When it comes to keeping a game fresh with new ways to challenge players, Free Fire does it the best. The game keeps adding new content to keep players engaged and at times that new addition even changes the meta. Chrono and Alok were such additions to the game along with the new game mode Clash Squad. A new addition to the game is the revive points that have made the battle royale more intense. Something similar is seen in Call of Duty games where you can bring your dead teammates back in the game. In this guide, you will be learning about how what these revive points are and how they work in the game. Then how you can use them to bring your teammates back along with removing some misconceptions.

What is Revive Point?

This is something that is relatively new in Free Fire but has made players really improvise the way they play. Revive point, as the name suggests, is a place on the map where you can go to revive dead teammates. In the game, you can see these revive points after the first zone is formed being denoted with a blue square and a white heart inside. These blue squares have become a new way to bait those teams who have lost some mates in a fight. Players have to reach the revive point on the map where they will see a big highlighted square. You have to stay inside the square for fourteen seconds to revive your dead teammates. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide, Revive Point Explained with Tips

It doesn’t matter how many dead teammates you’re reviving, it will still take you the same amount of time. When the revive point is being used it turns from blue to white on the mini-map which means every player can know that you’re using it. If that is not enough to be a beacon, the revive point square will itself emit light to signal everywhere that someone is on the revive point. Assuming you’re able to revive your teammates, they will spawn directly over the revive point square and that too without any loot. Just something to remember is that it takes 30 seconds to 1 minute for the revive point to become functional again after being used. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide, Revive Point Explained with Tips

The one thing that revive points have changed in Free Fire is the end game. Usually, there used to be maybe 10 or 15 players at most in the last circle. Now, more than 25 players are alive when the last zone is formed. This has changed the looting pattern of the game and even the character selection. Players who used K for active skills are now using Skylar since his ability can destroy 5 gloo walls in long distances. 

How to Stop Enemy Revival

Now that you know what revival point is and how it works, it’s time to learn how you can stop your enemies from getting revived. Let’s say you’re playing a squad game and your team has killed 3 members of the enemy squad but one of them got away. Chances are that player is headed towards the revive point. In a situation like this, you should start moving towards the revive point as well. You have a good fourteen-second window where you will be able to see the white light in the sky of that revive point being used. Only once the light is gone is when the dead enemy players will land again without any loot. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide, Revive Point Explained with Tips

Use this knowledge to kill that squad for the final time. You may have noticed that when the last zones are being formed, these revive points disappear from the map. At this point, players use vending machines and their revive token cards to bring back dead teammates. It would be wise to not stay near vending machines when the last zones are happening. What you should be doing is using mines to lay traps around the vending machines or even the revive points. So when an unsuspecting player runs to revive their dead teammates they also get blasted dead. 

How to Revive Your Team

This is the hardest part to pull off in the middle of a game in Free Fire. Not only are you down a few members but also to revive them you have to go in the middle of a place that someone could be baiting. Reviving your team will require a lot of you as a player, but there is a way to make sure that you have the maximum chance of reviving them. As mentioned above, the time it takes to revive your teammates takes about 14 seconds. This is the amount of time you need to keep yourself alive to make sure that your teammates are revived. After that even if you do die your teammates can revive you. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide, Revive Point Explained with Tips

Even if they don’t, your squad now has three members instead of 1 or 2. To protect yourself from enemy fire for 14 seconds you should use Wukong’s active skill Camouflage. This ability will protect you from the enemy’s fire by deflecting it. The cooldown of this ability is 15 seconds. So if you run inside the revive point square and activate this ability and add random movement in your bush like state, you will be able to survive for a decent amount of time. A good thing about Camouflage ability is the way its cooldown timer system works. If you kill an enemy, the timer resets, and you can activate the ability again. In case you don’t have Wukong you will have to depend on gloo walls to protect you for 14 seconds. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide, Revive Point Explained with Tips

You should have at least six gloo walls so that you can survive a big fight. You can also use smoke grenades with the gloo walls to mask your location completely. Even though you’re reviving your team, this is not a team job. If you follow this tip when you’re reviving your team you will not only revive them, but you will be able to do it multiple times.