while a player is using a med kit. It will reduce the damage by 35% only, so you will still get 65% of the damage. So players don’t use this pet skill at all since there is not any advantage to it. Also, most players already know to find or create cover when they are using these items. Another pet that is very much like Moony is Dreki. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

Dreki is a pet that looks like a baby dragon and has the skill Dragon Glare. Yes, the name does seem that the skill will be powerful but all it does is find players who are using a medkit. With this pet skill, a player can find four enemies on the mini-map who are using medkits while in the standing position. There are a lot of boxes that need to be filled for this pet skill to work. Players are usually alternating between the standing and the crouching position when using a medkit. The reason why players don’t pick this pet skill is that it often doesn’t yield any results. It will only show four enemy players on the mini-map who are inside a 30-meter range and using medkits. It is a useless pet skill and players should avoid using it in ranked games.

Perfect Pets

There are players who tend to push rank in both game modes. They will play two matches of Clash Squad, then one ranked battle royale game, and then repeat it again. These players either forget to change their pets for each game mode or just don’t use pets. If you are one of these players and have unlocked all of the pets in the game, then you can choose one of these two. The two perfect pets of Free Fire are Robo and Mr. Waggor. Both of these pets have the perfect skills that are suited to both game modes. That means, their skill will give you a massive advantage in every fight. Mr. Waggor is a penguin and his skill is called Smooth Gloo. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

This skill allows Mr. Waggor to give its user a gloo wall if the user has less than two gloo walls. Also, Mr. Waggor can make one gloo wall every 100 seconds. In Clash Squad games, players have to buy or loot gloo walls and a pet that can make them is going to come in handy. By not having to buy gloo walls, you will save credit that you can spend on buying a better weapon. Even in battle royale games Mr. Waggor’s skill comes in handy duing the early game when you don’t have a gloo wall. Another thing you can do in battle royale games is use Smooth Gloo skill to make unlimited gloo walls. Just empty all the gloo walls from your inventory and let Mr. Waggor keep making you gloo walls. 

Free Fire Pets Guide: Its Not Just Character Skills That Matter

Another pet that is very useful in both game modes is Robo. Its skill is called Wall Enforcement, and it adds 100 HP to the user’s gloo walls. Now, a lot of players have Skylar and its skill Riptide Rhythm can destroy five gloo walls so this pet skill is being used much. However, in both battle royale games and Clash Squad games, gloo walls play an integral role in deciding who wins the game. By adding 100 HP more to an average gloo wall means that it will take M82B four shots to break it. M82B is the gun that is most effective in breaking gloo walls in Free Fire. Before Skylar became mainstream players used to pick Robo’s pet skill in Clash Squad. If you are a player who plays battle royale games then this pet skill is the one to go for.